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Silver Precious Metal: Key Influences Poised to Drive Silver Upward

May 7, 2021

I’m going to get right to it. There’s a lot to like about silver precious metal these days, in my opinion. And as solid a year as silver had i...
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Financial Crisis: Analysts Say Banking System Risks Remain Profound 13 After Years

April 30, 2021

Most people agree a principal cause of the 2008 financial crisis was rooted in excessive use of derivative securities by major financial insti...
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Precious Metals: Expert Says Failure to Own “Is Pure Negligence”

April 23, 2021

In case you hadn’t noticed, the government and central banks are concerned about the stability of the pandemic economy (understandably). As a ...
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Silver Surge: Construction of New Mega-Vault Points to Possible Increases in Silver Demand

April 16, 2021

Some experts believe silver is on the verge of a tremendous surge in demand at this time in history based largely on its indispensability as a...
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U.S. Economy: Could Chronic Uncertainty “Mainstream” Gold and Silver?

April 9, 2021

A few weeks ago, I wrote an article about self-directed IRAs that mentioned the growth of alternative assets. There are, I believe, several re...
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Precious Metals Depository Storage: Wrong Choice Can Have Unfortunate Consequences

April 2, 2021

Many people buy gold and silver for the potential advantage they offer as long-term savings assets—the way they often diversify savings as a h...
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Gold and Silver ARE Money, Kansas Legal Tender Act Reminds Retirement Savers

March 26, 2021

For many, gold and silver’s benefits as savings assets are compelling reasons to own them. Precious metals remain fundamentally uncorrelated t...
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Stimulus Package Could Move U.S. Toward Guaranteed Income Says Peter Suderman at

March 19, 2021

I spend a lot of time talking about monetary policy and deficit spending in these articles. It makes sense from my perspective. Recent history...
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Augusta Precious Metals Receives ‘#1 Best Gold Company’ Honor From

March 18, 2021, independent precious metals industry rating website, named Augusta Precious Metals “#1 Best Gold Company” of 2...
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Gold Purchases: Life Raft in Rapidly Expanding Sea of Cash Says Holmes of U.S. Global Investors

March 12, 2021

Drastic times call for drastic measures. That sentiment is how policymakers in Washington, D.C., often respond these days when challenged on t...
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Self-Directed IRAs Loom Large as Alternative Assets Such as Gold and Silver Metals Go Mainstream

March 5, 2021

If you’ve suspected that public interest in so-called alternative assets such as physical gold and silver metals is on the rise, you may be on...
Read Full Article Names Augusta Precious Metals Top Recommended Gold IRA Company

March 4, 2021

Consumer review watchdog, named Augusta Precious Metals its top recommended gold IRA company. The award is one of a series of...
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Precious Metals Analyst in Streetwise Reports: “Gold Is Ultimate Reserve Asset”

February 26, 2021

Last week, I discussed growing interest in some U.S. states to buttress financial reserves with physical precious metals. A focal point of tha...
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Some States Looking to Hedge Financial Stress with Precious Metals

February 19, 2021

Some States Looking to Hedge Financial Stress with Precious Metals The societal turmoil and uncertainty of the ongoing COVID-19 crisis continu...
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Will Biden Presidency Kick Off Epic “Silver Rush”?

February 12, 2021

As the Biden presidency begins in earnest, as much as half of the country presumably is worried about what the president’s agenda will be—they...
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