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Common Questions Answered

Buying FAQ

Q. Do you accept trade-ins of gold and silver?

Yes. We are always interested in new inventory.

Q. How can I receive more information from Augusta, and how do I make a purchase?

Call us toll-free at 800-700-1008 to speak with a personal gold and silver specialist, who will answer any question you may have.

Q. How does Augusta compare to its competitors?

Augusta does not comment on its competitors. But, in general, there are several factors you should consider before purchasing from a precious metals company. Below are questions you should ask — we've answered them for Augusta:

Q: What is the company’s BBB rating?

We are proud to say we have earned the Better Business Bureau’s top rating: A plus.

Q: What rating do customers give your company on

Ninety-eight percent of hundreds of reviewers on this respected site have given Augusta the highest 5-star rating.

Q: What is the company’s Business Consumer Alliance rating?

The Augusta report has earned a top rating of AAA.

Q: How long has the company been in business?

As a company, we are fortunate to be able to draw on several decades of industry experience held by the owners of our company and their families. Augusta Precious Metals was incorporated in January of 2012.

Q: Has the company changed its name?

Augusta Precious Metals has always had the same name.

Q: Does the company disclose its pricing, refund and delivery policies, and risk disclosures in writing?

Augusta is dedicated to a policy of transparency with our customers — we value your trust. You will see all of these policies and disclosures in our transaction agreement.

Q: Are you able to easily reach your gold and silver specialist? Does your gold and silver specialist get back to you in a timely manner?

All of Augusta’s personal gold and silver specialists are readily available during business hours. Each individual customer is assigned his or her own personal specialist. This person takes care of the customer’s needs from beginning to end of the transaction. Augusta gold and silver specialists are known for the quality of their customer service and timely responses. It is this that helps us maintain the highest customer ratings.

Q: How long does it take for the precious metals company to deliver your metals?

Fast delivery is one of Augusta’s Precious Metals Perks. Your precious metals will be shipped approximately 7 to 10 business days after your order is confirmed.

Q. How much should I invest in precious metals?

Many experts generally recommend that precious metals constitute between 5% to 10% of a well-diversified portfolio (see examples here and here). Some individuals or entities may recommend different percentages. If you choose to purchase any Augusta products, you should do so only after consulting your own legal, financial, and tax professionals. Augusta does not guarantee, and makes no representation, that a certain percentage of Augusta products is appropriate for any particular person.

Q. Is there a maximum order?

No. Even if you want to purchase a large quantity, Augusta can fulfill your needs.

Q. Is there a minimum order?

Yes. Our minimum order is $25,000 for cash purchases and $50,000 for IRA purchases. The minimums may be met by purchasing a combination of any items you choose.

Q. Should I purchase gold or should I purchase silver?

We recommend that you discuss your precious metals needs with an Augusta gold and silver specialist at 800-700-1008. He or she will help you learn what is available so you can build your ideal precious metals portfolio based on your personal objectives.

Q. What types of gold and silver does Augusta Precious Metals sell?

We sell all types of gold and silver ranging from bullion coins and bars to premium coins. Please see our Products section for a complete list of products. Ask about Augusta’s self-directed IRAs, which allow you to purchase IRS-eligible gold and silver within an IRA account.

Q. Who can buy from Augusta?

Our customers are private individuals, collectors and speculators.

Q. Am I buying real gold and silver, or a certificate?

You are buying physical gold coins, gold bars, silver coins or silver bars. Augusta does not sell metals certificates.

Q. What are some risks associated with buying precious metals?

Buying precious metals carries certain risks, and you should be aware of these prior to purchase. You should review our Risk Disclosures (click here) to get a better understanding of some of the risks involved.

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Gold IRA Depository FAQ

Q. How often do I get statements?

Statements are sent on a quarterly basis. In addition, you will have 24/7 access to view your account online.

Q. How will my gold and silver be stored?

Your gold IRA precious metals are maintained in customer-specific custody accounts, on a fully allocated basis and off the storage facility's balance sheet. Your metals are stored in a highly secure, non-government, risk-averse, fully insured depository. You can choose a facility in one of several U.S. cities or one out of the country.

Q. Do I get the actual gold and silver in my hands?

A gold IRA contains physical gold or silver you can see and touch by appointment at a non-government depository storage facility that may be near or far from your home. The depository offers safekeeping and easy access. If your metals are segregated, you can arrange to visit the facility and see the actual gold or silver you purchased. If they are unsegregated, you can arrange to see metals in the same forms you purchased. You can arrange with your custodian to withdraw your physical precious metals and take possession of them. However, as with any early IRA distribution, early withdrawal of metals from an IRA may result in taxes and penalties unless rolled over into another qualified account. Consult your own legal and tax advisors before taking possession of your physical gold IRA's precious metals.

Q. What metals can I put in my IRA?

The IRS allows several different types of physical metals within an IRA (see below). Contact an Augusta gold and silver specialist at 800-700-1008 for more information.

Gold Options

  • American Eagles and American Eagle Proofs
  • Australian Kangaroos and Nuggets
  • Austrian Wiener Philharmonikas (Vienna Philharmonics)
  • American Buffalos (except proof coins)
  • Canadian Maple Leafs
  • Credit and Pamp Suisse Bars – 0.999
  • Rounds and bars *

Silver Options

  • American Eagles and American Eagle Proofs
  • Canadian Maple Leafs
  • Australian Koalas
  • Rounds and bars *

     * This includes rounds and bars minted by the United States Mint and other U.S. government-accredited manufacturers

Q. How long does it take to purchase physical gold or silver in an IRA?

The start-to-finish process takes 5-10 days, depending on how fast your funds are transferred.

Q. How do I set up a gold IRA?

Simply fill out the request form on Augusta’s home page to have one of our specialists contact you, or call us at 800-700-1008 and ask to speak with a gold and silver specialist, who will walk you through the simple process.

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Payments FAQ

Q. What type of payment does Augusta accept?

We accept payment by bank wire, personal check and credit card. We do not accept cash or traveler’s checks. Bank wires may be for any amount. However, credit card transactions must be for $5,000 or less.

Q. When and how do I send a bank wire?

When you request payment by bank wire, your personal account executive will provide you with detailed instructions, including our bank name, ABA transit (routing) number and account number.

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Pricing FAQ

Q. Do you add a commission fee to your quoted price for gold and silver?

No. The price you see online or quoted to you by your account executive is the current price of the coin or bar.

Q. Do you have quantity discounts?

Yes. Bullion products are already priced incredibly low, so discounts will be extended only on significant orders. Contact an Augusta gold and silver specialist at 800-700-1008.

Q. How do I research the spot prices of gold and silver?

You can find the spot prices of gold and silver in the top left-hand corner of our website. Charts and data can be found in this website. You also can contact an Augusta gold and silver specialist at 800-700-1008 for specifics about what affects the spot prices of gold and silver.

Q. What is the spot price of gold or silver?

The spot price of gold or silver is a commonly used standard for the value of an ounce of gold or silver. It is the most important price among bullion buyers and is considered the benchmark value for gold or silver. It is traded throughout the day in different markets. The most active trading occurs in New York, Zurich, London, Sydney, Tokyo and Hong Kong.

Q. When are my prices locked in?

Bullion prices are locked in once your order is confirmed via phone and payment is received. However, premium coin prices are locked in once your order is confirmed via phone and are guaranteed by our 7-Day Price Protection Program.

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Return Policy FAQ

Q. What is your return policy?

For first-time customers, Augusta extends the cancellation period for premium gold and silver coin transactions without any reason whatsoever for up to seven calendar days after the date your transaction is confirmed, unless laws in your state of residence provide otherwise. This is one of Augusta’s Precious Metals Perks. All subsequent orders are final upon completion of the recorded confirmation call. All bullion and semi-premium orders are final upon confirmation, unless laws in your state of residence provide otherwise.

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Shipping FAQ

Q. Do you ship internationally?

For most IRA purchases, we can only ship to addresses in the United States. Products purchased for certain precious metals IRAs can be shipped to specific depository storage facilities in Canada.

Q. How do you wrap your packages?

All of our packages are carefully and tightly wrapped in a discreet box. The box gives no indication of its contents when it is delivered.

Q. How is my order shipped?

We ship USPS Express Mail, Registered Insured or Federal Express. Large orders will be shipped via Brinks Armored.

Q. How long will it take to receive my order?

Orders are shipped approximately 7 to 10 business days after your order is confirmed. Fast shipping is one of Augusta’s Precious Metals Perks.

Q. Is my order insured?

Yes. Each package will be fully insured and requires a signature upon delivery. You will only take responsibility for your package after you sign for it.

Q. How do I get FREE shipping and insurance for my purchases?

With your qualifying purchase, Augusta Precious Metals covers all shipping and liability insurance costs on your metals until you take delivery or they are delivered to your IRA. This is one of Augusta’s Precious Metals PerksMetals shipped out of the U.S. to depository storage facilities might incur shipping and insurance fees. Cash purchases cannot be shipped out of the U.S.

Q. Where does Augusta ship?

We ship anywhere in the United States. Products purchased for certain precious metals IRAs can be shipped to specific depository storage facilities in Canada.

Q. Can you ship my order to a P.O. box?

Yes, if you are buying silver and gold outside of an IRA. A signature is required upon delivery.

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Tax & Liabilities FAQ

Q. Can you advise me regarding taxes and liabilities?

Augusta does not give tax advice. Some products fall under reporting requirements that do not require the disclosure of your personal information. Consult with your personal tax professional regarding tax liabilities.

Q. Do I have to pay taxes when I sell my gold and silver products back to Augusta?

Frequently, gains from the sale of an asset must be reported to the IRS. However, you should consult your personal tax professional for proper guidance.

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Augusta cannot guarantee, and makes no representation, that any metals purchased by a customer will appreciate at all or appreciate sufficiently to make a profit, and there is no certainty that any metals can be sold for a profit. The future value of the coins you purchase cannot be predicted. You could lose money. Don't purchase Augusta products with money you can't afford to lose. Prices may rise and fall over time or rapidly. Past performance of any coin does not guarantee future results. Premium coins are sold for more than the value of the precious metal they contain. Augusta's prices and buy-back prices are determined and controlled by Augusta. This purchase is speculative and unregulated.