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Gold $1213.7 3.6
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Weekly Touchpoint: Could Political Tensions Lead to Actual Civil War?

Physical Precious Metals Making a Comeback The 2018 midterm elections may have passed, but the political tenor in America today remains as hostile as ever. Investors in particular would do well to pay attention to the deep divisions that have appeared within the supposed “United” States. Is it time to look at physical precious metals to protect your savings from the effects of these divisions and any potential political calamity?Midterm elections are over, but the political tensions that divided Americans t...

Russia-India Defense Deal Sealed in Rubles – Latest Attack on the U.S. Dollar

Russia-India Defense Deal Sealed in Rubles – Latest Attack on the U.S. Dollar

There has been a growing effort on the part of foreign powers to topple the U.S. dollar from its perch as the world’s reserve currency. The latest example of this push involves a massive defense deal recently completed between Russia and India. According to numerous sources, including the Russian-government-owned Sputnik News, a $5-billion-plus deal to send a technologically evolved Russian air defense system to India is going to be paid for not in dollars but in rubles. It is the first major defense deal signed ...

Weekly Touchpoint: Investment Giant Says Bear Market Has Begun

Investors Turn to Physical Precious Metals Is the long-running bull market finally over? Although professional investors have been saying for years the end is near, equities still have managed to chug forward. However, in light of the latest round of market volatility, some analysts suggest the bull is, finally, dying. In fact, one of the world’s biggest investment banks has released a statement that the bear market so many have feared for so long is now upon us.Waiting for the much-predicted bear market before...

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