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Benefits of Owning Gold

Discover the Benefit of Gold in your Savings

Many people who arrive at this website know the numerous excellent reasons for purchasing gold.

Others who land here have what amounts to only a thumbnail sketch – a slight understanding – of what makes gold such an important portfolio asset.

The overriding benefit of gold, from which so many other benefits extend, is its low correlation to other key asset classes. Gold is an asset capable of providing the effective diversification so important to the lasting success of retirement portfolios.

As a Protection Asset: Gold Can Help Stabilize Portfolios

Gold is most famously known as an asset that can help stabilize individual retirement portfolios during periods of economic and geopolitical distress.

The factors that can lead to upheaval in mainstream financial markets are numerous and varied, but gold has done a solid job, historically, of combatting their effects.

  • In the most recent financial crisis, the 2008 global recession, by some measures, the markets sank more than 50%.
  • During the years of the 2008 global financial crisis, gold increased in value by 110%.
  • Even in the chaotic last quarter of 2018, gold surged while other popular assets suffered.

In all these instances, gold showed itself to be an effective hedge against crashes, crises and the array of factors that can prompt them.

Gold has demonstrated the tendency to act as a powerful antidote to inflation, reckless monetary policy, trade conflict, crushing levels of debt, and international discord.

Gold strengthens portfolios, even during brief bouts of volatility in financial markets. (See chart for one example.)

Gold is radiant and lustrous as coins, ingots and bars. But its real beauty is found in the range of ways it can benefit retirement portfolios. Even large, systemically important financial institutions and central banks recognize the power of gold to help protect their large portfolios.

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