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Silver Rounds

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Silver Rounds

Silver rounds are a lesser known variety of silver bars. The biggest difference is in the weight. Like coins, silver rounds are smaller, and usually weigh 1 ounce or less. Silver bars can weigh five or more ounces. Silver bars offer investors the ability to order bulk quantities at one time; silver rounds offer investors the opportunity to collect smaller quantities.


Unlike regular coins, private mints produce rounds, not the government.Silver rounds are most often found in 1 oz denominations. Rounds may be released as commemorative coins, but most often they are just minted with the brand of the mint on each side of the coin.


Because silver has increased in price, these coins are now being offered insmaller denominations: fractional rounds can be found in 1/10, 1/4, and 1/2 ounce sizes. These smaller sizes make it easier to get started in saving silver bullion. However, the smaller sizes also carry a higher price tag. Affordable, but still more costly than larger denominations.


Silver Rounds Prices


As with all silver purchases, the larger and heavier rounds will cost you less. Cost usually hovers around a few dollars over spot per ounce. Remember, the smaller you go, the higher the price.


Silver Rounds Production and Quality


Many different companies mint silver rounds. Each round indicates who minted the coin and when. Each round should also show the weight and purity of the silver. Like bars, every round should have a .999 or better purity.


Silver Rounds For Sale - Buy Now Online And Get A Best Price & Free ShippingSilver Round PriceSilver Rounds For Sale - Buy Now Online And Get A Best Price & Free Shipping


Silver rounds and silver bars are equal when it comes to saving and investing. Whether you choose to buy the small weight rounds, and start slow in your endeavors, or you choose heavy bars, know that there is really no difference between these two types of silver bullion. Rounds or bars are simply a matter of personal preference. Pure silver is pure silver, no matter the shape or size.

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