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Canadian Maple Leafs

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The Canadian Silver Maple Leaf Coin

The Canadian Silver Maple Leaf coin is second in popularity to the American Silver Eagle coin. The high silver content and fine design makes the Canadian coin one of the most sought after silver coins in today’s market. The Canadian government mints these coins on a annual basis, and people around the world have been collecting them almost as soon as they are minted.


Canadian Silver Maple Leaf - Design

The top of the coin depicts Queen Elizabeth II. Over the years this head shot has changed, showing the Queen’s image from young to old. The year of issue, and value of the coin (this one being $5. Canadian) are also part of the design on this side of the coin. This side of the coin will always remain basically the same – the Queen’s likeness may change, as does the date of issue.

The reverse side of the Maple Leaf coin has a super sharp Maple Leaf printed on it. The sharp details of this side of the coin is what makes it such a treasure to those who collect silver coins. The attention to detail is what makes this coin unique among silver coins.



Canadian Silver Maple Leaf - History

The Silver Maple Leaf coin was first minted in 1988. That first year there were around a million coins minted and available for public distribution. The number of coins minted remained high until the 1990s when production slowly down.

The Silver Maple Lead is actually packed in tubes of 25, instead of the normal tubes of 20 coins. This is another unique feature of this coin, and was done this way to meet the increased demand of this coin.

Canadian Silver Maple Leaf - Present Day

Although production fell to 500,000 to a million coins throughout the 1990′s, the 2000′s saw a huge increase in the production of these wonderful coins. In 2006, 2.5 million Canadian Maple Leaf coins were produced. Production continued to increase, and 2010 saw a record 18 million coins produced.

The high silver content is what is attracting the great demand for these coins. The Silver Canadian Maple Leaf is one of the most wanted coins in the world. This has everything to do with the fact that the Canadian Silver Maple Leaf contains 99.99% silver, while most other silver coins only contain 99.9%. Also, it is common for the silver Maple Leaf to weigh more than the 1 oz listed weight. These may be small factors, but they make a huge difference in the quality of this coin, offering a tremendous value for the buyers.


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