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1. Pricing and Buybacks.

Augusta Precious Metals (“Augusta”) sale prices and buyback prices are set internally by Augusta and are constantly changing. Common Bullion Products are priced by Augusta for both sale and potential buyback for the most part based on the “melt value” of the product as defined below. Premium Products, however, are typically priced by Augusta for both sale and potential buyback at a premium above the melt value. This premium is solely determined and controlled by Augusta, based on various factors Augusta deems valuable, to include speculative interest, collector and investor demand, available supply, industry promotions, perceived value, economic conditions, and other factors Augusta deems relevant. If Augusta is unwilling or unable to buyback Premium Products at a premium above “melt value,” then the worst-case scenario is that you will be able to sell them at their “melt value.”

Other retailers may not recognize the value that Augusta places on its premium coins and may only be willing to pay as little as the melt value of the precious metals contained in each premium coin. Selling this coin to a retailer that does not recognize the premium value assessed by Augusta at the time of sale may result in a substantially lower buyback price than Augusta may offer and could also result in significant losses. Augusta does not guarantee that it will buy back any item that Augusta sells, and Augusta does not guarantee that another retailer will purchase one of Augusta’s premium coins. There is a risk of significant loss if Augusta is unwilling or unable to buyback any item it sells.

Augusta’s sale prices and potential buyback prices are not necessarily related to, or affected by, the sale prices or potential buyback prices at which other retail or wholesale precious metals dealers or institutions buy, sell, or value the same or similar products.

a. Margin

Augusta’s pricing methodology builds in a “Margin” that covers, among other things, advertising, employee salaries and commissions, and Augusta’s profits. The Margin in terms of dollars is calculated by subtracting the price Augusta pays for its products (“Augusta’s Cost”) from the price at which Augusta sells the products to Customers (“Augusta’s Retail Sales Price”) and the Margin in terms of percentage is calculated by dividing the difference between Augusta’s Retail Sales Price and Augusta’s Cost by Augusta’s Retail Sales Price. The Margin for Common Bullion Products and Premium Products varies based on the individual product but can be as high as 10% or higher for Common Bullion Products, and as high as 66% or higher for certain Premium Products. These numbers are only approximations and subject to change for a variety of reasons. To make a profit, Customers must sell each product for a price greater than Augusta’s Retail Sales Price.

b. Buyback, Sales, and Liquidation.

If Customers desire to receive a buy-back offer from Augusta, then Augusta may (but is not required to) offer to repurchase the products at Augusta’s current buyback price, without charging a separate liquidation fee. Augusta has separate buy-back tiers for Common Bullion Products and Premium Products, which generally amounts to approximately a 5% discount off Augusta’s retail price of the products at the time of the buyback offer for Common Bullion Products and a 33% discount off Augusta’s retail price of the products at the time of the buyback offer for Premium Products (the “Spreads”). Augusta reserves the right, unilaterally at its sole discretion, to change prospectively at its sole discretion the rate of the Spreads, and Augusta reserves the right, unilaterally and in its sole discretion, not to make a buyback offer for any reason. Augusta cannot guarantee that it will buyback Customers’ products or that Customer will make a profit if Customer sells the products to Augusta or to anyone else and cannot guarantee that buyers other than Augusta will purchase the products sold by Augusta. There is a risk of significant loss if Augusta is unwilling or unable to buyback any item it sells. If Augusta is unwilling or unable to buy back the Customers' products, then the worst-case scenario is that Customer will be able to sell them at their “melt value.” Customers who desire to sell Augusta products to buyers other that Augusta should be aware that other buyers typically pay less than Augusta would pay in a buyback transaction for products originally sold by Augusta. Other buyers may only offer “melt value.” Augusta encourages Customers to compare prices offered by other potential buyers with Augusta’s buyback prices before selling any products purchased from Augusta.

c. Melt Value.

The “melt value” is the value of the products determined solely for its intrinsic metal content.

2. Objectives.

Anyone who considers purchasing Augusta products should consider the associated risks and acquisition costs.  Buying and selling precious metals typically involves transaction costs that could make it more profitable for customers who view their purchases of precious metals as a long-term acquisition.  Products should only be purchased with discretionary funds that may be tied up for several years and not with funds necessary to cover your day-to-day living expenses.

AUGUSTA HAS NO FIDUCIARY DUTY TO YOU. Though Augusta may explain what precious metals options are available to you, the decision to purchase precious metals and which ones to purchase are your decisions and your decisions alone.  Augusta is not responsible for your decisions. The purchase of Augusta products is not for everyone, and Augusta has no obligation to and makes no attempt to confirm the appropriateness of any product for any person at any time.

3. Diversification.

If you choose to allocate any percentage of your funds in Augusta products, you are advised to do so only after consulting legal, financial, and tax professionals. Augusta does not guarantee and makes no representation, that any allocation in Augusta products is appropriate for any person. 

4. Volatility.

Augusta products’ markets are subject to substantial fluctuations including significant and rapid increases and decreases from time to time. You must be able to assume and tolerate the risk of such price fluctuations. No assurance can be given that you will be able to sell your products at a price greater than or equal to the acquisition cost. You could lose money.

5. Agents and Team Members.

Augusta’s agents and team members are generally commissioned salespeople. Their salary is based, at least in part, on the amount and profit margin of the products they sell, and they may receive higher compensation for selling Premium Products instead of Common Bullion Products.  Augusta’s agents and team members are not licensed investment or financial advisers, and they have no fiduciary duty to you. It is your responsibility to learn and consider all risks, prices, and policies relating to your purchase.

6. Grading/Authenticity.

Grades and descriptions of products are opinions based on standards and interpretations that can and do change over time and are not statements of fact or guarantees. Augusta is not a grading service, and relies upon the certifications of independent grading services in selling the products. Augusta does not independently verify the grade or authenticity of the products it sells. While Augusta guarantees that all the products it sells are genuine, the products sold by Augusta are sold on an “as is” basis and Augusta expressly disclaims any other warranties, express or implied, including the implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose, and any warranties associated with the grades assigned to the products by independent grading services.

7. Augusta DOES NOT Give Tax, Financial and Legal Advice.

Augusta does not give tax, financial or legal advice, and will not advise as to the potential tax, financial or legal implications of purchasing and/or selling precious metals products in an Individual Retirement Account or otherwise. It is important that you consult your own tax, financial and legal advisors with any questions about the potential tax, financial and/or legal implications of any precious metals purchase or sale.

Augusta cannot guarantee, and makes no representation, that any metals purchased by a customer will appreciate at all or appreciate sufficiently to make a profit, and there is no certainty that any metals can be sold for a profit. The future value of the coins you purchase cannot be predicted. You could lose money. Don't purchase Augusta products with money you can't afford to lose. Prices may rise and fall over time or rapidly. Past performance of any coin does not guarantee future results. Premium coins are sold for more than the spot price of the precious metal they contain. Augusta's sale prices and buy-back prices are determined and controlled by Augusta. The value assigned to the coins you purchase at any given time may vary from retailer to retailer and Augusta cannot guarantee another retailer will value the coins at the same rate as Augusta would in any given circumstance. Augusta cannot guarantee buy-back of any item it sells and cannot guarantee another retailer will purchase coins purchased through Augusta. Augusta cannot guarantee another retailer will value a premium coin at the same rate as Augusta would in any given circumstance. In a worst case scenario, you might have to sell your precious metals at “melt value,” which is the value of the products determined solely by their intrinsic metal content, which could result in a significant loss. This purchase is speculative. Any opinions offered by Augusta are Augusta's opinions and not to be relied on by anyone for any purpose. Seek your own legal, tax, investment, and financial advice before opening an account with Augusta. Augusta’s content may contain errors, Augusta is not qualified to offer legal, tax, investment, or financial advice. You should not base any purchasing decisions on the content Augusta provides. All decisions regarding the purchase or sale of precious metals, including the decision of which precious metals to purchase or sell, are your decisions alone. Precious metals investment involves risk and is not suitable for all investors. You should carefully consider your investment objectives, level of experience and risk appetite before making a decision to purchase Augusta products.

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