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Protect your Retirement with a Silver & Gold IRA

Augusta Precious Metals is a leading provider of precious metals for gold and silver retirement accounts (IRAs). Use the form at right to order a free guide describing the options that may be available to help you protect your hard-earned savings.

Augusta offers an array of gold and silver coins for anyone looking to add precious metals to their retirement savings. Because our gold and silver specialists are highly knowledgeable, you can trust Augusta to help you.

Augusta Precious Metals’ friendly staff will help you learn the different forms of gold and silver available, then help you choose coins for a new self-directed gold IRA (or silver IRA) you control. Our gold and silver specialists guide you through the quick and easy process.

From government-approved American Eagle and American Eagle proof coins to credit and PAMP Suisse fine gold bars, Augusta Precious Metals has the selection to meet your gold and silver needs. You can finally take control of your retirement portfolio with silver and gold from Augusta in your IRA!

What is a Gold IRA?

A gold IRA is a government-approved, self-directed retirement savings account that enables the purchase of IRS-approved physical gold, silver and other precious metals. You control the account, which is administered through a government-approved IRA custodian that specializes in self-directed physical gold and silver IRAs.

Setting up a precious metals IRA is simple, and we’ll walk you through the steps. We’ll even do a lot of the legwork for you. Just sign a few forms and fund your account, then purchase gold and silver for your new IRA.

6 Reasons you SHOULD Consider Buying Silver and Gold

  1. Gold and silver have the potential to provide financial stability by helping hedge against inflation.
  2. International demand for gold and silver is increasing.
  3. The United States national debt is likely to increase, which will likely increase gold and silver’s value.
  4. Many financial experts recommend acquiring precious metals.
  5. Gold and silver tend to be very liquid and hold their value.
  6. The reliability of gold and silver has been prized throughout history.
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Augusta cannot guarantee, and makes no representation, that any metals purchased by a customer will appreciate at all or appreciate sufficiently to make a profit, and there is no certainty that any metals can be sold for a profit. The future value of the coins you purchase cannot be predicted. You could lose money. Don't purchase Augusta products with money you can't afford to lose. Prices may rise and fall over time or rapidly. Past performance of any coin does not guarantee future results. Premium coins are sold for more than the value of the precious metal they contain. Augusta's prices and buy-back prices are determined and controlled by Augusta. This purchase is speculative and unregulated.