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Gold $1274.6 -2.1
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You Should Be Investing in Gold, Like Other Americans

Americans are number-crazy. We know our favorite teams’ win-loss records, the horsepower of our dream car, and the price of a box of bullets. But there is one number that seems elusive: how many Americans own gold? And now that you mention it, WHY do they invest in gold?

Precious Metals Investing

You’d think we’d know that number. After all, most Americans know all sorts of other factoids, such as the fact that 23 percent of households own multiple refrigerators. But there isn’t any official tally of gold-holding Americans. Nonetheless, we have some information related to gold investments:

  • Popularity: In 2017, gold is America’s third-favorite long-term investment, trailing only real estate and stocks/mutual funds. It was Number One in 2011, the favorite of 34 percent of interviewed respondents, which means the precious metal has room to grow in popularity once again.
  • Mint sales: The U.S. Mint sells YUGE amounts of gold, in the form of American Eagle and American Buffalo gold coins. Sales in 2015 amounted to $1.2 billion, representing hundreds of thousands of gold coins. Add to this the gold Americans buy from foreign sources, especially Canada. The waters are muddied, however, with gold purchased wholesale by dealers and then resold at retail. There is no good way to quantify the magnitude of this effect, nor how many American coins are bought by foreigners.
  • No estimates: The prestigious World Gold Council, normally a treasure trove of gold-related statistics, can make no estimate of Americans holding gold. Other precious metals consultants are equally clueless.

So, is it 2.5 million? 25 million? Who knows! One thing we do know is that gold diversifies your portfolio beyond the typical assets (stocks and bonds). Diversification reduces the overall volatility of a portfolio, because some of your investments might rise when others fall. We also know that gold has been viewed as a financial safety net for millennia. Folks buy gold for many reasons: to stay ahead of inflation, to have an alternative to paper money, and to own a store of value during uncertain times.

Best Gold Investment

Whether you are a seasoned gold investor or are considering gold for the first time, you can’t beat the Augusta® Gold IRA when you want to purchase gold with tax-deductible funds. Augusta Precious Metals will open a gold IRA for you, accept your contributions and facilitate your gold investment by selling you gold and silver bullion coins. Precious metals investing via an Augusta® Home Delivery™ Gold IRA offers you the security of gold, the savings of a tax-deductible investment, and the convenience of dealing with a top gold investment company. Contact us today to open your physical gold IRA. Trust Augusta!


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