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Gold $1273.9 -2.8
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World’s Biggest Hedge Fund is Buying Gold

That queasy feeling in the pit of your stomach when you imagine nuclear bombs exploding in the Korean Peninsula, Japan, Guam or Hawaii is not good for your emotional well-being, but it might be a tonic for your wealth -- that is, if you own gold. Last week saw the precious metal’s price rise as we inched closer to nuclear warfare. Political and military upheavals have a long history of creating frenzied demand for gold.

In the midst of the current tumult, the founder of the world’s largest hedge fund, Bridgewater Associates, is advising investors to buy gold. Ray Dalio, Bridgewater chairman, is pointing to the increasing possibility of a new Korean war as the impetus for gold investment. However, Dalio’s case for buying gold goes beyond nuclear war to a worry that Congress won’t raise the debt ceiling this year, which could lead to U.S. debt default and a government shutdown.

You can’t cook an omelet without cracking a few eggs, and President Trump is just the person to crack those eggs as he moves forward with efforts to stir the Washington pot. It could be a bumpy ride. For one thing, we believe the Senate won’t rest until it repeals Obamacare, even if the effort ruffles a few feathers. Recent events add to the unrest that leads experts like Mr. Dalio to endorse gold. Although we don’t condone the violence in Charlottesville, we believe the uprising in that town last week is one more indicator of a larger upheaval precious metals can help investors weather.

Look for increasing volatility in stocks and bonds for the remainder of the year as more investors diversify into gold. The beloved shiny yellow metal closed the week at $1,294/ounce, up 2.41 percent over the five-day period. We are approaching a breakout point – if we pierce recent highs, there may be nothing holding back prices.

Physical Gold IRA Offers Tax Benefits

No one supports war and upheaval, but there are a few things you can do now to support a gold-friendly environment. For example, you could contribute to the election funds of your favorite conservative incumbents and candidates – including the Trump 2020 re-election fund. You could write to your congressmen or congresswomen and encourage them to support second amendment laws. Here’s a great idea that is a little more personal: open an Augusta® Gold IRA, a physical-gold-backed IRA that tends to hold its value when stock market prices drop.

A gold IRA (or silver IRA) is a terrific way to get a tax deduction on as much as $6,500 in annual contributions, use the money to buy gold, and enjoy tax-free profits until you withdraw money later.

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