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Gold $1274.6 -2.1
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silver-book-ira-investI know the price volatility over the  last 18 months has made some of you war weary and perhaps you have lost faith in gold and silver, but I promise you that if you watch this short video, you will understand why you initially invested in these two hard assets. Truly one of the best presentations on gold I have ever seen. Although he doesn't specifically address silver in this presentation, rule of thumb is, Gold goes up, Silver goes up more. Silver is in a much greater position to wrap around the moon and back several fold. I will go into this later. For now, watch this video and understand what's truly going on.


 This is AN EXCEPTIONAL video that illustrates exactly why I believe that Gold and Silver are the best investments of our lifetime.


Silver-Guide-InvestIn my opinion, the gold and silver bull-market is alive and well even if the manipulated price does not show this if you bought a year or two ago. I believe that the system is currently breaking and is in its death spiral.


Comex and JP Morgan deliverable gold is close to record lows while China has been importing well over 1300 tons of gold in the last several months. Do as the central banks do, not what the mainstream media tells you, buy gold and silver while its still available.

Legendary gold and silver analyst Jim Sinclair makes a strong argument for $50,000 gold. Sound too good to be true? Listen to his analysis and judge for yourself. He talks about skyrocketing silver as well. See the video below:



engelhard silver 10 oz barWhat do the Chinese know that the average American doesn't? That the US$ is soon to no longer be the World Reserve Currency?

10,000+ Chinese standing in line to buy gold.


I know the gold and silver price has been a roller-coaster ride to say the least but I believe there is no way out for the US Government but to default on our un-payable debt either through hyper-inflation or straight out default (basically saying to China and the rest of the world, we are not going to pay the trillions we owe.) In my opinion, either scenario will lead to much higher gold and silver prices. At the moment the price is being managed by the big banks and this can last only as long as there is physical supply, which looking at the Chinese appetite, will not last long. Also JP Morgan’s gold vault (One of the largest in the world) is almost empty.


A lot is going on in the markets currently, the price smack down is nothing more than a buying opportunity. Inventories worldwide are diminishing. Hong Kong metals exchange defaulted a while ago, who's next? Get ready...


Here is a link to a very eye-opening video interview with Jeff Nielson of Bullion Bulls Canada. Looks like we are on the verge of a default or some other major event. Please let me know if you have any questions.

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