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Weekly Touchpoint: Yellen: “Gigantic Holes in the System”

Posted By Isaac Nuriani |

Physical Gold/Silver Could Help Investors

The stock market is definitely showing some wear, and to be honest equities investors have little to be hopeful about going into 2019. The interest rate climate is expected to remain a challenge for the foreseeable future, and the trade war that once seemed unlikely is positioned to be the catalyst for an anticipated decline in global economic growth. Now, predictions of global financial crisis are coming fast from some of the biggest names in economics and investing. Could physical gold/silver help investors?

  • Former Fed chair Janet Yellen no longer believes we won’t see another financial crisis in our lifetimes, something she was saying as recently as 2017. According to, Yellen has walked back that sentiment nearly all the way, now saying “we could have another financial crisis” because the recent push to deregulate the financial services industry has left “gigantic holes in the system.”
  • David Lipton, the first deputy managing director of the International Monetary Fund (IMF), thinks the world is woefully unprepared to handle a 2008-level financial crisis. What makes that all the more concerning is Lipton says another crisis is on the way. Lipton sees “storm clouds building” and suggests persistent trade conflict between the U.S. and China could have “far-reaching and long-lasting consequences” for the global economy. For more, refer to this article at The Guardian.
  • Greg Hunter of USA recently spoke with precious metals advocate Egon von Greyerz (EvG) of Matterhorn Asset Management. According to EvG, the entire global financial infrastructure is in deep trouble, and he does not mince words: “What we are seeing the beginning of is the decline of the western world economy.” EvG is predicting “the most massive wealth destruction ever,” and he says investors should have a minimum of 25% of their net worth invested in gold/silver.
  • There’s been talk that a “lost decade” in stocks is lurking – a period within which investors could see no real return for 10 years. That sounds almost unbelievable, but lost decades in the stock market are not as rare as it might seem. Given the volatile performance of the market this year, could 2018 be the first year of a new lost decade? To learn more, including which asset has shown strength during previous lost decades, check out the latest blog article from Augusta.

A stock market that’s weary after years of running at full speed is one thing, but a worldwide economic transformation is something else. Some of the most esteemed names in global economics are now saying systemic financial disaster is on the radar screen. Are you worried about your own investments in this scenario? Have you taken steps to secure your portfolio? If not, it could be time to give ownership of physical gold/silver a serious look. For more information, call Augusta Precious Metals today at 855-242-4121 or visit

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