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Weekly Touchpoint: Will Quantitative Easing Be a Standard Fed Tool?

Posted By Isaac Nuriani |

Investors See Alternative Assets as Protective Measure

The Federal Reserve began an unprecedented campaign of quantitative easing (QE) shortly after the onset of 2008’s Great Recession. Few would argue that this action by the Fed “juiced” stock market returns over the last decade. In fact, many see QE measures, such as large-scale buying of government bonds, as being among the grossest abuses of the fiat currency system. However, it appears the Fed is considering using this drastic monetary policy mechanism on a regular basis.

  • Reuters reports that San Francisco Federal Reserve President Mary Daly recently went on the record to say the central bank is pondering whether to make the controversial practice of quantitative easing a standard tool in the Fed’s toolbox. According to Daly, the Fed is seriously considering making the balance sheet a “readily” used instrument for “executing policy.” If that’s the case, investors may have an increased need for alternative assets to offset the real risk of even greater levels of inflation and unmanageable debt. Are you sure you have enough gold and silver?
  • On a similar note, Peak Prosperity’s Chris Martenson says official rates of inflation quoted by the Bureau of Labor Statistics can’t be trusted. “We’ve enjoyed years of ‘recovery’ since the Great Financial Crisis,” Martenson says sarcastically, “by literally papering over our problems with newly printed money.” Martenson also says the result is an actual inflation rate that’s three times higher than the oft-quoted 2% per year.
  • Declaring “public pensions are the Trojan horses of U.S. entitlements,” The Hill says the plans have succeeded in tricking participants into believing they’ll receive the full benefits they’ve been promised. The problem? Total unfunded liabilities of U.S. state and local pension plans are now $1.4 trillion – more than three times what they were before the 2008 financial crisis. With equities prices now expected to head downward, The Hill says, “the probability of defaulting on promised benefits increases.”
  • Central banks did something last year you might find a little curious: They purchased more gold in 2018 than they did in almost any other year of the previous 50. As it turns out, central banks may live on fiat currency but clearly believe they’ll die without gold. For more on the central banks’ recent gold-buying spree, including whether there’s a lesson for you in all that activity, read Augusta’s latest blog article here.

Are we on the cusp of a new era? One in which expansionary monetary policies are liberally applied without any regard to things like deficits, debt and inflation? Cynics might say we’ve been there for some time already, but it’s beginning to look as though the worst is yet to come. Is your portfolio prepared to withstand the effects of outright social engineering effected through the money supply? Do you possess enough assets uncorrelated with equities to help stabilize your total portfolio (including retirement accounts)? It may be time to shore up your supplies of physical gold and silver. For help, call Augusta Precious Metals today at 855-242-4121 or visit

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