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Weekly Touchpoint: Survey: “Sleepwalking” to Retirement Disaster

Posted By Isaac Nuriani |

Alternative Investment Assets Offer Savings Protection

Traditional retirement may be headed toward extinction according to a recent global survey – 60% of respondents declared they’re worried they won’t have enough money to stop working. With diminished stock market returns predicted for the foreseeable future, the outlook may grow gloomier still. Now may be the time for investors to look to safe-haven, alternative investment assets such as gold and silver to increase their chances of enjoying some peace of mind in their golden years.

  • Financial giant ING recently published its fourth annual international survey on retirement, and the results suggest the global population is financially ill-prepared to stop working when they become “seasoned citizens.” Among the survey’s worrisome findings are the facts that 60% of people in the developed world believe they’ll have trouble retiring and more than 1 in 4 Americans and Europeans have no savings, period.
  • Reuters recently reported on a forecast by S&P Global that says nations will borrow so much in 2019 it will drive total global government debt to $50 trillion. According to S&P, sovereigns as a group will borrow $7.78 trillion this year, an increase of $3.2 trillion over 2018. Governments borrowed manically during the low-interest-rate environments of recent years, and now rising interest rates are forcing them to accumulate more debt just to service the existing debt.
  • A disconnect has been evident between the stock market’s continued resilience and the true state of the economy, which is not likely as favorable as it seems. More proof of this disconnect lies in a Wells Fargo model that says there’s a 40%-plus chance of a recession in 2019 despite the fact that one-year equity volatility is trending lower than its average. The last time there was similar divergence between recession likelihood and stock market volatility, it was 2008 … right before the financial crisis. Visit Bloomberg to learn more.
  • If you left a previous job without taking your company retirement plan account with you, then you “orphaned” your 401(k). Estimates suggest there’s more than $1 trillion sitting in orphan 401(k)s throughout corporate America. One smart way to resolve forgotten or neglected plans is to roll them over into self-directed gold and silver IRAs, which can help protect your other retirement investments. To learn more, read Augusta’s latest blog article here.

Growing debt, a disconnect between the stock market and economy, rising interest rates. No wonder some investors are worried. And now recent international data indicates the entire world may be on the verge of unprecedented retirement challenges of great magnitude. Why take chances? Physical gold and silver can provide financial protection in unsettled economic climates, and this may be a perfect time to consider alternative investment assets. For more information, call Augusta Precious Metals today at 855-242-4121 or visit

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