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Weekly Touchpoint: One Economic Indicator is at an All-Time High

Posted By Isaac Nuriani |

Could this be a threat to your investments?

There is a disconnect between what we’re told about the “great” condition of the economy and the large portion of U.S. citizens in financial distress. The disconnect becomes more obvious with each passing day. The government raves about recent jobless figures showing the unemployment rate at a near-20-year low, but the number of Americans out of the work force is at an all-time high. And that’s just ONE of the many red flags that should be grabbing your attention right now.

• The just-released monthly unemployment report shows a 3.8% jobless rate, an 18-year low. But how legitimate are these numbers that suggest all is well in America? Other metrics tell another story. The most “real” figure may be the sum of Americans now entirely out of the labor force. According to ZeroHedge, that number rose by 170,000 in May, bringing the total to nearly 96 million – a new all-time high.  One has to ask: Why so many?

• You know the global economy is on thin ice when observers on both sides of the political dividing line see a crisis ahead. The latest is investor and progressive political activist George Soros predicting global financial disaster, and he blames the disintegration of the European Union for the trouble to come. In this article from Bloomberg, get the details on why Soros says, “We may be heading for another major financial crisis.”

• Is gold production on Planet Earth winding down for good? In a piece at, Ian Telfer, chairman of global mining company Goldcorp, is quoted as saying the condition of “peak gold” has been reached, adding “We’ve found it all.” Telfer sees year-end gold prices at $1,600, roughly 23% above where they are right now, and, should the trend continue, the price of gold likely will skyrocket.

• Could the U.S. be on the cusp of a “lost decade”? According to a New York Times bestselling author, the answer is positively “yes.” He says the level of “junk” corporate debt is now so significant that when high-yield bonds eventually collapse, it will “create a domino effect and trigger global financial contagion” that will last for many years. Read the latest blog article from Augusta Precious Metals to find out what you should do NOW to prepare for this devastation that could begin any time.

A new all-time high for Americans out of the work force? Prospects for a lost decade? Does it sound to you as though the country’s economic foundation is sound? The potential threats to investors’ long-term security are real and, depending on how things go, could be significant. Learn how inflation-protected physical gold and silver can help protect your IRA or 401(k) from the devastating effects of a financial meltdown by adding true diversification and balance to your portfolio. Call Augusta Precious Metals today at 855-242-4121 or visit us online at

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