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Weekly Touchpoint: Investment Giant Says Bear Market Has Begun

Posted By Isaac Nuriani |

Investors Turn to Physical Precious Metals

Is the long-running bull market finally over? Although professional investors have been saying for years the end is near, equities still have managed to chug forward. However, in light of the latest round of market volatility, some analysts suggest the bull is, finally, dying. In fact, one of the world’s biggest investment banks has released a statement that the bear market so many have feared for so long is now upon us.

  • Waiting for the much-predicted bear market before taking drastic steps to protect your portfolio? Wait no more. According to investment banking giant Morgan Stanley, recent volatility in U.S. equities markets has kicked off a “rolling” bear market. This bear market, they say, is one in which losses of 20% or greater may not necessarily hit the entire market at once, but may plague individual sectors at different times. Refer to this article at The Street for more on Morgan Stanley’s statement.
  • It is said all real estate is local, but Southern California is as close to a “sentinel” housing market as there is in the U.S. – an indicator of the state of real estate across the nation. If that’s true, things do not look good for the rest of the country. According to data recently compiled by property analytics company CoreLogic, Southern California is now suffering through its worst housing slump since 2007 when the housing and mortgage crisis was unfolding. Head over to CNBC for more information.
  • Fortune is reporting that many of the world’s central banks, led by Russia, are buying up gold at the fastest rate in years. Other big buyers include Turkey, Kazakhstan, India, Poland and Hungary. Observers note the only reason for doing this is fear of what lies ahead in the global economy. If central banks are stockpiling gold, should you be doing the same to protect your savings (including retirement accounts)?
  • Has the recent stock market upheaval cued the onset of the bear market so many have been predicting? Rather than worry about which way the market will turn next, perhaps you should focus on ensuring your portfolio contains an asset that can help keep it safe. To learn more about the way gold’s performance during the recent round of trouble proved it’s just that kind of asset, read Augusta’s latest blog article here.

Are we still in a bull market? Or has the bear come out of hibernation with a voracious appetite, ready to devour 20% or more of your portfolio? The great news is that it may not matter. If you have the right allocations to physical gold and silver, you may not have to spend much – or any – time worrying about the market’s next move. For more information about adding the portfolio-balancing qualities of physical precious metals to your asset base, call Augusta Precious Metals today at 855-242-4121 or visit

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