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Weekly Touchpoint: Hedge Fund Legends Sound Global Debt Alarm

Posted By Isaac Nuriani |

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It may seem as though the world chooses to remain blissfully ignorant of stunning global debt. However, those responsible for guiding billions in investor resources are not so oblivious. Recently, two of the biggest names in the hedge fund business made it clear they see the crushing sovereign debt of the world’s governments as perhaps the biggest threat on the horizon to economic survival. For investors, this is another indication that it may be time to stock up on precious metals.

  • Some of the world’s largest money managers are voicing their concerns about ballooning sovereign debt across the globe. Simon Black of Sovereign Man specifically cites hedge fund legends Ray Dalio and Seth Klarman as two who are most concerned about global debt. The normally reserved Klarman has suggested the U.S. could see massive social upheaval incited by a generation “betrayed by a massive national debt that was incurred without any obvious benefit to them.”
  • Portfolio manager Russ Koesterich of global investing giant BlackRock is another who thinks investors, since stocks recently resumed an upward trend, have let themselves become complacent about dangerous market threats. Koesterich flatly says nothing has changed from recent days of market upheaval – that “economic data has not stabilized” and there’s no real sign political risk has diminished.
  • A Market Insider report quotes Suki Cooper, precious metals analyst at Standard Chartered Bank, as saying 2019 “could be gold’s year” now that a variety of positive influences for the metal are evident. The same report also cites HSBC precious metals chief Jim Steel as bullish on gold this year. He says “financial market volatility” will remain at the foundation of gold’s continued success throughout 2019.
  • There have been rumblings of a coming lost decade for some time. It now appears a variety of respected metrics are in agreement with the idea that stocks may decide to sit out the next 10 years. Finance intellectual Stephen Jones recently crunched data using formulae developed by some of the great minds in business and economics to determine the S&P 500 likely will provide no real return to investors for many years to come. For more information, including the name of the asset likely to churn forward while stocks are hibernating, read the latest blog article from Augusta.

Skyrocketing global debt, a still-dangerous market climate and increasing likelihood of a lost decade for stocks – no wonder the growing consensus on gold is that it’s the place to be. Are you there right now? If not, this may be the time to move in that direction. For help, call Augusta Precious Metals today at 855-242-4121 or visit

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