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Weekly Touchpoint: Hedge Fund Kingpin Analyzes Market Volatility

Posted By Isaac Nuriani |

“The Slowdown is Just Beginning…”

Are things back to normal now that the latest round of market volatility seems to have passed? That depends. Most would agree there’s nothing “normal” about a decade-long bull market largely fueled by unprecedented quantitative easing measures. That opinion is shared by one of the nation’s most prominent hedge fund managers, who believes the volatility we’ve witnessed recently marks the official “beginning of the end” for the good times on Wall Street.

  • This year, when the stock market has shown signs of stabilizing after rounds of sharp volatility, investors have concluded all is well and the market will continue to rise. Hedge fund giant Mark Yusko, CEO of Morgan Creek Capital, is saying the opposite. He predicts the selling on Wall Street is just getting started. Yusko recently told CNBC he believes we’re now on a “long path” downward to 2020, and that’s when things are really “going to get ugly.”
  • Foreign buyers of U.S. Treasuries play an enormous role in the welfare of the U.S. economy, including helping maintain the dollar as a force in global commerce. However, substantial overseas investors in U.S. Treasuries, such as China and Japan, are now cutting back on their investments in U.S. government securities. The consequences for the economy are potentially enormous; for details, refer to this article at Reuters.
  • Investment advisor Mike Shedlock, writing in his global economics blog Mish Talk, says pointedly that “the U.S. housing boom is not ending; it’s over.” Shedlock cites the West Coast and Dallas, Texas, as “ground zero” for the coming real estate collapse. He notes that, as buying activity is grinding to a halt in Dallas, real estate prices are 50% higher than when last decade’s housing crisis was unfolding. Look out below!
  • How should you be invested as the market oceans begin churning wildly? Maybe some serious diversification is in order. A properly diversified portfolio can go a long way in the search for financial security, but it’s essential to know the difference between genuine diversification and the mere appearance of diversification. For important details, check out the latest blog article from Augusta.

Although the stock market has shown remarkable resilience this far into a record-length bull market, a number of disquieting economic developments, including a sharp decline in key-market real estate prices, indicate possible further economic turmoil. To learn more about how ownership of physical gold and silver could help protect your portfolio from economic upheaval, call Augusta Precious Metals today at 855-242-4121 or visit

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