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Weekly Touchpoint: Fake News & Gov’t/Money Distrust: Boon for Gold

Posted By Isaac Nuriani |

Where do you turn when you feel as though you can’t trust anything? According to asset managers Incrementum AG, that kind of lack of trust has been an issue for a large swath of the world’s population since the 2008 global recession. Virtually no realm of society has been untouched by this loss of faith, says Incrementum, and that even includes faith in money. In response, gold has been solidly embraced the world over as a repository of genuine value. Read on to learn more about this and other news you need to know as an investor.

  • Is global distrust of just about everything the source of a “secret” bull market in gold that’s been in play for years? Such is the fascinating case made by Incrementum AG, an investment firm based in Liechtenstein, in the 2019 edition of its annual research note. MoneyNews recently examined the 300-page “note” summarizing the company’s determination that public trust in everything from governments and scientists to economists, the media (think “fake news”) and much more has been on the decline around the world since the 2008 financial crisis. This distrust even includes “a loss of trust in money itself,” which in turn has led to a strengthening of gold against all major currencies since 2013. The bottom line? In a world that appears to be ethically and morally imploding, gold may well emerge from the rubble as the one true money.
  • What if the Federal Reserve threw a party in Chicago to announce they’ll use more quantitative easing (QE) the next time a recession hits than anyone has ever seen before? Wouldn’t that be pretty big news? You’d think so, but unless you’re a regular reader of financial news media sites such as MarketWatch, there’s a good chance you missed it. It turns out the Fed recently held a two-day “strategy conference” in the Windy City for the express purpose of “preparing the public, lawmakers and the markets” for unprecedented levels of QE. This is according to Adam Posen, president of the Peterson Institute for International Economics, and former Fed governor Randy Krozner. It’s well-known by now that with short-term interest rates already in the low 2.25% to 2.5% range, the Fed sees itself as having no other option but to go big in order to “stimulate” the economy next time around. According to Posen, the Fed will apply “pretty aggressive, desperate, measures” when another downturn hits. “If you thought you saw QE before, this is going to be QE squared,” Posen says.
  • When it comes to protecting your portfolio from the fallout over a burgeoning trade war, you could do a lot worse than following the example of someone – or someplace – that has a whole lot at stake. Will China do as a role model for you? informs us that China has continued adding to its gold reserves for a sixth straight month “as the protracted trade war with the U.S. hurts growth expectations and boosts demand for a portfolio diversifier.” According to the report, China’s central bank upped its bullion reserves to 61.61 million ounces in May from 61.10 million the previous month. That’s an increase of nearly 16 tons and brings China’s total accumulation of gold so far in 2019 to nearly 74 tons. How much gold have you added this year?

Growing numbers of people seem to believe our global society is much less than genuine. Will gold emerge as one of the few resources that enjoys universal trust? Gold is an asset that cannot be debased or marginalized – it’s as real and authentic as anything can be. As distrust of practically everything including our own global economic system becomes a “given,” where will you put your faith? Learn more about how gold and silver can help everyone – including retirement investors – keep things real. Call Augusta Precious Metals at 800-700-1008 or visit

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