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Weekly Touchpoint: Could Political Tensions Lead to Actual Civil War?

Posted By Isaac Nuriani |

Physical Precious Metals Making a Comeback

The 2018 midterm elections may have passed, but the political tenor in America today remains as hostile as ever. Investors in particular would do well to pay attention to the deep divisions that have appeared within the supposed “United” States. Is it time to look at physical precious metals to protect your savings from the effects of these divisions and any potential political calamity?

  • Midterm elections are over, but the political tensions that divided Americans through the election remain. As a matter of fact, in the wake of what might have been the most contentious midterm elections in modern history, a MarketWatch opinion article thoughtfully explains why some learned minds believe the U.S. could be heading toward another actual civil war.
  • It’s usually America’s most notable adversaries – China, Russia, Iran – that declare the U.S. dollar’s days are numbered, but now that sentiment is being expressed by a champion of U.S. capitalism. According to ZeroHedge, Larry Fink, CEO of BlackRock, the world’s largest asset management firm, recently declared the national debt burden is the real culprit threatening a thriving dollar. He said the economic monstrosity eventually will drive away foreign investors America desperately needs to stay afloat.
  • Could it be that one of the best signs we’re heading for a significant strengthening in the price of gold is that the mainstream financial media says so? A recent article at exclaims “gold is back,” noting that the price of the yellow metal has powered forward even as other “economically sensitive” commodity assets, such as oil and copper, have faltered.
  • Russia and India recently struck a $5 billion defense deal, but the bigger news is that the contract was settled in rubles. It’s the first time since 1991 that Moscow has signed such a deal in a currency other than dollars. The agreement sends a clear signal to Washington: Plenty of countries other than China and Russia are eager to leave the dollar behind. For additional details, and to learn how you can fight to protect your portfolio in a possible future where the dollar has effectively collapsed, read Augusta’s latest blog article here.

If the aftermath of the recent midterm elections proves anything, it’s that we might not see national unity in America for a long time to come. This is just one of the threats you and other investors face in this precarious era. Now is the time to get the information you need. Consider using physical precious metals to protect your portfolio from a wide variety of threats including the social unrest and political volatility that could become permanent parts of the American landscape. Call Augusta Precious Metals today at 855-242-4121 or visit

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