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Weekly Touchpoint: Analyst Rejects Optimistic View of Market

Posted By Isaac Nuriani |

Some Investors are Hedging with Gold and Silver

The volatility recently rocking the stock market seems to have abated just a bit. Hopeful investors already are looking toward a better 2019, and some have decided to see the recent downturn as a stock buying opportunity. But there’s no reason to believe the market’s underlying troubles are going away. Many experts say those troubles, in fact, are poised to get much worse. Some investors are fighting the trend by hedging with gold and silver.

  • In the wake of the latest round of market turbulence, a wave of optimism about equities’ near-term future has taken hold. However, Bloomberg analyst Tommi Utoslahti isn’t on board. He says the stresses that made 2018 a losing year for stocks are only gaining intensity and will result in a “fully-developed bear market” this year. Check out ZeroHedge for more on what Utoslahti says is in store for this year.
  • Jim Rickards, lawyer, speaker and respected authority on both gold and the Federal Reserve, published an article at The Daily Reckoning outlining why he thinks junk bonds will bring the economy to its knees this time around. Years of low interest rates have allowed American companies to feast on cheap debt, but Rickards says, now that rates are rising, a massive wave of loan defaults are in the country’s future.
  • A report by the Central Bank of Russia reveals just how serious that country is about ditching the dollar. Russian-owned reported that Moscow moved $100 billion from the U.S. dollar to euros, Chinese yuan and Japanese yen between March and June of 2018, reducing by half its share of dollars. Is your portfolio ready to withstand the continued assault on the greenback?
  • Many individual investors spent 2018 biting their nails as the stock market was subjected to withering rounds of volatility. Some of the world’s biggest financial institutions – public and private – did more than bite their nails. They quietly shored up their gold reserves. Now, BlackRock, the largest investor in the world, has gone on the record with its belief that gold is the place to be as we head into 2019. For details and some thoughts about whether you should follow suit by hedging with gold and silver in your portfolio, refer to the latest blog article from Augusta.

When it comes to the stock market’s immediate troubled future, you can pick the poison from an entire list. Higher interest rates, continued trade uncertainty, disappointing earnings and crushing levels of debt are among the factors capable of destroying equities in 2019.

If you’re still in a “wait and see” mode about safeguarding your portfolio by hedging with gold and silver, note that time may be about to run out. You can do more than worry and bite your nails. Take this one step for the sake of your financial well-being: Learn more about putting the protective power of physical gold and silver to work for you. Call Augusta Precious Metals today at 855-242-4121 or visit

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