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Weekly Touchpoint: American Business Turning to Robots

Posted By Isaac Nuriani |

Gold Investment Can Soothe Market Concerns

You know those movies where robots and other forms of artificial intelligence take over the world? We may be a way off from that, but there’s little question robots are staking a big claim on the workplace. How will the rise of robots in the workplace change the human dynamic of labor? Will it jeopardize Americans’ ability to save and securely retire? How can gold investment help?

  • Reuters is reporting that U.S. companies installed more robots in the workplace in 2018 than ever before. Although robots are common in the automotive industry, the electronics, food, and life sciences industries are just a few of the non-automotive sectors now increasing their use of machines. As more people are displaced from their jobs by robots in the workplace, retirement investing could prove difficult, making it essential to protect what you do have set aside with safe-haven assets such as gold and silver.
  • David Hay of global asset manager Evergreen Gavekal recently detailed the trend by central banks – including the Federal Reserve – to take a more dovish posture on interest rate increases due to a fear of collapsing the markets. Alas, writes Hay, that will be for naught; no matter what central banks do, many of the world’s leading economies are showing signs of a possible “recession,” and he says this bull-turned-bubble market will come crashing down.
  • MoneyWeek’s John Stepek says those concerned about the dollar’s viability have it right. Referring to Washington’s insistence at running up massive debt, Stepek writes that “no one with any power over the dollar has any obvious regard for preserving its value,” and that a similar insistence by Washington on using the dollar as a global weapon is driving China, Russia and others to find an alternative to the currency.
  • Based on fundamental factors such as rising interest rates, ongoing trade conflict and growing concern about soaring global debt, gold has strengthened considerably, gaining 12% in the last six months. Predictions for its continued rise are plentiful, and now a number of technical analysts are chiming in to say gold’s price action over the last five years suggests a possible price breakout that could soon push the metal as much as 40% to 50% higher than where it is now. For details, read Augusta’s latest blog article here.

Equities markets have enjoyed renewed calm over the last month or so as the Federal Reserve has backed off some from its resolute plan to raise interest rates. Still, well-documented economic challenges remain. The price of gold has risen in response to those challenges, and some are predicting a substantially higher upside for the metal in the near term. If you’re ready to talk about adding – or adding more – gold or silver to your portfolio, call Augusta Precious Metals today at 855-242-4121 or visit Don’t forget to ask how you can roll over retirement accounts to a physical gold IRA.

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