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Use Orphan 401(k)s to Protect Retirement with Gold & Silver

Posted By Isaac Nuriani |

There’s a good chance you’ve left behind an orphan or two in your life. An orphan 401(k), that is (left behind when you departed from a job). Statistics show there are a lot of them out there. A 2018 U.S. News & World Report article says 41% of all investors had at least one orphan 401(k) in 2017, and estimates suggest there’s more than $1 trillion languishing in orphan plans.

Although abandoned 401(k)s often have low values per account, it’s not unusual for workers to accumulate several over the course of their working lives, and it can add up. Americans change jobs an average of 12 times before they finally retire. It’s common for new employees to enroll in the company 401(k) when they start a new job, and it is also very common for those same employees to assume an “out of sight, out of mind” posture with respect to those accounts when they move on to their next great professional opportunity. The end result can be a string of orphaned 401(k)s and other company-sponsored retirement plans left in their wake.

Orphan 401(k)s May Be Perfect Opportunity for Precious Metals Investing

Neglected accounts, including orphan 401(k)s, can be good sources of funding for people interested in diversifying their holdings into alternative assets such as physical precious metals. If you are invested in your present employer’s company retirement plan, then that is surely the retirement account you’re thinking about most of the time. It probably requires you to choose from investment options that come with the plan, and chances are excellent physical gold or silver isn’t one of your options. Your 401(k)s from the past are a different story. They’re actually perfect candidates for funding a self-directed IRA through which you can buy gold and silver.

401(k) plan investment options have improved over the years, but many are still subpar. Not only is there no good way to access alternative assets through the accounts, but even the equities options are frequently poor. The average 401(k) offers about 25 mutual fund choices . That may seem like more than enough, but the quality of the selections is often not that great. Several of the funds are likely to be comprised of low-return money market and bond instruments, and even the equities funds are often tamer versions of those available outside of company retirement plans.

Contrast this with a self-directed IRA, through which you can purchase not only physical precious metals, but an array of alternative assets including real property, digital currency (such as bitcoin), private businesses (you can buy a convenience store with funds in your IRA, if you want), notes, and tax lien certificates. In addition to alternative assets, you can use your self-directed IRA to purchase any mutual fund you want, as well as stocks, bonds, exchange-traded funds (ETFs) and other securities that aren’t available in your old 401(k). This tremendous breadth of investment options is a big part of what makes the self-directed gold and silver IRA such a dynamic account, brimming with opportunity for you.

Precious metals are “complete” assets, and the chart below illustrates why. Not only do metals offer long-term capital appreciation potential, but they tend to support portfolios with sharp increases in asset value during periods when the stock market is in acute distress, such as the period between 2008 and 2011 (the Great Recession).

Gold, Silver, S&P 500 Index
2000 – 2019

(Chart Courtesy of

Gold and Silver IRA Could Help Investors Capitalize on Expected Low Stock-Return Era

You’ve probably heard it in the news. The investment landscape is expected to become more challenging, and future stock market returns are expected to be significantly diminished compared to those of recent history. It is imperative that you put all of your available resources to work for you now to protect your savings. This includes ensuring that a portion of your total portfolio is set aside in assets uncorrelated with the stock market, and gold and silver could be just the ticket.

If you own multiple retirement accounts – including some from your past that may be orphan 401(k)s – this is a perfect time in my opinion to look at rolling one or more of them into a self-directed gold and silver IRA that offers not only long-term capital appreciation but advantages that could support your portfolio against any market turmoil.

One other thing: If you did leave one or more 401(k)s behind at previous jobs, you’re probably aware of it. However, if you’re not sure whether you have any 401(k) orphans of your own, start by contacting the former employer(s) where you think you may have participated in a company-sponsored retirement plan. You can also look for orphan plans at the National Registry of Unclaimed Benefits, a free public service that serves as a database registry of unclaimed retirement account balances.

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