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(VIDEO) 6 of 6 -Today’s Silver Boom Wrap-Up: Uncertain Times

Posted By Isaac Nuriani |

In this final installment of the Augusta Precious Metals Silver Boom video series, our lead economic analyst Devlyn Steele recaps the reasons the United States is seeing a silver boom at this time. More than ever before, Americans are accumulating both gold and silver — including major investors, financial institutions, banks and central banks. However, according to Mr. Steele, certain factors “put silver in a position to soar even higher in an already soaring market.”

Analyst Clint Doll joins Steele to recap material covered in all of their Silver Boom videos – including individual factors that have caused the recent silver price explosion. They explain how the price of silver has reacted favorably to factors such as increasing debt and the decreasing value of money, interest rates, inflation and hyperinflation.

Demand for Silver Is Increasing, Thanks to Technology and Industry

In this video, Doll and Steele show how much the demand for silver has increased due to the widespread us of smart phones. Other products that are causing an increased need for silver include electric cars, car engines and photography equipment, among many others.

Although the price of silver already has increased phenomenally over the past year, Steele provides evidence to back up his prediction of just how far the price of both gold and silver will rise in the next 24 months. He reveals the fundamentals he has used to calculate these predictions, including the silver-to-gold ratio and the metals’ behavior in previous periods of history similar to the conditions we now are seeing in the markets.

All of the factors and fundamentals covered in this wrap-up video are covered in greater detail within previous Silver Boom videos. You can find them in the Augusta Precious Metals video library. For all of the reasons shared in the videos, many investors have taken positions in silver – including high profile investors such as Hall of Fame quarterback Joe Montana’s financial advisors.

At the end of this final video in the silver boom series, Mr. Steele provides a list of actions retirement savers can take to employ silver as an alternative asset to stabilize portfolios. For more information, call and speak with an Augusta Precious Metals customer success agent at 800-700-1008. Your personally assigned agent will provide additional materials and guides that contain valuable information to help you protect your savings. If you want to take advantage of the recent silver boom, we hope you’ll choose the award-winning Augusta Precious Metals to help you add physical silver (or gold) coins and bars to your portfolio in a special IRA.

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