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(VIDEO) 3 of 6 – Today’s Silver Boom: Inflation & Hyperinflation

Posted By Isaac Nuriani |

How inflation and hyperinflation affect physical silver prices.

Nine trillion dollars was added to our economy in the last 10 weeks by the Federal Reserve. Congress wants three trillion more, the U.S. Treasury wants ANOTHER three trillion, and five western states are asking for a trillion.

Other than massive amounts of debt being a bad idea for America to begin with, the current situation easily could lead to inflation – even hyperinflation.

Fortunately, the news is not all bad. Retirement savers have a tool that can help protect the money it has taken them decades to save: physical silver. This week in Augusta’s Touchpoint Update video, Mr. Devlyn Steele and his colleague Clint Doll cover inflation and its effect on physical silver prices.

How Not to End Up Like Venezuela – Preparation is Key

The U.S. Federal Reserve doesn’t like telling consumers their money is worth less, so it has come up with ways to “cook the books” and minimize the public’s perception of inflation. The most famous way is manipulating the Consumer Price Index (CPI). Mr. Steele and Mr. Doll explain in the video.

No one knows what will happen in coming years. But, because physical silver prices are uncorrelated with equities, they tend to go the opposite direction. That makes physical silver an important tool for some people to help potentially offset any plunging prices of traditional investments.

Mr. Steele is known for having predicted the 2008 financial crisis and the surge in precious metals prices that followed. He’s working his magic again, and in this video he reveals his prediction for silver in 2021. Next week, he’ll tell the world what price he believes silver will rise to in 2022.

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