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(VIDEO) 4 of 6 – Today’s Silver Boom: Crashing U.S. Dollar

Posted By Isaac Nuriani |

A cup of coffee now costs more than two dollars. What happened?

There’s a simple reason we’re all worried about the U.S. dollar. We see how much more things cost today than they used to. Now, after the global coronavirus bombshell, as the Fed pumps more money than ever into the economy, the national debt is climbing and pushing the dollar over the edge.

Devlyn Steele, Augusta’s lead economist and a member of the Harvard Business School Analytics Program, expects the dollar to crash on a global scale, with a greater impact than we’ve seen in our lifetimes.

In this week’s Augusta Touchpoint Video, Mr. Steele and his colleague Clint Doll explain what the crash of the U.S. dollar could mean to retirement savers and why individual investors should keep their eye on the price of gold and silver.

Why You Should Care About the Strength of the U.S. Dollar & this Silver Boom

For many years, the U.S. dollar (USD) has served as the world’s reserve currency. Commodities such as oil, gold and silver have been traded using the dollar. This keeps demand for the dollar high and keeps it strong compared to other world currencies.

However, a number of threats have weakened the dollar and are expected to continue weakening it for some time. In the video, Mr. Steele and Mr. Doll explain five economic stresses that worry them when it comes to the dollar – not the least of which is the fact that China and other countries no longer use the dollar to settle trade. This has a negative effect on traditional investments in U.S. markets.

Fortunately, as you know if you’ve been keeping up with this Augusta Silver Boom Video Series, gold and silver prices tend to go in an opposite direction from equities. For that reason, precious metals can be used to create a protective balancing effect within portfolios.

Also in this video, Mr. Steele shares his prediction for the price of silver in 2022 based on the same principles he used to successfully predict the 2008 financial crisis and the rocketing prices of precious metals that came right after that crisis.

If this information seems to apply to your own portfolio, after you view the video, please contact us at 800-700-1008 and we will provide more information to help you decide where to go from here. We would love to help empower you to protect your future!

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