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Gold $1274.8 -1.9
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Monthly Gold Gains: 5 in a Row

Smart readers who participate in precious metals investing might like to know the end of May marked a spectacular gold investment milestone. Gold finished the month at $1,268.92/troy ounce, the fifth consecutive monthly gain for the king of commodities, creating a year-to-date return of 10.6 percent. Gold investments haven’t scored a five-month winning streak since 2010. Why now?

Investing in Gold Fights Unrest

May 17 was an especially wonderful day for investing in gold. Prices rose two percent that day and erased the month’s previous losses. We didn’t particularly care for the reason for the rise, which was the news that our president sought to end “Russia-gate.” We don’t personally believe there is any “there” there, but, just in case, we are telling everybody that buying some extra gold and silver could be a good insurance policy against the mayhem and social unrest that might occur if Trump ever were forced out.

Make no mistake, the long knives are out. Some U.S. citizens believe the Paris climate accord should be the nation’s most important concern. Others poo-hoo climate and focus on U.S. jobs. News agencies keep leaking little tidbits to smear Trump. Former FBI director James Comey’s testimony has added to the uncertainty.

Whether things fall apart in the nation’s capital or not, it will be good for gold. The precious metals have prospered with Trump at the helm. However, if Trump is kicked out, that’s good for gold too, because civil discord could hit a fevered pitch. Any combination of events in this situation leads to doubt, and gold is there to potentially help stabilize investments.

We don’t want to make any predictions, but history tells us countries experiencing an attempted coup have needed to crack down on unrest, often declaring martial law, suspending constitutions and jailing officials. It happened in Turkey last year. We’d like to think it couldn’t happen in the U.S., but we believe there’s a version of unrest that could happen here and create economic havoc.

Augusta Offers the Best Gold Investment

Investing in gold always has been a great way for regular folks to buffer themselves against disasters, both natural and manmade. We believe one of the best gold investments you can make is the Augusta® Gold IRA, a great way to buy gold with pre-tax dollars.

That’s right, when you open an IRA from Augusta Precious Metals, you get to deduct your contributions from your taxable income. That’s a tax deduction of up to $6,500 a year (if you’re 50 or older).

Which would you rather do – buy gold or pay taxes? We think the answer is obvious, which is why you need to open an Augusta® Gold IRA today. Don’t wait until it’s too late!

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