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Hyperinflation Now “Common in the 21st Century”

Posted By Isaac Nuriani |

Is hyperinflation coming to America? It’s difficult to imagine the U.S. facing that eventuality. But our ever-increasing comfort with debt and dynamic “monetary policy” demands we consider it. We certainly know that economy-crushing inflation is not a thing of the past. Zimbabwe and Iran have been burdened by sky-high inflation, and even the most prosperous countries can fall into the inflation abyss – Venezuela was once the richest economy in South America, but now, as the Independent says, it looks to be “a country hit by civil war.” However, all need not be lost even if we do find ourselves facing a financial crisis. Gold and silver offer the potential to not only protect but grow portfolios during periods of runaway inflation.

  • Hyperinflation may not be everywhere, but it certainly is not as unusual as one would think it to be at this point in history. Alex Deluce of Gold Telegraph, saying hyperinflation is now “common in the 21st century,” recently took stock of the economic woes that have beset Zimbabwe, Iran and Venezuela over the last 20 years. Although it would be comforting to believe the U.S. is immune from the threat of a 2,000,000% inflation rate such as the one currently plaguing Venezuela, the ease with which central banks now print money to inflate asset values should give everyone pause.
  • Wages are supposedly rising across the country, and interest rates have dropped just a bit. Still, CBS News informs us that Americans are unable to afford homes in over 70% of the country. In some markets, the cost is positively ridiculous. Residents of San Francisco have to spend an incomprehensible 103% of their annual income on housing. The data points to more proof of the notion we’re in a global real estate bubble – one that could eventually prove very damaging.
  • According to economist and asset manager Daniel Lacalle, central banks’ continued liquidity injections and zero interest rate policies merely are serving to cover worldwide macroeconomic weakness and will culminate in the “zombification of the global economy.” While global financial markets have grown by nearly $10 trillion, global debt is at an all-time high, trade is suffering, and the Conference Board Index of leading economic indicators has “plummeted for the major economies.”

Is proclaiming the possibility of hyperinflation in the U.S. a case of fear-mongering? Some might think so, but the fact is that Americans are growing increasingly comfortable with political ideas oriented in socialism and other belief systems that can encourage inflationary environments. Astute observers recognize not only the tremendous damage “garden-variety” inflation has done to the U.S. dollar since the advent of the Federal Reserve in 1913, but also the potential for a significantly worse inflation culture in the future. And they turn to physical precious metals for relief.

To become one of those astute observers, you can learn more about how physical gold and silver can help protect your retirement savings against not only the devastating effects of inflation but a broad range of economic and geopolitical threats. Call Augusta Precious Metals at 855-242-4121 or visit

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