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Gold $1274.6 -2.1
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  • U.S. Equity Investors Can’t Dodge Market Chaos in Foreign Stocks

    One of the popular reasons for investing in foreign equities is to achieve the valuable benefit of diversification. After all, the stocks of foreign countries, particularly smaller and more remote cou....
  • Physical Gold – Not Gold Securities – Is the Way to Diversify

    One of the most common questions asked by prospective precious metals investors is, “What form of gold and silver should we purchase?” Buying securitized precious metals, such as exchange-traded funds....
  • Investors Head Straight for GOLD When Cryptocurrencies Crash

    “In the land of alternative assets, will the REAL store of value please stand up?” With apologies to the legendary television game show “To Tell the Truth,” the line above refers to discerning investo....
  • Why IS Gold Moving Upward As Stocks Continue to Fly High?

    “Gold is a hedge against economic and geopolitical turmoil.” “Gold is good for when the stock market crashes.” These are the kinds of ideas about gold that largely inform the views of typical investor....
  • World’s Biggest Hedge Fund is Buying Gold

    That queasy feeling in the pit of your stomach when you imagine nuclear bombs exploding in the Korean Peninsula, Japan, Guam or Hawaii is not good for your emotional well-being, but it might be a toni....
  • Stock in Mines Confirms Gold’s Glitter

    When we think of mines, we have a tendency to first think of coal. It’s usually coal mines that are in the news, and unfortunately the news often is not good. For investors who love precious metals, h....
  • Dollar Weak, Gold Investments Strong

    We often point out gold strengthens when the dollar weakens. One reason is that a punk dollar reminds us it’s paper, which means it takes a leap of faith to assign it value. The weaker the dollar, the....
  • Treacherous Times Call for Gold Investment

    The assault on President Trump is taking a toll. For the first time, his foes have been able to tag his campaign with what seems like a valid Russia connection. I don’t think this amounts to much in t....
  • Is North Korea Good for Gold Investment?

    You can forgive the folks living in Alaska and Hawaii for an eerie sense of foreboding. They appear to be in range of North Korean intercontinental ballistic missiles. That queasiness will spread in....
  • You Should Be Investing in Gold, Like Other Americans

    Americans are number-crazy. We know our favorite teams’ win-loss records, the horsepower of our dream car, and the price of a box of bullets. But there is one number that seems elusive: how many Ameri....

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