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Gold $1274.8 -1.9
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Gold and Silver Prices Fall - The Secret Behind It

Gold and Silver Prices Fall... Now What?

I understand some of you are worried about gold and silver prices dropping. In short, don't be. For those of you who have invested in gold and silver as the ultimate insurance policy to a collapsing dollar, I believe this price movement is just a detour to much higher prices and also a buying opportunity. For those of you who bought as a speculative short-term investment, I would hold on for as long as possible because in my opinion, the paper/debt backed paradigm is dying and physical metal is the ultimate hedge. The fundamental bullish outlook for gold and silver has only become stronger!
Some people have pointed out that I wasn't clear on my stance regarding the price of Silver in the recent article. I still hold firm that $500 an ounce silver is on the horizon. Will it hit $25 on its way to $500? Maybe, but as I touched upon in the last article, I believe we are in the 9th inning before the next crisis hits and I am not one for chasing price. I am about knowing I have all my ducks in a row before the shoe drops.
The price of both gold and silver is being artificially suppressed by the big banks to show a stronger dollar and to make equities more attractive. At some point there will be no metal to deliver at these artificially low prices. What good is $20 silver if you can't buy it? In my opinion, a default on the Comex and the LBMA is imminent but the timing is what isn't in stone.
I believe we are in the midst of a full-out global currency war, paper is dying and at some point there will be a massive loss of confidence in the paper/debt backed paradigm and a flash crash will occur. Millions if not billions of people around the globe will see their paper money severely devalued or completely wiped out. The trend is your friend and we have seen a hundred years of a falling dollar which has lost 98% of its purchasing power. This is a clear trend that anyone can see and I believe the Dollar is in it's last days.



I have never seen the gold and silver market this depleted. In the real world when you have record sell off in anything, you end up with record surplus... Where's the surplus in gold and silver? Nowhere to be seen, which makes obvious that the paper price of gold and silver does not reflect the actual supply and demand price of the physical market.


On top of this, the same exact day of the precious metal sell-off, we discovered that two MAJOR mines are now off-line choking the supply chain by up to 20%. The free market price of gold and silver is close to being revealed and I do believe it's in the multiples higher than this currently manipulated paper price we are currently seeing.


In a nut-shell, I believe that physical gold and silver delivered to you is the best way to preserve wealth as the system crumbles. Load up while it's still available because inventories are low globally.


In a nut-shell, the paper price for gold and silver and the physical prices are diverging and if you are considering adding to your position, I believe the time is ripe. Gold and silver prices are close to another large move up. Timing tops and bottoms are tough to predict, but in my opinion, all signs say up, up and away is around the corner.


Here is a link to a very eye-opening video interview with Jeff Nielson of Bullion Bulls Canada. It looks like we are on the verge of a default or some other major event.

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