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Gold IRA Industry Excellence Recognition for Augusta by 5 Respected Websites

Isaac Nuriani    |
Apr 25, 2022
  • 5 respected gold IRA investment websites recently named Augusta #1 gold IRA company. Augusta’s CEO describes the sites and offers a heartfelt thank-you.

As a collaborative team, at Augusta we’ve been working for more than a decade to provide a superior level of service to gold IRA account holders. We have been gratified to discover that our efforts are being recognized by respected gold IRA industry websites across the board. Most recently, our team received recognition from five websites consumers look to for authoritative information about gold IRAs and providers.

In this Market News blog, I would like to thank the noted sites and tell you a bit about them. I suggest checking them out and taking advantage of the excellent resources they offer.

The Gold Rush Exchange

This excellent website helps gold IRA seekers “invest smarter” by offering analyses of the industry’s top providers. The site specifically states that it would like to help consumers avoid scams in the industry, and Augusta is honored to have been chosen as number one in this company’s list of reliable premier gold IRA providers. Beyond that, the site wants to help promote the existence of gold IRAs in general to help Americans become aware of gold investment products: “Gold IRAs are one of the most forgotten and least invested in retirement resources. From my experience, gold IRAs are the best way to secure your retirement.” It is the goal of Andreas Christian, the site owner, that visitors leave with an abundance of information they want and need to help them with their retirement savings.

Investing in Gold

Gold investments come in many different forms. This website offers a basic guide for investing in different types of gold investments, ranging from physical gold IRAs to jewelry, mining stocks and mutual funds. One section of the website focuses on gold IRA companies, and this is where Augusta Precious Metals has been chosen as the website’s top choice. Criteria used to determine rankings include analyzing ratings and reviews, reviewing evidence of certification, and verifying good standing with industry watchdog organizations. Any company on this preferred list must offer printed material benefiting the consumer and provide evidence of quality service in the form of a predominance of positive customer reviews. The website specializes in “providing investors with the educational resources necessary to make prudent investment decisions about gold investments.” This site puts a high premium on trust and offers detailed information on the way it has chosen its ranked list of gold IRA providers.

Rare Metal Blog

If you’re looking for a checklist of various gold IRA companies to help you choose the best, this website can be very helpful. Its homepage includes actions you can take to gather information about the companies that are most attractive to physical gold investors. The website has been featured in Forbes and MarketWatch, a testament to its quality and reliability as a resource. The site aims to do the meticulous research necessary to help consumers get around red tape and clearly understand the benefits of investing in precious metals. As the site notes, trust is often the biggest obstacle to consumers making the decision to add physical metals to their retirement savings as a way of diversifying. The team says in the site’s About Us page: “There is no shortage of investment firms that specialize in precious metals and our comprehensive review process helps you find the best ones out there that are suited for your financial goals.”

Carpathian Gold

John Carpathian’s blog on gold investing provides insight into the gold market and gold investment strategies. Look for articles on this website every week that draw on Mr. Carpathians knowledge of retirement investment opportunities. His blog posts cover topics ranging from the current state of the economy and future trends in global markets to technical analysis theory and general financial advice. The specific blog on gold IRA companies puts Augusta at the top of a ranked list of five top providers. In Mr. Carpathians view, “investing through gold IRA companies can make a difference to your finances.” The ranked reviews offer background for each company, including pros and cons to help potential investors sort them out.

3 Best Gold IRA Companies Reviewed with Fees and Discounts

This excellent standalone article includes robust information about the industry’s top three gold IRA companies. Content includes information about fees, professional endorsements, awards won, consumer ratings and reviews, customer service details and more. After thorough analysis of the three companies, this wonderful resource includes a clear explanation of the gold IRA and reasons to invest in it, including a rundown of common fees and a well-explained checklist of features to look for when comparing gold IRA providers (especially emphasizing a good track record), with frequently asked questions. We are pleased that Augusta Precious Metals made the top of this list and grateful for the thorough analysis.

Once again, my thanks — and a big thank-you on behalf of the entire Augusta Precious Metals crew — for this recognition. We are honored to show up on the radar of such respected websites and look forward to continuing to provide the type of service to gold IRA seekers that these website owners feel is worthy of acknowledgment.

If you would like more information about the gold IRA service Augusta Precious Metals provides to help you diversify your retirement savings, please give us a call.

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