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Casey Analyst: “Epic Gold Bull Market on Menu for 2020.”

Posted By Isaac Nuriani |


Experts say mainstream markets are living on borrowed time and owe continued success to little more than the accommodations of central banks, including our own Federal Reserve. The banks, they say, are intentionally pushing markets to perform well in spite of a worldwide economic picture that grows dimmer. It is, in fact, the weak economy that’s prompting central banks to continue applying ultra-loose monetary policy. Eventually, say these observers, the rubber will finally meet the road and the markets likely will have nowhere to go but down.

The anemic global economy is just one of many reasons gold’s outlook over the foreseeable future is so promising. In a recent article at the popular alt-financial site Commodity Trade Mantra, Nick Giambruno of Casey Research connects the dots to gold from eight “catalysts” he says will not only send the metal higher in 2020, but will usher in an “epic gold bull market” this year. This is important news for retirement savers who worry what will happen when central banks decide they have no more tools left to sustain long-overvalued financial markets.

Eight Reasons Gold Could Soar this Year

Topping the list of triggers Giambruno believes will fuel a tremendous surge in gold this year is central banks’ ongoing accumulation of the metal at a record rate. Central banks not only continued frantic gold-buying in 2019, their pace through the year’s first three quarters suggests final numbers will show they purchased much more than 2018’s total of 651 metric tons. And there is no sign their rush to accumulate physical gold will slow anytime soon.

The next possible gold-price trigger Gimabruno cites is a little-known change by the Bank for International Settlements (BIS) in the way commercial banks now can view gold as a proprietary asset. Among the BIS’s responsibilities is issuance of the Basel Accords, which are regulations for the global banking industry. The third of these three Accords went into effect last year, and a provision of Basel III says banks now can consider gold a “Tier 1” banking asset, like cash, for purposes of determining viability of the financial institution. Giambruno believes this Basel III upgrade of gold will give it “more official recognition in the international financial system” and “represents a step towards the re-monetization of gold.”

Another reason Giambruno cites for the improving landscape for gold is rooted in China’s pursuit of de-dollarization. China, the world’s largest importer of oil, now has made available a crude oil futures contract that’s structured so producers can effectively be paid in gold for their oil. Not only will such transactions entirely sidestep the dollar, but they likely will bolster the gold market. Giambruno cites information from CNBC suggesting that hundreds of billions of dollars could be “redirected” to the gold market as a result of this development – a gold market that right now is only 170 billion dollars in size.

Giambruno notes other reasons gold is looking at a particularly robust 2020. One is a highly accommodative Federal Reserve, something I’ve discussed at length previously. The other factors rounding out Giambruno’s “list of eight” are growing support for a socialist-style political agenda in the U.S.; a new trend in the cryptocurrency market to back cryptos with gold; President Trump’s public affection for gold and a pro-gold Federal Reserve; and a wealth of ongoing M&A (mergers and acquisitions) activity in the gold mining industry suggesting many of the world’s top miners believe gold is relatively cheap right now.

It’s Easy to Add Real Assets Such as Physical Gold to Your Portfolio

Ask yourself these two questions:

Will my portfolio stay safe if a shrinking global economy cues dangerous volatility in financial markets?

Is my portfolio positioned to benefit from what could be the “epic gold bull market” Giambruno predicts is coming in 2020?

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In the view of many, including Casey Research’s Nick Giambruno, the menu for 2020 includes a gold bull run for the ages. Will you be joining other insightful retirement savers at the table?

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