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Weekly Touchpoint — Economic Conditions Are Not What They Seem

Posted By Isaac Nuriani |

The average American is surely thrilled these days with his or her 401(k) account balance. For those who accept the government’s long-held position that economic conditions are excellent, seeing their money grow seems to prove it. In fact, financial markets are hitting new highs on what seems now to be a daily basis. However, if that’s true, how can close to half of all companies listed on U.S. exchanges be losing money? Our Touchpoint this week begins with a look at this disconcerting data.

  • A number of experts have been trying to shout over the “noise” made by rising financial markets. They want to warn the public that generous central bank policies – not sound fundamentals – explain the record highs. Anyone who is unconvinced should read recent data. Forty percent of companies listed on U.S. stock exchanges are losing money. That’s the highest percentage since the late 1990s when the dot-com bubble was expanding. How can you have stock market records while a record number of exchange-listed companies are losing money? Sound fishy? You bet. Confounded Interest has more.
  • Threats of crises due to negative economic conditions will always be a top reason to keep gold in your portfolio. However, there are other excellent reasons to hold safe-haven assets. Including to guard against the risks of civil unrest to the global financial system. Socio-economic and political analysis firm, Verisk Maplecroft, recently released data about this. Their data shows a full 25% of the world’s countries saw “a surge in protest and unrest” in 2019. That number is expected to rise to a stunning 40% this year. According to, the analysts say the growth in social discord, and even violence, is here for the foreseeable future. They say “companies and investors will have to adapt to increased unrest.”
  • Reporter Alessandra Malito sounds the alarm on the expected U.S. retirement crisis in a recent  Market Watch article. Malito chides Democratic presidential candidates – and Americans in general – for ignoring what could be the greatest crisis of economic conditions in our history. Malito said the near-complete lack of dialogue on Social Security is astonishing. The funds are on track to run out of money in just 15 years. Social Security troubles, as great as they are, however, are just part of the problem. Retirement savings accounts are in a worrisome condition, as well. Malito notes just half of all workers have access to a 401(k) plan. Those who do have access find it difficult to contribute because of “expensive rents and mortgages, debilitating student loans and childcare.”
  • Will it be war in the Middle East that sends gold to the stratosphere this year? Many predict gold’s 2020 performance will greatly improve on last year’s 19% return. Some suggest recent Iran/U.S. tensions will be the catalyst for the jump. Not so fast, say other experts. Geopolitical crises can prompt a spike in the yellow metal’s spot price. But gold analysts have been watching developments in the Middle East carefully. They believe a severely anemic global economy and aggressively accommodative Fed will boost the gold bull this year. For more, read Augusta’s latest blog article here.


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These are potentially very treacherous times for retirement savers. Earnest individuals doing their best to achieve financial independence have to configure portfolios just right. They want their dollars to hopefully increase in value while staying safe from threats. Savers must account for deceiving economic numbers, as well as other stressors. Risks include politicized central banks, geopolitical stress, overvalued financial markets and so much more.

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