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Isaac Nuriani    |
Mar 21, 2022
  • recently named Augusta Precious Metals as its best gold IRA company in 2022.

Does the subject of inflation occupy much of your thoughts these days? It certainly would make sense if it does. The February consumer price index (CPI) rose to 7.9% year-over-year. That’s the highest CPI measure in more than 40 years. If that 7.9% inflation persists, a retirement saver with a half-million dollars in savings tucked away right now would see the purchasing power of that sum reduced to just $109,000 in 20 years.

It’s a serious piece of information. And savvy retirement savers will take it seriously and consider what they can do to help hedge their nest eggs against the damaging effects of high, long-term inflation. One option they might pursue is to add physical gold and silver to their assets using not a traditional retirement account but a gold individual retirement account (IRA).

And as savvy retirement savers, they want useful, actionable information on gold and precious metals IRAs before they make any moves. One place they can find it is at the dynamic financial website – which recently named Augusta Precious Metals as its best gold IRA company.

You’ll know why I refer to as “dynamic” as soon as you arrive at the home page. It is there Coral Gold makes a compelling case for gold and precious metals IRAs, detailing the hazard to dollar stability that exists by virtue of what the website portrays as extreme government spending and equally-extreme central bank monetary policy.

And I’ll bet many of you can relate to the personal journey of the man behind Coral Gold, owner Peter Anderson. The “About” page discusses Mr. Anderson’s worldview on gold and precious metals, revealing why it has become so important to him to serve as a sort of gold evangelist for the benefit of other retirement savers.

But Coral Gold does more than make its personal economic and philosophical “case” for metals. Coral Gold supplies visitors with a wealth of information on gold options. You also will appreciate Coral Gold’s in-depth examinations of other subjects important to those interested in gold IRAs, such as 401(k) rollovers, precious metals depositories and even the purity of physical gold (including physical bullion coins).

I warmly thank Coral Gold for choosing Augusta as its preferred gold IRA provider. And I look forward to serving the Coral Gold audience in the years to come. I am particularly gratified by this vote of confidence given the current-events backdrop in place at this very moment. Inflation is perhaps the most prominent challenge right now for many retirement savers. But a variety of other concerns are swirling, as well, including geopolitical conflict and the possibility of recession. And some savers may conclude gold – and silver – should be an integral part of their overall hedging and diversification strategy. If you’re one of those savers and would appreciate the opportunity to learn more about metals from a thoughtful, independent resource, I strongly encourage you to visit

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