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Gold $1274.3 -2.4
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CNBC Says Gold Price Might Be Set for a Rebound

A CNBC article published on January 26 caught my eye. It reported on several bullish signals for gold prices, the most important of which was a note published by investment bank, UBS.

"We think [the recovery in gold prices] is warranted and see room for gold to extend upwards as markets digest uncertainty around U.S. fiscal policy," UBS wrote. Their point is that the U.S. has entered a volatile period as President Trump begins draining the Washington D.C. swamp. The new president is certainly shaking things up, just as he promised. If he says he had the biggest inauguration crowd ever or that 3 million illegals voted against him, who are we to disagree? He’s the president, and he’s got access to all sorts of information we don’t.

For example, a week earlier, Mr. Trump commented that the U.S. dollar is too strong, which caused the greenback to slide to a six-week low. That’s great news for gold, because the precious metal’s price strengthens when the U.S. dollar fades. Trump is a savvy businessman, and he knows when something is overpriced. In his opinion, the dollar is overpriced and must come down.

Trump’s comments that NATO might be obsolete are another reason to like gold. If the U.S. were to stop throwing taxpayer money away on protecting foreign “allies,” we’d have much more money to spend here at home. True, pulling out of NATO would cause political instability as other countries realized the free ride is over. But once again, political instability is a tonic for gold prices. In fact, all commodities could benefit. Koen Straetmans, an investment banker, pointed out in the CNBC article, "Increased geopolitical risk or an increase in protectionism could just as easily lead to commodity supply disruption, sending prices higher in the near term …”

CNBC quotes a number of analysts saying President Trump’s infrastructure push will also be great for commodities. Furthermore, precious metals have a “more pronounced positive correlation” to policy uncertainty, according to Straetmans.

At Augusta Precious Metals, we believe it’s important to take the long-term point of view when it comes to owning gold. That’s why we urge you to open an Augusta™ Gold IRA or Augusta Home Delivery Gold IRA™ account before gold prices begin their next up-move. Contact Augusta today and find out how an Augusta gold or silver IRA, with physical gold and silver you can SEE, TOUCH & HOLD™, can help you sock away gold tax-free and even earn you a well-deserved tax deduction. (If you can’t hold it, do you really own it?) Trust Augusta!

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