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Augusta Precious Metals Thank-You for Helping K-9s for Warriors

Posted By Isaac Nuriani |


Another year is about to come to a close, and it’s a perfect time to thank all of you for allowing Augusta Precious Metals to be at your service in 2019. Over the past year, the entire Augusta team has enjoyed assisting retirement savers who work so hard to save for retirement and to forge a secure and worry-free path to financial independence. In addition to thanking you for allowing Augusta to be your go-to provider of precious metals products and services, I want to take this opportunity to briefly share something near and dear to my own heart and important to our company and customers: the crucial work of the charitable group K-9s for Warriors.

A percentage of all Augusta Precious Metals’ net proceeds is enthusiastically donated to this very special organization. When you become an Augusta customer, you not only acquire precious metals for the benefit of your long-term retirement savings goals – you’re also supporting the lifesaving, life-affirming mission of K-9s for Warriors. Thank you very much for that.

K-9s for Warriors provides service dogs to brave members of the wounded-veteran community whose military service has led to drastic physical debilitations such as post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and traumatic brain injury (TBI). The declared goal of the group is to empower these individuals so they can “return to civilian life with dignity and independence.” K-9s for Warriors is the nation’s largest provider of service dogs to disabled American veterans.

You may be aware that veteran suicide remains a problem of epidemic proportions throughout our society. According to the Veterans Administration (VA), U.S. military veterans are taking their own lives at a rate of about 20 people per day. The VA says the suicide rate among veterans is 50% higher than nonveterans. K-9s for Warriors is devoted to bringing those numbers down as far as possible, and Augusta Precious Metals is happy to stand alongside them in their noble effort.

The Augusta Precious Metals Goal: Preserving Hope

At Augusta Precious Metals, we want to help preserve hope for all Americans. The global economy grows increasingly uncertain and financial markets confusingly soar past reasonable valuations despite the economic uncertainty. We must be realistic about the potential for politics, foundational global economic changes such as the devaluing of the dollar, trade wars and more to present obstacles threatening our financial well-being after retirement.

I predict, in 2020 there will be no shortage of developments here and abroad demanding the attention of us all. Both retirement protection professionals and savvy retirement savers likely will have their hands full in the years to come managing the variety of challenges expected to bedevil portfolios.

The good news: There is indeed something we all can do to increase the odds of successful retirement. We pledge to continue our quest to analyze the markets and economy then educate and empower Americans, giving them the tools they need to overcome the stresses of the market no matter what destructive developments may come to pass.

Thank you again, not only for your confidence in Augusta Precious Metals as we help ensure the security of your savings but also for the help you’ve given to K-9s for Warriors through your patronage of our company.

I’m grateful for all the marvelous work K-9s for Warriors does to help our returning heroes stay strong and live with hope, and I will continue to make this organization a priority of Augusta’s charitable giving. I encourage you also to make a direct gift this season to K9s for Warriors. Please take a few minutes to learn more about the great work being achieved by the dedicated folks with this organization. And don’t forget, because it’s a tax-exempt 501(C)(3) nonprofit organization, your donations to K-9s for Warriors are fully tax-deductible.

From all of us at Augusta to you and your loved ones: Have a very Merry Christmas and a happy, healthy and prosperous New Year.

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