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Are You Investing in Silver? Insiders Say Current Price Is “Too Low”!

As a precious metal, silver is unique in that it’s both a highly-regarded store of value and a commodity with a wide variety of industrial applications. And it is that latter feature, its industrial utility, which managed to generate a great deal of buzz last month at a conference hosted in Washington, D.C., by the Silver Institute. Rachel Koning Beals of MarketWatch reports the consensus of conference attendees was that the manufacturing demand for silver is anticipated to rise significantly in the near term, thanks largely to an acute need for the metal by select, high-growth industries. And if that isn’t enough, those same insiders also note the expectation of diminished supply during the coming years will add even more upward pressure to silver prices in the near term.

For those already eager to learn more about silver investing, this is precisely the kind of information they want to hear.

The Use of Silver in 21st Century Growth Industries

While silver’s properties as a premium conductor of heat and electricity have made it an essential industrial component all along, the recent conference highlighted the degree to which silver will serve an especially important role in three specific growth industries: self-driving cars, solar power, and health care.

Citing a conference presentation by Steve Gehring, Vice President of Vehicle Safety and Connected Automation for Global Automakers, Beals notes that safety-related technologies essential to self-driving cars, including rear cameras, night vision, and lane departure warnings, are especially dependent on silver. Not only are autonomous vehicles generally considered the future of personal transport, but self-driving commercial trucks are expected to be even bigger, with some already operating between Texas and California.

And while the solar power industry is actively trying to find substitutes for silver, it’s not having much luck. In her MarketWatch piece, Beals quotes Larry Wang of Heraeus Photovoltaics, who told conference attendees that despite his industry’s efforts to consume less of the white metal, “overall silver use is to increase at least through 2020 due to growing solar installations” worldwide. In truth, silver’s inherent quality as perhaps the world’s best conductor of heat and electricity makes it exceptionally difficult to “thrift.”

Then there’s health care. It may not be a new industry, but it’s unquestionably a growth industry. Silver has always had a multitude of applications in medical sciences due to its antimicrobial properties, but the use of silver in healing is expected to grow even more as technology and medicine become increasingly entwined. On that note, Beals specifically mentioned the appearance of conference speaker Dr. Trevor Keel, who, in explaining the vastly-increased use of glass touch screens by medical professionals, told the assembled that “not only is the light transmission rate 98% for silver versus 96% for graphene and 91% for indium tin oxides, but the antibacterial properties of silver make it ideal for use in touch panels.”

Growing Industrial Use + Falling Production: A Winning Formula for Silver Investing

Representatives of silver investment products were also on-hand in Washington, D.C., and noted that anticipated declines in silver production would likely enhance the rise in price already expected from increased industrial demand. In fact, conference attendee Maria Smirnova, a senior portfolio manager of precious metals funds at Sprott Asset Management, is quoted by Beals as saying “the overwhelming consensus was that the current silver price is too low, given difficulties finding and developing new mines and increasing political risk.”

The price of silver may be “too low” right now, but exceptional value opportunities like that presently offered by silver tend not to last. Value investors seek to uncover assets priced at what they believe to be a discount, before the broad market catches on and drives up the price. A lot of the chatter right now about investing in silver suggests it may be a value asset, and that the silver investing “train” will soon be leaving the station. Will you be on board? To learn more about how to reserve your seat on the “silver express,” give Augusta Precious Metals a call at 855-242-4121.

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