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Prestigious Selects Augusta Precious Metals as America’s Top Gold IRA Company

Isaac Nuriani    |
Feb 9, 2022
  • names Augusta Precious Metals as the top gold IRA company for 2022

With apologies to The Beatles…have you read the news today? Oh, boy.

Inflation is at a near-40-year high. The national debt just topped $30 trillion. Consumer sentiment is at a 10-year low. Multiple experts say the Federal Reserve’s plan to raise interest rates will plunge our economy into recession. And Russia is threatening global geopolitical stability by preparing to invade Ukraine.

As a hard-working retirement saver, you want to keep your nest egg safe from the consequences of all these worrisome threats. You may have thought about a physical gold and silver IRA as one option to hedge against these risks. You might even be considering Augusta Precious Metals as your preferred gold IRA provider. But you’re still in the “information-gathering” stage. And if you could, you’d love to read what some of the most innovative and dynamic minds on the internet have to say about Augusta.

I just might have you covered. is one of the internet’s most popular platforms for teaching Americans how to achieve financial self-reliance. And this website – an information steward to a half-million of its own readers every month – has selected Augusta Precious Metals as its #1 recommended gold IRA company.

We are so pleased, of course, that a website as prestigious as named Augusta as America’s #1 gold IRA company. I just mentioned how immensely popular the site is with those interested in expanding their own professional “tool set” in order to achieve financial security. Beyond raw popularity, however, there’s the credibility of The website has been a featured presence at some of the world’s most heavily trafficked financial and business information websites, including Entrepreneur, Business Insider and Forbes.

As a comprehensive resource designed to help Americans realize financial independence, is one of the most impressive, insightful and credible websites I’ve encountered. That’s why I am so flattered and grateful that Adam Enfroy has seen fit to choose Augusta Precious Metals as his #1 recommended gold IRA provider.

But I am even more pleased by what being so honored means: that Augusta has been recognized for its own unwavering commitment to Americans.

That commitment to American retirement savers is what drove me to start Augusta 10 years ago and it drives me every bit as much today. I want all retirement savers to have the same access to the kinds of strategies and assets that the financial elite – and even central banks – turn to in order to protect their holdings in times of turmoil.

And I never will cease to provide that access in the most straightforward and transparent way possible. Doing business this way is a big reason why Augusta has received thousands of 5-star reviews at the internet’s most popular consumer ratings sites. And also why we’ve received ZERO complaints at both the Better Business Bureau and Business Consumer Alliance.

Once again, I want to express my sincere thanks to Adam for choosing Augusta as his #1 gold IRA provider, particularly in light of the significant challenges facing retirement savers today.

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