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Dear Guest,

I’d like to tell you about K9s for Warriors, which trains PTSD service dogs for our wounded Iraq and Afghanistan vets. The Augusta Precious Metals staff and I wholeheartedly support this worthy organization. The company donates a portion of our proceeds to K9s for Warriors. No doubt you’ve heard how many of our returning post-9/11 Iraq and Afghanistan vets are suffering from PTSD. According to the Veterans Administration, the PTSD rate is 20% or 500,000 men and women who have served post 9/11. Tragically, the Veteran’s Administration estimates that 20 veterans are taking their own life through suicide each day – nearly twice as many of our best have died from suicide as were killed in action in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Too many are having trouble reintegrating back into society, even their families. And too many aren’t getting all the help they need. Clearly, not every wound is of the body, and wounds of the mind and soul are some of the hardest to heal. K9s for Warriors is filling a critical gap in veterans’ care. The PTSD service dogs (aka Battle Buddy) they provide are the missing link for the veterans they help, giving them the day-to-day strength to carry forward. I recommend you watch the video on this page to see and hear how the dogs and K9s for Warriors are making a critical difference in these vets’ lives.

It’s a heartwarming and bittersweet news story that convinced me and the staff we must support this organization. In addition to their amazing and life-changing work, we chose to support K9s for Warriors because it’s a well-run, fiscally responsible organization. All their financial statements are online. Check out their recent Warrior-Canine graduates who have completed our K9 For Warriors program. Many have reunited with their families, gone back to school and have significantly reduced their medications! Finally, 95% of the dogs are rescue/shelter dogs, so each team is saving two lives, not just one.

I encourage you to directly support this fine organization, too. They are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, so your donations are tax-deductible.

Thank you for taking the time to read this message. And thank you for helping America’s returning heroes.


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Isaac Nuriani, CEO
Augusta Precious Metals

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