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Hi. Joe Montana here.

I want to share a personal experience with you that I hope helps you, and other Americans, protect your retirement savings.

Here is what happened to me:

After I retired from football, my number one priority has been to maintain a high quality of life and ensure that the future generations of my family will be financially secure. I’ve always believed in a diversified approach to growing and protecting my savings, and I lean on my team of trusted financial advisors to guide my decision-making.

Just like playing football, when managing your financial future, it’s important to “control the controllables” and not let negative factors such as economic uncertainty throw you off your game. Purchasing gold and silver is a smart way to protect your assets, but for years I was unable to find a precious metals company I trusted and felt comfortable buying gold and silver from.

I finally asked my financial teammates to search for THE BEST precious metals companies in the nation. They did the research, made their choice, and introduced me to Augusta Precious Metals – a company strong enough to build a reputation as the best and personal enough to give you the special treatment everyone deserves!

Many Americans know this secret, and now you can too!

I wanted to explore Augusta Precious Metals as a gold and silver provider myself, so I attended a unique one-on-one web conference with their lead analyst, Devlyn Steele. It’s called the Augusta Profit & Protection Web Conference. It helps educate you on market conditions and gold/silver options and explains how this knowledge can empower you with a self-directed IRA.

Among other things, Augusta’s web conference confirmed precious metals’ track record of doing well when traditional assets are underperforming. For me, that was the key to my decision to go with gold and silver. I needed to balance my portfolio with truly uncorrelated assets. If you don’t know what that means, you will after the web conference.

What It’s Like to Work with Augusta

When I first met the folks from Augusta, I was impressed by how much they know – not just about gold and silver but about the economy and markets in general. I learned a lot about factors that can affect my savings and the different types of precious metals.

The transactions went super smoothly because Augusta uses a team approach. My customer success agent was my liaison with all of the company’s specialized departments. And each team knows their part of the process very well: analytics, IRA processing and the order desk. They were great at keeping in touch with me during the process and making everything transparent, so I knew the exact status of my purchase at all times.

Another thing I really appreciate about Augusta: They help with ongoing IRA contributions, distributions – and even inheritances. Once you buy from Augusta, they’re a lifetime precious metals partner. I like that.

I encourage you to take just a little time to dig into this and find out more about precious metals – and Augusta. In my humble opinion, it will be worth your time. The end result is something everyone’s looking for: peace of mind about your future.

If you’re seriously interested in learning more, you should ask these guys about a one-on-one conference with the analytics team – so you can learn what I learned. I, for one, am really glad I did.

Speak with an Augusta customer success agent, contact us online or call 800-700-1008