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Choose one of the Silver & Gold IRA Retirement Kits below for a personalized look at the way physical precious metals could help protect your savings and/or IRA/401(k) through true, uncorrelated diversification.

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Depository Silver & Gold IRA Retirement Kit

This Augusta Silver & Gold IRA Retirement Kit includes a corporate brochure, a guide to purchasing gold and silver, a product guide and other important information to help you protect your savings. The product guide discusses how you can store your IRA precious metals in a highly secure, insured, threat-averse, non-government depository of your choosing.

Gold & Silver Cash Purchase Info Kit

If you are looking for physical precious metals outside of a retirement account, the Augusta Gold and Silver Cash Purchase Info Kit is the right one for you. The kit includes a corporate brochure, a guide to purchasing precious metals, and a flyer explaining how a gold and silver cash account works, as well as information about wire transfers.

Each kit includes information about Augusta and revealing reports commissioned by us to help you navigate the precious metals market and protect your savings:
  • Company overview brochure
  • The Benefits of Owning Gold & Silver brochure
  • Setup and pricing information
  • Plus our exclusive Special Reports:
  • Surviving the Next Financial Crisis
  • Killing the Dollar
  • Fighting Inflation: How to Protect Your IRA/401(k)
  • Six Secrets of Silver Ownership

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What to Do with a Precious Metals Guide

Once you receive the kit you ordered above, you can begin exploring the contents of each piece in the kit and learn about the precious metals products available and how some people use them to help protect their portfolios.

Each silver guide and/or gold guide within your kit includes critical information to help you make good decisions about buying precious metals. The guides explain why precious metals are considered a timeless currency – physical, tangible assets that tend to go up in value when other more traditional assets are losing value.

In addition, gold and silver have a history of continuing to increase in value over time. The prices of precious metals fluctuate, but because gold and silver are timeless currencies, they are likely to never be worth zero. In fact, precious metals are becoming increasingly scarce and at the same time are in high demand for industrial and scientific uses, which we believe will further strengthen their prices over time.

The Value of a Silver or Gold IRA

If you choose one of the IRA kits above, the materials you receive will include at least one silver and gold IRA guide. These guides explain the IRS guidelines for self-directed IRAS, which is what the specialized IRA is called for alternative assets such as physical gold and silver. You can roll over a portion of your existing IRA or 401(k) to take advantage of the portfolio-stabilizing effects of precious metals. (We suggest you consult your own legal and financial professionals to decide how to best use gold and silver in your portfolio, but we can help you decide which gold and silver products to buy to accomplish your goals.)

Retirement savings are especially important to keep in balance, so you don’t lose your hard-earned money and jeopardize your retirement. Often, retirement savers are forced to take distributions during periods of economic distress. Unfortunately, this circumstance was encountered by many people during the 2008 Great Recession. An allocation to precious metals could help you protect your retirement portfolio.

A self-directed IRA with physical gold and silver is an excellent way to potentially offset the retirement account losses you could be facing when traditional assets are under great pressure. One of the reasons tangible precious metals have been so successful historically in retaining value during financial crises and other periods of upheaval is that they are in a completely different asset class and are largely uncorrelated with traditional assets.

Use Augusta’s Knowledgeable Experts

If you have further questions after reviewing your kit – including the silver and gold IRA guide(s) – we hope you will take a few minutes to call us and talk about it. Augusta is deeply committed to becoming a trusted source of information for our customers and friends who are interested in physical silver and gold.

Call us anytime at 800-700-1008, with no obligation to buy anything! We are here for you.

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