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Why is a Home Delivery Gold IRA a Good Investment?

Secure your Future with Gold Individual Retirement Account

Retirement can be a difficult stage of life to deal with. With the loss of a steady income, you may be wondering how to safeguard your future after retirement. One of the best ways to ensure financial security is to have a back-up plan ready in case of emergency situations. Even if you are entitled to a pension after you retire, you need to plan ahead for medical expenses that could come along with old age. In this respect, it is a wise decision to invest in something that will provide for your tomorrow. Creating an Individual Retirement Account, also known as an IRA, is a good idea as it can help you to ensure that your future is secure.

An IRA can be created in four different types of metals; gold, silver, platinum and palladium, however, in our experience, the gold IRA is the most common. The IRA can be created with coins or bars issued by a bank or an agency and can be exchanged for monetary compensation in the face of any need. Please check with your tax advisor to learn about any tax consequences associated with such an exchange.

In our opinion, one of the biggest problems in the current market scenario is the major fluctuations that can be seen in the value of currency. With a volatile market as it is today, we think it is extremely important for people to find any form of investment that presents the least amount of risk. Since most forms of investments are subject to market risks, people may feel confused as to how they can find a form of investment that is more secure. We believe that the Home Delivery Gold IRA system of investment is the best form of investment that you can opt for in the long term.

What are the reasons you should opt for Home Delivery Gold IRA?

To see why an investment in gold is, in our opinion, the best idea, just look at the growth rate in the price of gold in the recent years. The main thing that you have to remember is that gold, unlike currency is not really as volatile. Through all the different stages of economic crisis in the history of the world financial markets, the price of gold tends to be more stable than currency. With the global demand for gold increasing by the day, we believe that the probability of a marked decline in the price of gold is highly unlikely, meaning you may be less likely to face a loss when investing in gold.

One of the most important benefits of using the Home Delivery IRA system is that it is a type of self-directed IRA, and self-directed IRAs are recognized by the Internal Revenue Service. What this means is that you can basically enjoy all the benefits that are offered by a traditional cash based IRA. An IRA has many great benefits, such as deferring taxes. You can also opt for a rollover with your current retirement account to merge with the Home Delivery Gold IRA.

Another thing that has to keep in mind is that, in our opinion, these metals are a protection against inflation and can be used to diversify your portfolio as well.

What is a Home Delivery Gold IRA?

See answers to common questions below, or call us at 855-242-4121.

Q. What Is an Augusta Home Delivery Gold IRA?

A: The Augusta Home Delivery Gold IRA is a self-directed IRA that enables you to invest in IRS-approved physical gold, silver and other precious metals, then have those approved metals delivered to your doorstep. As the sole manager of the LLC, you can freely purchase IRS-approved physical precious metals for your IRA using the LLC’s checking account.

Q. Can I be assured that a home delivery gold IRA is allowed by the IRS?

A: It is very important to note, while the IRS has recognized the validity of using an LLC to make investments for a self-directed IRA, the IRS has not provided clear guidance on the legality of using this structure specifically for the purpose of investing in precious metals to be delivered to your door and stored at home or in a Safe Deposit Box. However, multiple attorneys retained by Augusta conclude that the home delivery gold IRA structure and the delivery and storage procedures described on this website are legal under specific conditions. (See Attorney Opinion Letters). Please note, these letters were prepared solely for Augusta, and sharing them with you in no way creates an attorney-client relationship between you and any of these attorneys.

Q. Is the home delivery gold IRA a safe investment?

A: The multiple attorneys we consulted verified that tax law allows this type of investment. However, as with all speculative investments, there is a degree of risk involved. To avoid losing tax exempt status, which means you'd have to pay tax assessments and penalties, make sure you set up your account properly and avoid engaging in a prohibited transaction. It's also possible you could lose your tax exempt status if the IRS determines home delivery or home or bank safe deposit box storage are not permitted. To move ahead confidently with the opening of an Augusta Home Delivery IRA, it is very important that you consult with your own legal, tax and investment professionals, so you can fully understand the risks.

Q. How do I set up an Augusta Home Delivery Gold IRA?

A: Augusta Precious Metals walks you through just a few easy steps to get started. It's as simple as signing a few forms, sending in a check, and opening a checking account. Click Here >>

Q. Are self-directed IRA LLCs recognized by the IRS?

A: Yes! Nineteen years of U.S. Tax Court decisions have validated self-directed IRA LLCs for individual Americans. With the self-directed IRA LLC and all its advantages, you can defer income taxes and roll over your existing IRA, 401(k) or other retirement plan. In short, with the self-directed IRA LLC, you can do everything you can do with any other IRS-qualified retirement plan. However, you are advised to consult with your accountant or tax specialist to confirm current regulations. Click here for more information.

Q. Can I roll over my current IRA or old 401(k) retirement savings?

A: Yes, you can roll over funds from your Traditional IRA, Roth IRA, 401(k) and 403(b) to your Augusta Home Delivery Gold IRA.

Q. Do I have to use a custodian for my Augusta Home Delivery Gold IRA?

A: Yes, this is a requirement of the IRS. However, once your Augusta Home Delivery Gold IRA is set up, you have control of your money and precious metals.

Q. What kinds of precious metals can I invest in?

A: Generally, you may invest in coins minted by the U.S. government as legal tender, such as American Gold Eagles and American Silver Eagles (1 oz, 1/2 oz, 1/4 oz and 1/10 oz). Further, certain coins of gold, silver or platinum minted by other nations as legal tender may be held by a trustee (usually a bank). Consult with your accountant or tax specialist to confirm current regulations.

Q. Can I defer paying income taxes on my self-directed IRA LLC until retirement?

A: Yes. Self-directed IRA LLCs have the same tax-deferment benefits and penalties as more common retirement plans. However, it’s imperative you consult with your accountant or tax specialist to confirm current regulations and the manner in which they apply to your specific situation.


Michael Dallo, CPA, JD, LL.M. is a tax attorney and certified public accountant (CPA) of Dallo Law Group, a Professional Corporation. For over 10 years, Michael has zealously represented hundreds of clients in resolving tax disputes with the Internal Revenue Service and California taxing agencies, as well as developing sound tax positions and arguments to minimize their federal and state tax liability.