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Arranging Safe Delivery of Precious Metals

In the present day, market conditions are extremely volatile. It is difficult enough to start investing on a regular basis; people with large investments too are at the risk of having their portfolios drop in value. Or consider the situation of retirement; the sudden loss of regular income viz. salary can be difficult to cope with. Living off your savings often does not safeguard you from sudden unexpected expenses, especially medical ones. One solution may be to invest in precious metals using IRAs.


Investing in a gold IRA is a very common method of long term investment that may help safeguard you from volatile market conditions. Because gold is rare, in that there is a limited amount of it on earth, it retains its value irrespective of market factors. This is why we believe that investing in a Home Delivery Gold IRA program is a great idea. In addition to investing in gold, this program also arranges for delivery of the gold from the merchant to your home.

If you are thinking about investing in a gold IRA there are a few factors you should consider. Gold is precious and it has real value. But being a pure metal, it is also heavy and therefore poses logistical challenges for transportation as well as storage. Transporting any quantity of precious metal is risky. While in transit, it is vulnerable to damage, loss and theft.


When it comes to the security of precious metals, the weakest link is usually the transit. As evidenced by numerous heist films where the robbers attack their target while they are on the move, any security is the weakest when it is mobile. This is why when transporting expensive or valuable items like precious metals, a transportation service with a reputation for security must be contracted.

Arranging for your own secured transport of precious metals can be risky, time consuming and expensive. You have to contract special delivery services who are experienced in transporting precious metals. Their services are usually employed by banks and trading agencies when they need to transport bulk amounts of cash or bullion, so contracting their services can be intimidating and expensive. On the other hand, transporting them home by your own vehicle can be a very risky proposition as well.

Transportation services employ armored vehicles that are prepared to withstand any sort of attempt at robbery or armed attackers intent on breaking into it and stealing the precious cargo. Also accompanying it are armed guards who are trained to prevent any situation in which the vehicle might be accosted by attackers. Their responsibility is to protect the precious cargo. Their services are quite expensive.

Other avenues include sending yourself the metals direct from the merchant using courier services. This is less expensive, but bear in mind that most transit insurance companies will not insure your package unless you disclose what is inside, viz. precious metals. This defeats the purpose of using a courier service because you lose the security that you purport to possess due to secrecy.Merchants though, often have connections with couriers who regularly deliver such assignments at much lower rates than other secure means. You however must put your trust in the merchant when you choose to have your belongings delivered through regular courier.


We believe that a great way to mitigate some of the risks is to go with Home Delivery Gold IRA program. When you invest in a gold IRA, you are investing in a tax deferred account that saves you a lot of tax. In addition to that, Home Delivery Gold IRA program gives you all the advantages of a gold IRA with the security and peace of mind of having the gold delivered to your home. When you buy gold to invest in the IRA from the Home Delivery IRA program, you get complete security and peace of mind that your gold is being transported safely and responsibly; you do not need to worry about insurance or any other thing since you are not responsible for the gold until you take delivery. Until it is delivered at your home, you do not need to worry about transit or other logistical issues.

So why should you try to get Home Delivery Gold IRA program?

  • All the tax benefits of a traditional cash based IRA
  • May be less susceptible to volatile market situations
  • May reduce risk in your portfolio
  • Enables you to diversify your portfolio
  • Safely transports your gold to your home for secure storage

Home Storage Gold IRA

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