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What you get with an Augusta Gold IRA...

FREE shipping and insurance

ZERO management fees

FREE SILVER worth up to $2,000


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In the form of physical gold and silver

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or call us at: Phone855-242-4121

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What you get with an Augusta® Gold IRA...

FREE shipping and insurance

ZERO management fees

FREE SILVER worth up to $2,000


We respect your email privacy

Are You Tired of Others Controlling Your Retirement Savings?

401k Gold IRA

Are you tired of IRA and 401(k) “trustees” managing your retirement savings “on your behalf” – and charging you exorbitant fees?

Gold IRA Market

Are you worried that another market crash, runaway inflation or governmental instability will devastate your hard-earned savings?

401K Gold

Do you want to invest your retirement money in something secure and insured, with the least possible government control?

Gold IRA

Do you wish you could invest your hard-earned retirement savings in something more solid than a few “selected” traditional funds?

Self Storage Gofd IRA

Do you worry that your retirement plan’s trustees won’t be able (or willing) to pay up when you need to withdraw your money?

See Touch Hold In Person

Do you wish you could keep your retirement money safe by storing it where you can actually SEE, TOUCH & HOLD it in PERSON?

Gain control of your retirement and your future
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Augusta Precious Metals Review

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With an Augusta® Gold IRA in a non-government depository storage facility, you enjoy many unique advantages of working with
Augusta Precious Metals:


    Buy coins and bullion at competitive market prices — no hidden fees.


    Own physical, inflation-hedging gold, silver, platinum and palladium.


    Get reliable intrinsic value, proven resistant to inflation and market meltdowns.


    Augusta handles all the details and guides you through the process.


    The physical gold and silver you buy is insured for storage and shipping.


    Stored in a highly-secure, threat-averse non-government depository storage facility, where you can actually SEE, TOUCH & HOLD® your investment in PERSON in the form of physical gold and silver.


    In a non-government depository storage facility, you can get your gold fast in any disaster.*

*(As with any early IRA distribution, early withdrawal of precious metals from an IRA may result intaxes and penalties unless rolled over to another qualified account.)

Have a Question About the Augusta® Gold IRA
you can SEE, TOUCH & HOLD® in PERSON?

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Q. What is an Augusta® Gold IRA?

A: The Augusta Gold IRA enables investment in IRS-approved physical gold, silver and other precious metals you can see, touch and hold in person. You store your metals in an approved non-government depository storage facility for safekeeping. Augusta Precious Metals walks you through the few easy steps for setting up an Augusta Gold IRA. It’s simple--just sign a few forms and transfer funds from your existing retirement account.

Q. How can I see, touch and hold my IRA from Augusta Precious Metals?

A: Your Augusata Gold IRA precious metals are delivered, with free shipping and insurance, to a non-government depository storage facility you select. If the metals are segregated (set apart from all other metals in the storage facility), you can make an appointment to see and hold them in person. If your metals are not segregated, you still can make an appointment to see and hold metals in the forms purchased.

Q. Where are the private storage facilities located?

A: You can choose the depository most convenient for you from several locations in U.S. cities and one location out of the country. At this time, storage facilities are available in Los Angeles, California; Salt Lake City, Utah; Jackson, Ohio; Wilmington, Delaware; New Castle, Delaware; and Springfield Gardens, New York, as well as Mississauga, Ontario, in Canada.

Q. Can I easily liquidate my Augusta Gold IRA or Augusta Silver IRA? How can I get my gold fast in any disaster?

A: For personal reasons or in the unlikely event of any national or global economic, social or governmental disaster, you may choose to retrieve your precious metals from the depository storage facility. You can take a full or partial distribution from your Augusta Gold IRA or Augusta Silver IRA. If you store your metals with the Delaware Depository, Augusta has its own storage account and can quickly withdraw the metals on your behalf and wire the cash to you. Or you can request shipment directly to you through your custodian. You can even request a distribution from your custodian and go pick up the metals in person. As with any IRA distribution, early withdrawal of precious metals from an IRA may result in taxes and penalties unless rolled over to another qualified account.

Q. Can I defer paying income taxes on my Augusta Gold IRA savings until retirement?

A: Yes. The Augusta Gold IRA from Augusta Precious Metals has the same tax-deferment benefits and penalties as more common retirement plans, including Traditional IRAs and 401(k)s.

Q. Is the depository storage facility controlled by the government? Are my precious metals insured while in private storage? 

A: The approved storage facilities are not owned by the government. Each location is privately-owned. The precious metals within your Augusta Gold IRA are insured during shipping and while they are stored in the depository storage facility.

Q. Can I roll over my current IRA or existing 401(k) retirement savings into an Augusta Gold IRA?

A: Yes, you can roll over funds from your Traditional IRA, Roth IRA, 401(k) and 403(b) to your Augusta Gold IRA from Augusta Precious Metals.

Q. What kinds of precious metals can I invest in?

A: Generally, you may invest in coins minted by the U.S. government as legal tender, such as American Gold Eagles and American Silver Eagles (1 oz, 1/2 oz, 1/4 oz and 1/10 oz). Certain coins minted by other nations as legal tender may also be IRS-approved.

Your Augusta® Gold IRA
from Augusta Precious Metals

will be stored in one of the industry's most secure non-government depository storage facilities, where you can arrange to get your precious metals, but where they are safe from facility creditors and geographically separated from financial and political centers for safekeeping in the event of a disaster. You can choose a location in one of several U.S. cities or one location out of the country. The Delaware Depository® is an example.


  • $1 billion all-risk insurance through Lloyd’s of London
  • Exchange-approved depository for CME & ICE
  • IRS compliant (IRC - 408n) depository for IRA assets
  • Bullion fully allocated and held off balance sheet
  • Free of debt, with no lending, pledging or encumbering of bullion,
    so precious metals are safe from creditors
  • 72,000-square-foot fortified, access-controlled facilities
  • State-of-the-art security systems and Class 3 vaults
  • Communicate directly with the vault, not a middle man
  • Comprehensive inventory controls & reporting systems
  • Geographically separate from major political & financial centers
  • Highly knowledgeable staff, 200+ years of combined experience

A personal Augusta Precious Metals account executive will answer your questions and manage all the details.

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