Dawn Delia: Augusta Precious Metals' preferred attorney

Dawn Delia

Dawn Delia is Augusta Precious Metals' preferred attorney for the formation of LLCs to fund Augusta® Home Delivery Gold IRAs. You may also choose to work with another attorney of your choice. Ms. Delia is a tax attorney specializing in representing businesses and individuals in a multitude of tax issues, including IRS tax problems and tax debt, tax code analysis and tax strategy. She also offers counsel in corporate formation, including setting up LLCs to fund gold IRAs. Previously, she was a commercial business law attorney at a large law firm in New York City performing financial audits, tax implications analysis, commercial litigation and financial reporting and accounting procedure investigations.

To learn more about the Augusta® Home Delivery Gold IRA (and investing for retirement with other precious metals),
contact your Augusta retirement specialist at 855-242-4121.

You may also download a blank copy of this agreement here.