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Gold $1337.5 4.8
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Tax Advantages of Self-Directed IRAs vs Limits on Investment Options

Self-directed IRAs Have Defined Precious Metals Choices In  Gold IRA


Limits on investments options for self-directed IRAs



The custodian you choose to handle your IRA investments will apprise you of your investment choices. Some banks offer self-directed IRAs, but their list of options is limited. They usually include stocks, mutual funds and annuities, but they overlook nontraditional investments, like precious metals. Others are more inclusive and incorporate anything included in section 408 of the U.S. tax code – the law that governs IRAs. If you intend to link your investments with gold or other precious metals, you should look for a custodian who operates under section 408.


Self-directed IRAs offer tax advantages in  Gold IRA


Since IRAs are tax-deferred savings accounts, you get the same advantage with gold IRAs. A Self-directed IRA allows you to transfer or rollover your 401k or IRA to a precious metals IRA.



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