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We are grateful for the opportunity to help Augusta customers diversify their savings with a gold IRA. You can see our commitment in the customer experience we provide.

Review by Brian Pannebecker
Customer – Precious Metals Owner
Review by Herbert Campbell
Customer – Precious Metals Owner


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Featured Review

Picture of Joe Montana

“Augusta Precious Metals has been a great company to work with”

Joe Montana*

"I’ve been working with Augusta Precious Metals – not only as a paid brand ambassador, but also as a satisfied customer. Last year, I had my financial team search for ways to diversify my retirement portfolio because my number one priority after retiring from football has been making sure that the future generations of my family will be financially secure, and that’s when purchasing physical gold and silver came into play. I then asked them to find the best precious metals companies in the nation - they did the research, made their choice, and introduced me to Augusta Precious Metals. Ever since then, Augusta has been great to work with. I want to applaud their team approach. In particular, I want to commend the IRA Processing Department for their professionalism and efficiency - also, the Augusta Education Department. I spent time with them via an amazing, informative web conference, and they continue to educate me about the economy and markets in general so I know the factors that can affect my savings and the different types of precious metals. Augusta’s fair coin pricing and lifetime customer support are also really important to me. Throughout my career, I’ve always recognized the importance of having a great team around me, and having Augusta Precious Metals on my team has made me feel good about my decision to add precious metals to my retirement portfolio."

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Make sure to do your homework
" Very Customer Focused. Good follow up. Make sure to do your homework to know what you want but very professional company."
Bob M.
Review Posted 1/15/2019
Professional and efficient
" Augusta seemlessly worked through all of my paperwork. They are very professional and efficient in setting up my Precious Metals IRA."
Gary S.
Review Posted 12/28/2018
Trusted Service!
" I would give my experience with Augusta Precious Metals 5 stars. Bruce Kaufman and Jasmine Soria have been very helpful with their guidance, patience and advice. I chose APM because of its many years in the business, the BBB rating and company reviews. Also Raquel has done a great job of tracking down the progress of my orders and keeping me informed. I would have liked more email updates from the shipping department on their progress with putting together my shipments so I would know what to expect on the timing. When I did talk to them they explained everything very well and in detail."
Brian D.
Review Posted 10/4/2018
very professional and friendly
" Bruce, Brian and Jasmine were great thru the whole process. I will definitely use Augusta Precious Metals again Lori H"
Lori H.
Review Posted 7/19/2018
Augusta Precious Metals did an outstanding job converting my Conventional IRA to a Precious Metals IRA
" I would recommend Augusta Precious Metals to any and every investor that is concerned about the current course of future stock market fluctuations. The people at Augusta Precious Metals are extremely knowledgeable about their business. They are dedicated to helping customers get through the process of converting a Conventional IRA account to a Precious Metals IRA account. Communication is paramount; the experienced staff always answered my emails and phone calls promptly to ensure that no discrepancies occurred during the account transition process. Thank you for a job well done, Eric"
Eric B.
Review Posted 6/2/2018
Working with Augusta Precious Metals
" Augusta is a great company to work with, and I'm glad to know them. I am impressed with the way they go above and beyond to make sure their customers are informed about gold IRAs and know what they're getting into."
John H.
Review Posted 3/24/2017
Ethical Company Who Cares About its Customers
" I don't think there's another precious metals company out there that works as hard to be ethical, and that's why I like working with Augusta. They get great reviews. You can see them at the Better Business Bureau,, Yelp--places like that with comments from real customers."
Kindra F.
Review Posted 3/24/2017
Over the top service
" As I researched presous mettels Ron Tippitt was the only one that truly provided the best service and information."
James W.
Review Posted 3/2/2017
A++ Rating - 5 Star
" Frank Johnson is my Advisor at Augusta Precious Metals. I have had excellent service and education from him, I am extremely pleased with Augusta, and have recommended them, and will continue to do so."
Daniel S.
Review Posted 12/30/2016
Outstanding Service and Support
" I am an investor in Precious Metals and was interested in a Self Directed IRA. Upon researching Augusta Precious Metals, I contacted them and inquired into their services and support. I am a skeptic by nature, but was very pleasantly surprised with their knowledge, resourcefulness, and patience in helping to get the answers I needed and setting up an account. They truly strive to be respectful, knowledgeable, and supportive all the way from the initial inquiry through a very satisfactory completion of a transaction and continued followup with their customers. They strive to provide the best deals, honest answers, and treat you like more than just an account. They treat you like a long term friend and client with your best interest first.. Thanks Walt and all the great staff at Augusta Precious Metals."
Bart A.
Review Posted 12/15/2016
Great Service
" Ron Tippitt has been a frank and honest advisor, skillfully answering my questions and offering sound advice. I will continue to do business with Augusta. John B."
John B.
Review Posted 12/14/2016
Great Support
" Ron Tippit was very helpful answering my questions before I made a gold IRA investment. Any questions he could not answer right away he found the answer and quickly contacted me with the answer. Only time will tell if a gold IRA is a good investment but Ron and the team at Augusta Precious Metals were helpful in getting me started."
Charles R.
Review Posted 12/3/2016
5 Stars to Augusta Precious Metals
" Ron Tippit was great to work with, very knowledgeable, friendly and easy to work with. He helped guided me through the whole process. This is a great company to work with. I was one that changed his order in the process, and true to their word they change my order, without question. the process went smoothly. If you are considering precious metals in the future, I would consider Augusta."
Ronald Z.
Review Posted 11/13/2016
Jeff Ward was amazing to work with!
" Jeff was so great to work with. He helps you with every step of the process, making calls and sending emails as needed. He was quite patient and kind with every step. We are very happy with the process through Augusta Metals and would recommend them to anyone."
Lynn L.
Review Posted 11/1/2016
Jeff Ward
" Jeff went well beyond his normal routine to help me out with several issues in which one was very serious. He was very professional throughout the whole process while I was changing brokers. Jeff is very knowledgeable in the precious metals field and was able to answer all my questions. If I called Jeff and had to leave a message he always responded in a prompt manner. I would recommend Augusta metals and Jeff to anyone. He showed complete patience and professionalism throughout the whole process and was very easy to work with. I appreciate him very much and thank him for his hard work. Thanks and God Bless, Frank Chanler"
frank c.
Review Posted 10/28/2016
Great Service
" It was privilege working with Augusta Precious Metals. Jeff Ward did a great job in making me feel conferrable and not pressured into making any decisions. I am greatly happy with the service I had been provided with."
Patrick B.
Review Posted 10/20/2016
Augusta Precious Metals Ted Root great service
" Having to find a company to work with for a gold IRA was a stressful process until I found Augusta Precious Metals. The whole procedure was very fast and easy due to the advanced help I had. Ted Root had taken good care of me. He was very patient and provided me with more information than I had asked. I was provided excellent customer service."
Leo H.
Review Posted 10/5/2016
Great company to work with
" Ron Tippit was great to work with. Excellent customer service. He made the whole process easy. I would use Augusta again. Even their premium over spot was not bad and thats how i thought they would try to screw me (I'm suspicious). It was lower or not more than a few cents above other places that i checked. I was pleasantly surprised. I would recommend Augusta to others. ."
Andrew C.
Review Posted 9/29/2016
Jeff Ward consistently delivers!
" Augusta strives to exceed customer expectations and Jeff exemplifies that goal. His professionalism, patience, and willingness to work with me, an admittedly difficult customer, is second to none. I highly recommend Augusta's services!"
David L.
Review Posted 9/12/2016
Augusta Precious Metals extremely helpful, freindly and efficient
" Jeff Ward has assisted me in buying the metals needed to make my portfolio more balanced and to make me feel more secure about my future in these uncertain times. He or one of his business associates has always been available to answer questions, look up information, and explain the process I should expect. This is a very professional group and would recommend them highly."
Tina S.
Review Posted 8/4/2016
Augusta Precious Metals Chris Thread 855-242-4121
" When I went shopping for a Home Gold and Silver IRA, Chris was there to guide me thru the steps and purchase. He was very professional and explained the points that I just didn't comprehend. Next thing you know I was purchasing my metals. He said that silver would out preform gold and he was right. Great Guidance."
Gary M.
Review Posted 8/2/2016
Augusta Precious Metals: great professionalism and personal service
" I am very pleased with the professionalism of Sean Doizer who was my account representative when I first ordered from Augusta Precious Metals. He understood my priorities and designed a program that would be handle my needs when I opened my precious metal self-directed IRA. When Augusta Precious Metals had a recent special offer, Chris, an account representative, reviewed my file and allocated my available funding so that I received maximum benefit from the transaction Augusta Precious Metal and the self-directed precious metal IRA are the only way to protect one's personal financial future."
john paul j.
Review Posted 8/2/2016
Jeff Ward and Walter Dombroski great service!
" These gentlemen walked this rookie through the process without any problems. Augusta provided great service to help me get started. I would highly recommend this team to work with when purchasing gold or silver. Keep up the good work!"
Paul D.
Review Posted 7/30/2016
Randy Ashburn and Augusta Precious Metals
" Randy Ashburn with Augusta provided excellent advice on silver. I had my heart set on a gold coin home retention IRA, But Randy convinced me my better bet was in silver. Right after I made the coin purchase, my IRA went up over 15% in value!!! I know that was partially blowback from Brexit, but silver is still holding its value and showing steady growth. Thanks Randy and Augusta for the sound advice!"
Chris R.
Review Posted 7/18/2016
Jeff Ward- Total Professional in the precious metals business!
" Augusta Precious Metals and Jeff Ward are excellent! Knowledgable and helpful, Jeff has been pleasure to work with. He has gone the extra mile to ensure complete satisfaction on multiple orders over the past few months. Highly recommended!"
John C.
Review Posted 7/16/2016
Augusta Precious Metals delivers on their promise
" I decided that a hedge was needed against possible dark days in our future, so I began checking into metals as an investment for rolling my 401K into. Setting up a self directed IRA account is a bit complicated. But Chris Youkhana patiently walked me thru all the steps and answered all my questions. Working with him at Augusta has been a positive experience."
Mark T.
Review Posted 7/10/2016
Augusta made it easy
" After deciding to go down the precious metals ira road, I found out that I did not know that much about it. With Chris Youkhana's help walking me through the process I couldn't be happier. He was always available to answer any questions for me. Chris and I also found we have family and friends in the same little small town in northern Michigan. Who knew? Customer service was the best."
Rob E.
Review Posted 7/8/2016
Jeff Ward - Augusta Precious Metals - Unbeatable customer service
" I decided to take the leap to the precious-metals backed IRA. I could not have been more pleased with the customer service provided to me via Jeff Ward at A.P.M He took the time to ensure I fully understood the pro's and con's of the move, and didn't flinch from answering any questions I had. I would recommend him to any of my loved ones that were considering doing the same. What more can I say (write)? Yes, there is more than one option out there. Yes, one of them is to purchase "rare" coins. There is no scamming going on. Just well-presented reasoning for choosing one option over another. Pay attention, do your research, and choose the path that works best for you. If you are not sure, ask! These folks are there to help you make an informed decision."
Robbie L.
Review Posted 7/2/2016
Our first time dealing with Augusta.
" We had a 401k to roll over into an IRA and wanted it in precious metals. Patrick walked us through the whole pros and con of the different metals and what to expect during this roll over. Patrick was very patient with our questions since this is our first time dealing with metals. The advisors he put us in contact with were as helpfully as he was. Patrick was even part of the conference call to Merryl Lunch for the transfer and that was in itself helpfully. I would recommend them to anyone looking to invest in precious metals. This roll over was for my partners 401k and she wanted me to be involved since all this was over her head. Patrick had no problem dealing with both of us asking questions. We Wil do business again. Sarah McGilly for Deb Keogh."
Sarah M.
Review Posted 6/28/2016
Patrick Granfar/Augusta Precious Metals - Outstanding Service
" I brought my investment needs to Patrick Granfar and received excellent guidance in reaching my objectives. I would highly recommend Augusta to anyone looking to allocated capital in precious metals. A+ service."
scott c.
Review Posted 6/27/2016
Augusta Precious Metals and Evan Fienberg are 5 Star All The Way!
" I explained my goals to Mr. Fienberg, he did some research and found my the exact item that I needed. He explained the shipping and tracking processes and assisted me in tracking my shipment. Mr. Fienber's knowledge of his business and his kind assistance made my purchase a very satisfying experience. Evan is definitely a valuable asset to Augusta Precious Metals. Sincerely, Robert E. Pierce"
Robert E. P.
Review Posted 6/24/2016
In a company that deals with Assets.... Richard Davis is an Asset unto himself!
" I was laid off in May from Century 21 Corporate and had a small 401K rollover to deal with. I heard about Augusta Precious Metals on the radio and thought I would call and see what they could do. I was so very fortunate to connect with Richard Davis at (855) 242-4121. This young man has the patience of a saint.... After I explained that I'm a "visual learner," he sent emails detailing the process and also walked me thru certain steps on the computer. He also VERY patiently went over what would be needed next as we completed each step. I cannot tell you how impressed I've been with Richard's level of service and follow-up.... I fully recognize that my account pales in comparison to some that Richard has dealt with but there was NEVER any indication that my account was any less important than the high dollar ones. I was ALWAYS treated with complete respect during the entire transaction. (My ONLY suggestion would be to have some type of checklist or flowchart for us "visual learners" so we can see "progress" as we move thru the steps and to know what is coming up.... I think that would be very helpful for "mature" clients.... ) Richard, again, JOB WELL DONE! KUDOS FOR BEING SO CUSTOMER ORIENTED AND DOING A GREAT JOB! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!"
Ruth F.
Review Posted 6/22/2016
Richard Davis is GREAT! Knows his stuff and is friendly to boot!
" Richard Davis responded to my request for info on gold and silver investments. He very patiently walked me through the explanation of why gold and silver and how the investment process works within Augusta. Then I stumbled through the process of transferring funds from one self-directed IRA (SDI) to another, getting an LLC set up, transferring funds from new SDI to my new bank where my LLC funds will be kept when I have them before buying more precious metals. We laughed a lot, especially about my mistake of giving my new SDI (Kingdom Trust) the wrong numbers for the bank account and routing number of my new LLC bank account. It was delayed a few days because of that, but with Richard's fantastic help, we sped the whole mega-transaction through in shorter time than most. Thanks Richard!"
Jeffrey N.
Review Posted 6/19/2016
Taylor Nelson - Creating Confidence in Uncertain Times
" At first I had my misgivings about investing in Gold, but Taylor Nelson quickly put that to rest. I found that Taylor was knowledgeable, and the information he provided gave me a lot of insight into the value of precious metals. It was also very comforting, that Taylor took the time to makes sure that I understood the possible risks and rewards related to this type of investment. If I have any future interest in purchasing precious metals, I will make sure to call Taylor first. Warmest regards, John Kelson"
john k.
Review Posted 5/17/2016
Evan Fienburg, Honest to the Bone!
" Recently I began buying small amounts of silver. I found that speaking with sellers is a lot like buying a used car with each representative trying hard to get me to buy what would make them the most money not what i wanted. I can't endorse everyone at Augusta Precious Metals but EVAN FIENBURG, seemed to be low pressure and honest with me. He carefully explained the market options but did not put pressure on me to buy HIS choice. The market was going up at the time i first spoke with him and so I chose to wait to buy. He kept his eye on the market and when a certain product hit my goal price he called me and we closed the deal. He is a terrific young man and his character and honesty will carry him a long way. I give five stars to Evan! JRR Heber Utah"
J R.
Review Posted 5/12/2016
Rolling Over To Gold & Silver
" I wanted to roll a portion of an old IRA into physical metals as a hedge against market volatility. In researching my options I landed at Augusta Precious Metals - and I am glad that I did! Michael Hall (855-242-4121) was a complete pleasure to work with, he was patient with all of my questions, guided me through the process, and never pressured me to invest more than I was comfortable with. I received my metals this week and am thrilled with the results! Nothing like having that portion of my wealth in-hand versus seeing it only on paper or a computer screen! I am rolling over the balance of my old IRA today! Thanks so much for all of the help and guidance. _ Tom"
Thomas S.
Review Posted 4/15/2016
Roth IRA
" Randy Ashburn and Evan Feinberg have done a very good job of follow-through in the whole process of this purchase. It's been a journey for sure, and not a simple one for one such as I. However, Randy has been patient in explaining and Evan has been diligent in his part. I'm trusting this to be a positive move for me."
Marjorie S.
Review Posted 4/14/2016
Great Help for a New Investor
" While my brother-in-law has bought silver for years, I am new to the game. I spoke with Evan who answered any questions that I had. I then spoke to Randy. I've never learned so much in such a short time!!!! He told me so much about the different products, conditions, potential benefits, etc. Even my broth-in-law was surprised by how much more I knew after talking to Randy!!!! Concerned because the order was smallm I was surprised that it didn't make a difference to the way I was treated. The ordering process is easy and am looking forward to having a long and beneficial relationship with Augusta Precious Metals! Easy to call too....(855) 242-4121."
nancy s.
Review Posted 4/7/2016
There cannot be a better company than Augusta Gold out there!
" Working with Walter Dombroski at Augusta was a fantastic experience in service to meet my goals of gold and silver ownership. He is responsive and dedicated. Every step of the way was clearly communicated and went perfectly. The Walt, the Augusta lawyer, and Kingdom Trust worked hard behind the scenes to handle the LLC formation and handle the transfer of funds from the IRA I was closing in order to fund the new gold and silver IRA. Perfectly happy with the whole process. the hard coins and gold ingots arrived as he said they would. If you want a gold and silver IRA and want to keep it in your possession, call Augusta and Walt at (855)242-4121!!"
Review Posted 3/19/2016
Mill Hall, the best.
" Thank you so much Mike Hall and Augusta for being so patient with me and sticking close to my needs, you answered all my questions and never failed to make me feel special. I am very happy with my product and much more pleased when I finely received my Gold and Silver."
Randy A.
Review Posted 3/10/2016
First class service, first class products.
" I made several purchases of metals via Augusta Precious Metals and every time their service, pricing and delivery have been superior. They kept me informed every step of the way about the transaction and delivery status. My agent is Chris Theard and he is great to deal with. Professional, courteous and listens to what I have wanted to achieve and recommended a clear path forward. I will come back for more..."
Albert M.
Review Posted 3/10/2016
Randy Ashburn
" I recently transferred my qualified IRA into Augusta Precious Metals. An excellent choice. I was hesitant at first but was quickly put at ease by Randy. His expert knowledge and easy demeanor made the whole process seem simple. All my questions were answered by a phone call or an email very fast. In short, I highly recommed Augusta rep. Randy Ashburn. An outstanding job. Art Ringel Ida, MI"
Arthur R.
Review Posted 3/5/2016
Excellent service.
" My rep, Mark Kemenosh, was very knowledgeable and patient. He did a thorough job of explaining all the aspects of the transaction. I am glad my friend referred me to Augusta and am completely satisfied with the transaction."
Wanda I.
Review Posted 2/18/2016
Want to take custody of your Precious Metals IRA? Call Jeff Ward
" My first contact with APM was through Jeff Ward (855) 242-4121). From our first contact to the present he was extremely patient, thoroughly professional, courteous to a fault, and the exactly right person for me to deal with. He made the process easy and, despite many delays in events from my end, he remained unflappable. Thanks also to Chris Johnson for a thorough explanation of the long term merits of bullion vs IRA Preferred coins - up to then, I hadn't a clue, My PM's arrived in excellent condition and were exactly what Jeff and Chris said they would be. Good job, APM you are now my sole source for PM purchases!"
John P.
Review Posted 2/15/2016
Re: Jeff Ward--Excellent Rep
" The rest of the reps at August should be trained by Jeff. He knows how to answer a question directly and honestly. No up-sell, no boiler room high pressure--just straight forward interaction. He made my IRA purchasing experience a real pleasure"
Michael G.
Review Posted 2/3/2016
Easier Than I Expected - Cody Helped A Lot
" We were skeptical and had lots of questions regarding our transfer of a Traditional IRA to Precious Metals investment. The staff at Augusta Precious Metals (and particularly Cody Horning) were very patient with us and helped us through the process - answering all of our questions and concerns. Whenever we encountered an issue in the process, there was always a friendly person to help us get a resolution and complete the process. Cody was very professional as he helped shepherd us through until we received our material. We were also impressed by the follow-up checks to make sure it all went well for us and checking if there were any additional issues we were concerned with or any additional help Cody could provide. I'd definitely recommend Augusta if you are considering purchasing some precious metals and would highly recommend Cody Horning to help you with the process."
Randy H.
Review Posted 1/31/2016
Great customer service and product
" Augusta Precious Metals and the people, Jeff Ward and Richard Davis were great to work with. There customer service was excellent, and they explained and walked me through the process which made it easy. They also taught me a lot about the coins I purchased. So not only did I receive a great product, but learned something about them also. I will be purchasing more coins, and definitely recommend Agusta Precious Metals."
Tom F.
Review Posted 1/28/2016
The most Secure IRA
" We all know banks are just criminals in suits so screw the banks. Augusta makes it easy to do just that, my metals come shipped in a timely manner and are professionally packaged. In the event I am traveling and unable to catch the delivery man it sits at UPS in a highly secure area and I just go and pick it up. Ordering in simple and painless. Not so true for the order confirmation call, 15 minutes of me saying yes to their questions. But it's a small price to pay for the security of home storage awesomeness. Jeff and Richard are friendly and knowledgeable and great to work with! Screw the banks and the Federal NON reserve and take charge of your future today."
matt S.
Review Posted 1/20/2016
Devlyn and the rest of the staff (855) 242-4121
" did a great job walking me through the process and explaining how everything works. I would highly recommend Augusta Precious Metals. Frank Kennedy"
Frank K.
Review Posted 1/15/2016
5 Star Process
" This was my first time/experience investing in precious metals and Sean Dozier my Representative at Augusta was great. The process of setting up the LLC for a Self Directed IRA then ordering of metals .... A thru Z was very smooth. I'm extremely pleased. Yep ..... 5 Star Process! NGW"
Norma W.
Review Posted 1/14/2016
Precious Metal Experience with Augusta
" Walter and the rest of the staff have been outstanding in helping us make wise decisions in reinvesting our IRA to a Gold IRA. Their knowledge and expertise enabled us to invest with peace and confidence. We are grateful for their professionalism and effiency."
Janice S.
Review Posted 1/12/2016
Frank Johnson at Augusta Precious Metals (855)242-4121
" Frank Johnson has taken diligent effort to guide me in my purchases to get the most for my money and the best coins and distribution to protect my assets as much as possible. He has answered my questions and made recommendations to help me reach my goals honestly and in a timely manner. 855-242-4121. They referred me to the people I needed to talk me through setting up a home storage IRA and my LLC to keep everything above board with the IRS. I have and would again recommend Augusta Precious Metals to family and friends. David Ellison"
David E.
Review Posted 1/11/2016
shenita moore
" this gal (shenita moore) has been wonderful to work with. she is very helpful and patient as I am not as computer literate as others. she very methodically walked my wife and I through the paperwork process on the computer and is a delight to talk to on the phone...she is a KEEPER and deserves a very large Xmas bonus!!"
Kent L.
Review Posted 12/11/2015
Ted Root at Augusta Precious Metals 424-324-2874
" Ted and Augusta Precious Metals provided us with a Home Storage IRA. They walked us through the process in a patient and helpful manner. Appreciate all the help and assistance."
Ed B.
Review Posted 11/28/2015
great at resolving problems
" Initally, had some issues that were finally resolved to my complete satisfaction. Will definitely do business with them again! They are very concerned with the satisfaction of their clients."
Steven S.
Review Posted 10/28/2015
Ted Root 424 324-2874
" I recently opened a home storage IRA through Augusta Precious Metals. I dealt mainly with Ted Root and he was very knowledgeable and pleasant to work with. While the whole process took quite a while, Ted always got back to me in a reasonable time frame and with all the right answers. It was a pleasure working with him to set this up."
Aina C.
Review Posted 10/27/2015
Henry H.
" I recently used Augusta Precious Metals and have had a great experience in buying gold and silver. Like all my endeavors, I check potential companies out that I intend to use, and that same as for "A.P.M." I checked on several sites (those like BBB) and found that Augusta Precious Metals had a very good ratings of A to A+. Randy Ashburn is the gentleman of which I have had the pleasure to work with during the purchase and transfer of my purchases. I have not had any issues or problems that seem to plaque many companies today. All questions were answered and even those I had not thought of but was made aware. This I consider above and beyond normal service, and I appreciate their show of honest concern. I have and will recommend to my family and friends this service by this Company. Thanks"
Henry C.
Review Posted 10/24/2015
Ted Root-Great Guy to Work With 424 324-2874
" I had the pleasure of working with Ted Root as my account executive. He was a pleasure to interact with. I was looking to set up a home-storage precious metals IRA. This required quite a bit of paperwork and organization. Ted made it all proceed smoothly and in a timely manner. I felt I was dealt with honestly and that I would be comfortable working with Ted in the future to add to my precious metals account."
John C.
Review Posted 10/21/2015
Great way to get started - Ted Roof 424-324-2874
" A special thanks to Ted and the APM staff who assisted in walking me through the IRA setup. The whole process went by without a hitch and all my questions and concerns were handled. Looking forward to continued support."
James H.
Review Posted 10/9/2015
Augusta Precious Metals
" Ted Root my agent, was very helpful and patient in helping me understand Precious Metals and which coins to buy . Thanks . Richard W. Ted phone number 424 324-2874"
Richard W.
Review Posted 9/29/2015
Jeff Ward & Chris Johnson - excellent customer service!
" When I called Augusta Precious Metals to inquire about their home storage gold & silver IRA, Jeff Ward answered the call - and the myriad questions I had concerning the process of converting our remotely stored metals to easily accessible ones. After all, what good are your metals if you can't get to them in time of trouble? Jeff was extremely knowledgeable, patient, and helpful, explaining in detail what I needed to know. Chris Johnson gave us the same high quality service in setting up the LLC that makes this transaction possible. Both men made an intricate transaction quite painless. If you deal with these two, you'll be in very good hands!"
Jean L.
Review Posted 9/29/2015
Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed
" Moving a significant portion of my self-directed IRA into locally stored precious metals was not a decision I took lightly. Taylor Nelson at Augusta clearly explained the process of setting up the needed LLC account and the funding of the IRA and was there every turn of the way to explain the next step and answer all my questions. Their exclusive offering of RCM Silver Eagles as a IRA holding is a great advantage. My only concern came when the shipment was delayed due to unavailability from the mint. I had not understood that the bullion was not held in stock. At that point, Dale Whitaker CFO, called and explained the process and the estimated ship date. He agreed, in order to allay my nervousness, to ship the non-RCM portion of my order immediately. The RCM Eagles actually arrived sooner than he had anticipated. They packaging was impressive...very secure. In short, they will go the extra mile to instill confidence and meet their customer's needs. I would recommend them to family and friends without reservation."
Deborah M.
Review Posted 9/29/2015
Ted Root at Augusta Precious Metals 424-324-2874
" Ted Root was extremely patient, informative, professional and a pleasure to work with. There was no pressure to purchase from Augusta and I really appreciated that. He made what I thought was an intimidating transaction very easy to navigate through, walking me through it step by step. I definitely recommend calling Ted at 424-324-2874."
Kathy D.
Review Posted 9/24/2015
Follow on purchase of metals for IRA
" Had such a good experience the first time, decided to do it again. And, again Augusta Precious Metals came thru. More specifically Randy Ashburn and Taylor Nelson. Both gentlemen were exceptional to work with and make the process simple and understandable. Hope to be in a position to purchase more soon and when I am, I will be contacting Augusta to do so. Exceptional company to work with. Highly recommend them. JC"
Review Posted 9/4/2015
Brett Vadset Augusta Sr. Broker
" When I contacted Augusta Precious Metals I knew nothing about the IRA gold home storage program. Brett Vadset, Augusta's Sr. Broker, helped me through the process with patience, kindness and expertise. I am very pleased and comfortable with the end result. Margaret Grothe"
Marge G.
Review Posted 9/2/2015
Thank you Augusta Precious Metals !
" And thank you to my account executive, Mark Kemenosh! The process to set up the account at Kingdom Trust, transfer the funds and to purchase the metals is straight forward. I received the last of my order today and the packages were very well protected. It could not have been simpler. All of the people at Augusta and Kingdom trust, who I had contact with, were sincere in making this a satisfying experience. Having the metals in hand is great. I plan to do more business with these excellent companies."
Mike C.
Review Posted 8/31/2015
Impressive Guidance in Precious Metal Purchase Process
" We both opened accounts at Kingdom Trust through Augusta Precious Metals with the help of Richard Davis and Jeff Ward. They guided us through this process which was new to us and did so in a most professional, efficient, and prompt manner. For any questions we had they helped us and provided us with sound guidance. Their manner was very solicitous and helped us to be comfortable during the process. We highly recommend both individuals to future customers. Michael S. and Marion S."
Michael and Marion S.
Review Posted 8/31/2015
Richard Davis from Augusta Precious Metals is top notch!
" Richard really knows the market. He is great at explaining complex scenarios and processes in a way that is easily understood. He really listens to the customer's wants, concerns, and needs. He is prompt, professional, and personable. A big two thumbs up to Augusta and Richard."
Paula H.
Review Posted 8/19/2015
Augusta's Frank Johnson and Taylor Nelson recommended for IRA
" I recently set up a precious metals self storage IRA using Augusta,s services. Frank Johnson and Taylor Nelson were instrumental in making a somewhat complicated and intimidating process simple and easy to understand. The process was broken down to progressive logical incremental steps that were easy to understand especially for someone like myself who doesn’t enjoy the personal finance world. Frank and Taylor were there to mentor, teach and guide all the way through the process from its inception to the day I deposited the metals in my safe deposit box. I would definitely use their services in the future should the need arise."
Dennis J.
Review Posted 8/12/2015
" As an army officer of 30 years I immediately identified the leadership of Isaac Nuriani. From the moment you visit the website to your first phone call you can see that Isaac is insuring that Augusta Precious Metals and its products, pricing, personnel and customer service centric attitude are the absolute best that the retail precious metals markets offer. The Leader of a family run business which has operated for 40 years you can absolutely rely on him and his team to offer the most professional service in IRA transfers and personal purchases of metals today, tomorrow and 10 years from tomorrow. I've entrusted them with my IRAs and investment advice on metals, and now have a family owned and operated precious metals investment office just a click away."
gene l.
Review Posted 7/28/2015
Review by Anne
" Aloha, Per your request I am writing a brief review of my experience purchasing metals through Augusta. Our contact person was Michael Hall and overall I was satisfied with the service I did receive from him. At one point I had a question regarding a metal that was suggested for me to purchase, and so he did resolve it by asking his supervisor to call and give more details on the metal, and then from there I was able to agree on which metal to purchase. We have already recommended Augusta to friends who are interested in making a metal purchase. I was happy with the follow up phone call that confirmed my order and when it would be shipped. thank you, Anne"
Anne B.
Review Posted 7/22/2015
The process went exactly as they said it would.
" I saw the banner for Augusta on a website and clicked. I was contacted by Mark Kemenosh and during the early part of getting to know each other I was on the alert for obvious sales tactics. They never came. Mark and Jeff Ward, his counterpart who returned calls and emails when Mark was unavailable on a scheduled vacation, did nothing but try to educate me. I had my lawyer and CPA look at their documents and company after I was confident enough to begin the process. Both were given high marks. Then came the signing up and everything went smoothly. After it was all set up, I had to send them the money. I swallowed hard and did so. Two weeks later everything showed up as promised. Their prices are very good too. I am very pleased with my experience. If you have doubts, so did I. Call Mark Kemenosh 855-242-4121 ext. 1009 at Augusta. It will work out well for you."
Jim H.
Review Posted 7/9/2015
Good service, good price
" I received good service at a good price. They called and let me know when my order was shipped so I knew when to expect it. They promptly refunded my overpayment. While the silver price was slightly higher than shown on their website, the gold price was slightly lower. They also were substantially cheaper than the other companies I investigated."
David B.
Review Posted 7/8/2015
First time buyer elated with ease of purchase.
" Being a first time purchaser of gold/silver coins was easier than expected. Richard Davis and Jeff Ward, my account executive, were extremely helpful and knowledgeable throughout the process of purchasing our products which were shipped free in a timely manner and received in excellent condition. The coins are beautiful! We were extremely pleased with the purchase and would choose Augusta Precious Metals again."
Diane L.
Review Posted 7/2/2015
Perfect Customer Service IRA Co.
" I have had great service, received excellent products and I was able to do all this from home at a reasonable price. They did not even charge me for shipping. This is a great company and I very much enjoyed my dealings with them. They were very professional and friendly They helped me walk through the home storage process and explained everything to me very well. When my coins arrived I was impressed how quickly they came, with free shipping I was not expecting fast delivery. They were in excellent condition and exactly what I was expecting, I am very satisfied with the whole experience. I will watch their site for other coins that I would like to own."
David F.
Review Posted 6/9/2015
Home Storage of my precious metals
" It is very comforting to have my precious metals stored in a bank safety deposit box just a half mile away from home rather than in a depository hundreds of miles away. Thanks Walter Dombroski."
Darwin R.
Review Posted 5/25/2015
Leer of doing a Home Storage Gold IRA with Augusta?
" I was very leery of doing a home storage gold ira. It concerned me to do something that a lot of other gold companies told me I couldn’t. I read all sorts of reviews and talked endlessly to Augusta Precious Metals customer service reps, they were so friendly and they knew their stuff. They put me in a more comfortable mood and helped me to realize that this was a safe way to buy gold and silver inside my IRA. I even spoke to their preferred tax attorney. I also researched online to ensure that this was legal and if this company was legit, I found out that they are very highly rated for satisfaction. They abide by the laws that apply to them. Everything is above board and operated with the highest of ethics and legality. My experience was very positive and I will for sure use them again."
Ana W.
Review Posted 5/15/2015
A place and people you can trust
" I know that my subject line may sound old and cliche, but in today's business market I find it new and refreshing. From the first moment I started talking to Frank Johnson I became aware of this "new and refreshing" way. For too many years everything has become automated or a canned speech. Not so with Augusta, and specifically with Frank Johnson. I know the company all follows the same path because I've witnessed first hand talking to more than one representative. I call them reps and not employees because that's the impression I'm left with. Their extreme knowledge, helping people, and the professionalism is unsurpassed. If Frank said it was going to be a certain way, it was. Nothing was left undone or unsaid. And the communication and integrity that was represented is and was the reason I jumped on board."
Jesse G.
Review Posted 5/11/2015
Augusta Precious Metals is very nice to work with regarding your gold IRA
" They answered all my numerous questions about purchasing gold and silver and doing a home storage gold ira. The process was easy and fun and I could browse the website from the comfort of my home and find high quality metals. Beware of companies that don’t post their prices online."
John T.
Review Posted 5/11/2015
Found A Needle in a Haystack
" After over a decade of dealing with several well-known precious metals outfits, I can honestly say that I discovered a firm that stands head and shoulders above any of them. From the first inquiry to the latest transaction, I have experienced a level of personal service and professionalism that I would have thought was only available to those with huge private wealth portfolios. There was never any pressure to sell, to rush a transaction, to make a move beyond my comfort zone, or to leave any question unresolved. When an issue with a custodian occurred, not only was the matter immediately attended to, but it was brought to the attention of an Augusta senior executive who personally intervened on my behalf. Trying something new (Home Storage IRA) with something as vital as a retirement fund can produce some level of anxiety. Working with Jeff Ward and Mark Kemenosh was like working with a trusted family advisor who I knew for decades. You are in exceptionally competent and caring hands with this outfit. Robert M."
robert m.
Review Posted 5/9/2015
Home Storage IRA
" Thank you Jeff Ward for assisting in setting up a home storage precious metals IRA. It was a pleasure working with an individual who has the knowledge and expertise to really explain the program and its advantages to a lay person. Jeff can be reached at 855-242-4121 Ext 1002."
Eugene P.
Review Posted 5/5/2015
Richard Davis and Sean are helpful
" When I was looking for a precious metal dealer, I checked quite a number of places. Then I met Richard Davis from Augusta precious metal. Richard is very helpful and client-centric. He and an in-house specialist Sean helped me set up my IRA account with lawyer and accountant etc. Without their help I could be delayed for a long time as there are some delicate issues to be ironed out. Richard often found me some promotion or deals that I am not aware of but not pushing his way. And I checked their price with many well-known dealers on the web. To my supprise Augusta's price is always a little better."
Robert T.
Review Posted 4/22/2015
Home Storage IRA- A Great Idea!
" Thank you Taylor Nelson and Randy Ashburn for helping establish a home based precious metals storage plan. The process was fast and efficient. Thanks again Augusta Precious Metals!! Dawn B."
Dr Dawn J B.
Review Posted 4/21/2015
Richard Davis has been exceptional to work with.
" My experience with Richard Davis at Augusta has bee exceptional. Not only are Augusta's prices below their competitors, the level of personal service is outstanding. Mr. Davis takes a great deal of time to ensure that my questions are answered and always follows up to make sure that my transactions are flawless. This is a great group to work with. Carl S."
Carl S.
Review Posted 4/11/2015
IRA stored at Home. Feels like I have some control of my hard earned money!
" I worked with Jeff Ward Ext:1002 and Mark Kemenosh Ext:1009. They were very helpful and eased the process of each step to keeping your own Gold and Silver coins at Home. It was a great experience at something new. Looking forward to future dealings with these Gentlemen. Thanks again!"
Mark B.
Review Posted 4/6/2015
No Pressure Sales
" What I appreciated about this company is the fact that they care about their customers and are not out just to make a sale. They want to make the purchase matter to the customer, and their reps. take the time to ensure that occurs. It is a rare joy in this day and age. Richard and Jeff are the team that handled my transaction, and I would not hesitate to do business with them again."
Rita D.
Review Posted 4/6/2015
Great Company and Account Rep for metals IRA.
" I worked with Frank Johnson throughout the process to transfer my IRA, setup my LLC, and select and acquire my Gold and SIlver. I have received everything exactly as stated. Frank was very involved and worked with me to get the best pricing for my investment, after facilitating and explaining each part of the process thoroughly. I highly recommend Augusta and Frank Johnson P. 855.242.4121 Ext. 1003 for your complete Home storage transaction. I was also very pleased with Kim Cobb at Kingdom Trust Co."
M M.
Review Posted 3/30/2015
Augusta Precious Metals; Richard Davis, Senior Account Executive
" I selected Richard Davis, based on previous reviews, to help me transfer my 401-K and an IRA to a Self-directed, LLC Checkbook, Gold & Silver IRA, with Home Storage capabilities. Richard linked me with the Attorney to set-up the LLC and obtain the License, and Kingdom Trust as the Custodian. All of them walked me through each step to establish my account and purchase coins through Augusta. Richard was there with me all the way, answering all questions, PATIENTLY, and following up to be certain that all steps were understandable and acceptable to me. It was a bit longer process than I had anticipated, having to coordinate two separate accounts into this one, but well worth transferring my assets into a safer place under my control. I highly recommend Richard and Augusta Precious Metals. Respectfully submitted, William B."
William B.
Review Posted 3/28/2015
Great customer service.
" Great value. Great prices. Free shipping. Many options to choose from and super silver high performing coins available. I rely a lot on Augusta Precious Metals. Easy transactions from start to delivery. There is nothing negative that can be said about this company, it was one of the best shopping experiences I have had. The customer service rep I spoke to was very patient and knowledgeable, putting me at ease. I already have recommended Augusta Precious Metals to my family and friends who are interested in coins and IRAs in metals. I will definitely be doing business with Augusta Precious Metals again and for a long time to come."
Jacob B.
Review Posted 3/27/2015
Augusta is a great IRA company.
" This company is absolutely fantastic. I was helped with all my questions and put at ease with their professionalism. I was concerned about buying coins online but after I spoke with one of their account executives all my fears were allayed. They are very knowledgeable, professional and I had a good experience doing business with them. The whole home storage IRA process was explained in great detail and I was able to complete my purchase while on the phone. My coins were shipped free and arrived on time, the coins were of excellent quality and I was very pleased with the total experience."
David G.
Review Posted 3/27/2015
100% Satisfied with my IRA Transfer
" Using a Home Gold Storage IRA makes sense to me, I am retired and I want to ensure that my family and I will be secure financially no matter what the economy is like then. Augusta Precious Metals made the process very easy for me, they explained and walked me through it every step of the way. I received my home storage gold as promised and I feel much better about the future for my family now. I would highly recommend Augusta Precious Metals to my family and friends. They are truly an amazing company to do business with."
Jim G.
Review Posted 3/19/2015
Why doesn’t everyone have this Program!
" These guys have the best customer service hands down. Their IRA product is the best IRA product on the market, where you can store your metals in your local banks safety deposit box. Augusta Precious Metals has made this very easy at very low prices and free shipping adds a nice touch."
John A.
Review Posted 3/19/2015
These guys are great!
" I've invested in precious metals for about 8 years both in an IRA and regular investment. My transactions have led me to 4 different companies, and I can say that the first 3 were essentially order takers. There was no wisdom or knowledge that they conveyed or shared with me, and I made all of the decisions without any guidance. Then I discovered Augusta Precious Metals. What a HUGE difference! Sean and Mark always share their knowledge -- in every discussion. I've learned a lot, and have swapped my investments and have started to see some real positive results in a very short time. If you want a real precious metals advisor -- instead of an order taker -- then you want Augusta!"
Sara R.
Review Posted 3/15/2015
Frank Johnson is an exceptional broker to work with...
" I'm a retired accountant and author with no experience in precious metals. My initial investment in precious metals (American Eagles)was an unexpected pleasant experience, thanks in large measure to Frank Johnson. Frank Johnson is not only an expert on precious metals and the market but very easy to work with and only too willing to answer all questions from a novice investor. I honestly don't think that I could have found a better broker in the country. I highly recommend Frank to anyone thinking about investing in precious metals. Frank can be reached at 855-242-4121,Ext. 1003."
Robert O.
Review Posted 3/10/2015
Steven Stone was wonderful to work with
" Steven Stone (855) 242-4121 Ext. 1006, we are very grateful for your wisdom, niceness, and perseverance in helping us (Donita J. and Marion L Dodson) with our IRA gold purchase, and our personal gold purchases. My daughter, Mindy Nation stated you are one of the most considerate and informative persons she has encountered in many years, and knows that you have been a blessing to this family. You are a very fine representative of Augusta Precious Metals, and hope you continue to be available for us in the future. God Bless You! Marion L. Dodson MD"
Marion D.
Review Posted 2/26/2015
Home Storage Gold IRAs
" Home Storage Gold IRAs for retirement is the perfect solution for many people who are unsure of the value of their current retirement plan. This type of retirement plan allows me total control over my investment. I believe that precious metals will stay secure in their value, unlike many paper portfolios. This gives me peace of mind that my retirement funds will be soluble when I need them. I can store my coins and metals for my IRA in the security of my own home and know they are safe. Augusta Precious Metals help me do this with a very straight forward process."
Michael H.
Review Posted 2/24/2015
Amazing Ira program.
" I cannot say enough good things about Augusta Precious. I have never really taken the time to write a review because I did not really think of doing it. Then I happened to come across their page of reviews and thought, why not? I have had many positive experiences with Augusta and if my experience helps someone else choose this company and their amazing program then it would be well worth my time. They are “Johnny on the spot” whenever I have a concern or question when about to purchase. fast Shipping is free! What more could you want?"
Jeff R.
Review Posted 2/19/2015
Highly Recommend
" I would like to thank Jeff Ward (855)242-4121 EXT: 1002 at Augusta Precious Metals for his help in setting up my IRA Gold, LLC. Anyone who wants a precious metals IRA LLC I definitely recommend Augusta Precious Metals and Jeff Ward's A-1 service."
Quintin L.
Review Posted 2/18/2015
Great results and Service for my IRA
" Being an avid buyer of all sorts of coins, gold and silver, I believe that this could be salvation for my family if the economy gets any worse in the USA. Gold and silver will not lose their value as the all mighty dollar has over the years, and continues to lose each day. I found Augusta Precious Metals several months ago and have had a very satisfactory checkbook IRA transaction with them. They are so easy to work with and the process was very secure. I received my purchases on time with free shipping and I love them I will definitely keep coming back for more."
John J.
Review Posted 2/13/2015
Much patience!
" Want to say thanks to Frank Johnson at Augusta Precious Metals. He was VERY helpful In helping me roll over an IRA that I had. He spent a lot of time on the phone with me to do this. I have a lot of respect for him. (Frank Johnson @ ext 1003) Thank you,Mark P. Nolan."
Mark N.
Review Posted 2/12/2015
Personable, helpful representative made the difference
" I have had an incredibly rewarding experience with Augusta Precious Metals. Steve Stone (855-242-4121, ext 1006) has been invaluable in walking my family through the process of establishing accounts. Because my parents live out of the country, handling their account required more time and effort; but he was on top of it everyday, working through obstacles, and providing me with helpful information. His patience and explanations meant a lot considering I have little experience in buying gold or setting up a business checking account. I have come to appreciate his integrity, Christian stance, and pleasant demeanor and would highly recommend his service. Mindy N."
Mindy N.
Review Posted 2/11/2015
100% Reliable Gold IRA Co.
" I recently read about Home Storage Gold IRAs. With the instability of the American economy I thought that this sounded like a great option to ensure we have something of value when we retire. I found Augusta Precious Metals in my research, they have excellent and credible knowledge of Home Storage Gold IRAs."
Michael F.
Review Posted 2/11/2015
Preserve Your Wealth with these Guys. Gold ira.
" My interest in precious metals is the checkbook ira. I recently discovered Augusta Precious Metals on web and found that I can buy gold inside my ira and take checkbook control just like with my other real estate transactions. reasonable prices – including free shipping!"
John R.
Review Posted 2/9/2015
Review Posted 2/5/2015
Choose Augsuta!
" I love European coins! And I found some excellent deals with Augusta Precious Metals. They had a certain coin from Austria that I wanted and the price was very reasonable. The service was amazing and I now have my coin. I will soon be back on their site to purchase more."
Stephen R.
Review Posted 2/2/2015
Excellent IRA Company
" Jeff Ward ext. 1002 and Mark Kemenosh ext. 1009 at Augusta helped all the way thru the process of creating a IRA LLC which now permits me to buy physical gold and store it where i choose. Both Jeff and Mark are both personable and knowledgeable about IRA LLCs as well as precious metals. They always returned my phone calls promptly and were able to answer all of my questions as they walked me thru the process. I would highly recommend Augusta for IRA LLC setup and precious metals. David M."
David M.
Review Posted 1/30/2015
very good service
" I worked with Randy Ashburn (855-242-4121ext 1008)and he took all the time I needed to understand my options and when a seven day drop in price triggered he was right there to help me out. My experience with Randy has been very satisfactory up to now."
Rich B.
Review Posted 1/30/2015
My IRA is Stored at Home! Wow
" I am an investor of gold bullion. I chose Augusta Precious Metals for home storage gold ira. They offer a top notch service and low prices by being an online based company. I could not have asked for a better purchasing experience: I was even more excited when I received my gold, it was excellent quality."
Robert J.
Review Posted 1/28/2015
" Jeff Ward / Richard Davie at (855)242-4121 EXT1002 and EXT 1010 are very easy to work with. They answered all of my questions and the proses was easy."
Chad B.
Review Posted 1/27/2015
Great Home Storage Product
" This is a great company to work with when you are seeking to purchase precious metals. Whether you are investing in gold or silver or want to hold your IRA gold at home, you will not find a company with better service and knowledge of their business. I was completely satisfied dealing with Augusta Precious Metals."
Ralph J.
Review Posted 1/26/2015
Professional & Courteous: I did not just feel like another customer!
" I was very impressed with Jeff Ward and the staff at APM. From start to finish, I truly felt that even my little order was important to them and that I was not just "Another Customer" to be ushered off the phone ASAP. They very patiently answered all my questions with such professionalism and clarity, that I was actually stunned--given my personal experience with other Precious Metal firms. They were not pushy and did not even try to up-sell me. I was kept in the loop throughout the entire process and I even received a friendly courtesy call after I had received my goods to be sure I was completely satisfied. It is no wonder that I now refuse to deal with anyone else! Very rarely am I impressed enough that I actually give a recommendation to friends, but I did/do: Call 1-855 242 4121 EXT 1002, Ask for Jeff! Tom R.---Florida"
Tom R.
Review Posted 1/16/2015
Reputable Company with good service
" I worked with Jeff Ward (855-242-4121 x1002 ) on the purchase of a few items and found him to be helpful, knowledgeable and professional. The company is trustworthy and I do plan to buy from them again. Full disclosur- Jeff did ask me to write a review, but he did not know what I would write. I am happy to do it because I had a good experience. Michael"
Michael K.
Review Posted 1/16/2015
Professional and Helpful service for a new IRA
" Randy Ashburn ( 855-242-4121 ext 1008 ) at Agusta metals Gave me professional service by answering all questions and walking me through the forms and paperwork to open my self directed IRA. This was a totally new concept, even though I have been investing in PM's for several years. The experience with Randy and his willingness to handle the paperwork and his followup gave me confidence in their company. Mike Ward"
Michael W.
Review Posted 1/15/2015
Augusta Precious Metals is a Great IRA Company
" I would highly recommend Augusta Precious Metals, especially Mark Kemenosh. Mark has been over the top professional, knowledgeable and patient with me throughout this whole process. He knows so much about the precious metal industry and the IRA ins and outs. Whenever I do business with him, I feel like a "valuable and important" client. If I have questions or need help with a business transaction, Mark is always there to assist me in any way he can. He is such a pleasure to do business with. You can reach Mark Kemenosh at 855-242-4121 ext 1009. Please don't hesitate to give him a call."
Toni H.
Review Posted 1/14/2015
Stellar Experience with Augusta Precious Metals
" Seldom do you find personnel at a business operation who are able to maintain the customer service approach on a consistent basis. Randy Ashburn (424)253-7426 at Augusta Precious Metals was more than up to the task during the process of establishing two self-directed IRA's. Whereas the process was more time consuming than personally expected, Randy was there to answer every question and handle whatever banking issues arose during the process. Note that the challenges presented and overcome were not the fault of Augusta Precious Metals and in no way reflect poorly on the process. He is the consummate professional and I would highly recommend calling him if you are in the market for a self-directed precious metals IRA."
Dan P.
Review Posted 1/13/2015
Consummate Professionals with Integrity
" Augusta Precious Metals, specifically Mr. Sean Johnson and Mr. Frank Johnson, ably and diligently assisted me in transferring my two retirement accounts into a self-directed Silver IRA. They patiently answered my questions throughout, they persisted and honesty and integrity, something that came through in each and every conversation. They are consummate professionals, I recommend Augusta Precious Metals without any hesitation whatsoever, and I remain grateful to those two gentlemen whose professionalism was outstanding."
Greg R.
Review Posted 1/8/2015
Augusta- Great Experience
" The experience I had working with Jeff and Isaac, and Andrea has been great. They are a great team to work with as they always kept me up to date on transactional details. With their vast knowledge in the metals industry, they helped me upgrade and strengthen my holdings positions. They have been great working with and I look forward to future investments with Augusta Precious Metals."
David B.
Review Posted 12/5/2014
Good Job
" Frank and Andrea, Thank you for the Great service in guding us and taking care of our orders. We will highly recommend you to family and friends"
calvin l.
Review Posted 11/26/2014
Augusta Precious Metals earns top rank with Richard Davis
" My contact at Augusta Precious metals, was Richard Davis. Professional, courteous, knowledgeable and calm in nature, are only a few of his strengths. Most importantly, i felt Richard actually cared about me, my objectives and my complete understanding and satisfaction. It is far and in-between when we come across such an outstanding, caring and professional person, such as is Richard. I felt confident and extremely satisfied with my purchase and dealing with Richard and look forward to many more years of business with Richard and Augusta Precious Metals. I can see why Augusta Precious metals is "solid gold", because of employees like Richard. Julian D"
Review Posted 11/18/2014
Letter of Appreciation
" Dear Frank and Sean Johnson, On behalf of my family and friends who have place many orders with you over the last two years, we want to thank you for the excellent and reliable service. As a financial advisor for a number of families, integrity ... demonstrated by meeting each deliverable and commitment on schedule was vital to win our trust. Your team is first class. You have made a difference for over a dozen families with the huge profits that we have enjoyed. Our positions with investment bullion silver coins have generated profits from 25% to 50% with certain coins and with the SS Gairsoppa silver coins we realized over 100% profits. Your insights into which coins to select has made us all very happy with our profits even as the spot price of silver declined. Allow me to summarize what impressed us with your service. First is that when you gave us quotes and when we asked our due diligence questions, you did exactly what you said in each case. I greatly appreciate that both of you are men of honor and do exactly what you promise. Your performance has built a high level of trust in a marketplace where honor is not common. We have several different types of transactions, including cash acquisitions of silver coins and various types of retirement accounts to deal with. We really appreciate how smoothly you facilitated the documentation required to transfer retirement accounts for several of our friends. We especially liked seamless guaranteed shipment to our homes and vaults. You were able to consistently get our silver into our hands without delays. You effectively removed the risk concerns and gave us confidence to increase the amounts of capital to invest into silver investment bullion coins. Currently with the depressed spot price of silver … we are preparing to increase our positions because of the success we enjoyed during the last two years. We just had two Trust Funds call us with inquiries as to which silver coins to buy. We will structure these deals soon. Thanks again and we look forward to several transactions before the New Year. Keep up the excellent work! Sincerely, Joseph Patrick Kelly"
Joseph K.
Review Posted 11/11/2014
Friendly and Professional, Very Happy Customer
" I strongly recommend contacting Frank Johnson at Augusta Precious Metals 855-242-4121 ext.1003. I have worked with many other Gold firms and this was all the best experience yet without all the hassle.Their Tax Attorney and legal team are top notch and I now feel very comfortable. Comfortable enough I have started the process of Home Storage Gold IRA. Sam Kelly"
Sam K.
Review Posted 11/11/2014
Jeff Ward and Augusta Precious Metals = 100% Satisfaction
" I was referred to Jeff Ward (855-242-4121 ext 1002) of Augusta Precious Metals earlier this year. I couldn't be happier. Jeff is honest, accurate, professional, and personable. His vast knowledge and experience are greatly appreciated. I've been a customer of several coin/bullion firms over the years and I can say with all honesty that Jeff Ward and Augusta Precious Metals can't be beat. We've had about six transactions this year and all of them have been flawless. They have a great team and they've earned my trust. To the other guys, all I can say is "bye"."
Forrest P.
Review Posted 10/5/2014
Very Satisfied
" I was referred to Augusta by my sister who praised Augusta for their experience and history. This being our first gold purchase we were unsure how the process went. After contacting Augusta, I able to get excellent conditioned bullion coins at great prices and without any difficulties. My husband and I were so impressed and happy to work with a company who is trustworthy and with so much knowledge and experience."
Erica S.
Review Posted 9/10/2014
" I purchased from Augusta Gold, and I am very pleased and content with their customer service. I never bought before, and after much research, I was able to find a reputable firm with a family history of 40 years to help me with my gold and silver purchase. You will be hearing from me again."
Andrew C.
Review Posted 8/22/2014
Amazing Service and Better Pricing
" this company has great employees who are more than willing and able to help. They are GREAT, FAST, INEXPENSIVE, and help pick out the best coins. Hands down, best company i bought metals from. Thank you Augusta"
Patrick C.
Review Posted 7/28/2014
Great Company to buy metals from
" These guys were great. I purchased metals from them and I wouldn't go anywhere else. I never purchased metals before so I really wanted to make sure I choose the right company. Isaac did a great job and advising me on what to get. Thank you so much. Sam"
Samantha P.
Review Posted 7/15/2014
Augusta Precious Metals
" This was my first experience buying silver on line. Isaac was so helpful in guiding me through the whole experience. Today I received my order in the way it was promised. When I opened my order I was very satisfied and I recommend Isaac and the Augusta Precious Metals Organization."
Clifford O.
Review Posted 6/2/2014
Very Happy with my order.
" I just placed a good sized order with Augusta. These guys are great in every which way possible. Professionalism and Customers service is their best attributes."
Andy B.
Review Posted 5/30/2014
Great company to buy gold and silver.
" I was extremely happy with my last order from Augusta Precious Metals. I received my order in 5 days and the communication between me and the representative Isaac was great. Best shipping. This company took great care of me."
Leo M.
Review Posted 5/24/2014
Great great Company. Hands down!
" Super company and even better people who work there. If you are exchanging dollars to metals like i am, Augusta will show you how to best do it. Isaac Nuriani 855.242.4121 ext. 1001 definitely showed me how to do it easily."
John H.
Review Posted 5/22/2014
Best company to work with
" I have never written a review, so my taking the time to write one goes to show how great Augusta is to work with. My husband and I have a couple IRA’s and we are in the process of trying to get precious metals added to them. Augusta made the process simple and easy. We are at ease that we have physical metals and not simply paper assets. Augusta is definitely the way to go."
Tony D.
Review Posted 5/20/2014
" I have purchased thousands in precious metals in the past from various companies, and Augusta surpasses them all. I was astounded by the time and patience Isaac Nuriani devoted to me. He took the time to ask my what my goals were and answered every single question that I had. Not only do I look forward to do business with them again, but I wouldn’t go anywhere else."
Michael G.
Review Posted 5/20/2014
" I just did my gold ira with Augusta. And I am very happy. A lot of people are scared to take the necessary step. In fact, its funny how something so simple can provide so much security. Augusta has the research, numbers, analysis you need to buy the coins at the right time. Isaac Nuriani was my salesperson and he was very professional."
Charles S.
Review Posted 5/13/2014
Best Customer Service in Town
" I went with Augusta because they had the best prices and the 7 day price protection program. They had by far the best customer service I have ever experienced while purchasing precious metals, and the promises made about quality of metals and shipping were kept. They could not have done a better job. I referred my brother to them and not only did we both receive a free silver eagle but he could not be happier with his experience at Augusta as well. Will do business with Augusta again very soon."
Hank G.
Review Posted 5/11/2014
Best Gold IRA Experience in town
" Isaac and Augusta provided me extra superior service in transferring my hard earned bucks into the only real asset out there. I gotta admit, these guys know how to give customer service. I was called several by Isaac and he kept me posted with the process. Besides the fact that it took my custodian and while to transfer the funds, which was not Augusta's fault, everything went smooth as pie."
Harold B.
Review Posted 5/8/2014
" Augusta Helped me with my ira transfer, the prices offered were the best by far and especially enjoyed Isaac who was prompt in returning my phone calls and made the process easy. He explained every step along the way in detail and answered every question. very knowledgeable. Great job overall"
Avery B.
Review Posted 3/20/2014
Augusta is the best place to buy metals.
" Working with my rep Isaac was enjoyable. The prices were extremely competitive and he was patient and answered all of my questions. He knew the in’s and out’s of the market and was knowledgeable."
Aaron W.
Review Posted 3/19/2014
Excellent Service / Great Employee
" I worked with Isaac Nuriani and Dean Livni on buying gold and silver coins to protect my stocks from a future downturn in the markets. They walked me through everything and even though I had to delay my initial buy, everything at the end went smoother then expected. I wanted to buy metals for a long time but I just assumed that it wouldn't be as easy as it was in regards to getting a great price, fast shipping, and great customer service. Thank you Augusta Precious Metals for having such a great staff."
Stephen A.
Review Posted 3/14/2014
Making Money with Augusta
" I was very hesitant to purchase precious metals, however after speaking with a representative at Augusta Precious Metals I felt comfortable working with them. They were knowledgeable and patient in answering every question I had. After several conversations I settled on investing in both silver and gold. The 7 day price protection program made me feel comfortable with my purchase and I was thrilled when my metals arrived on time and in excellent condition. Will do business with Augusta in the future."
Steve A.
Review Posted 3/13/2014
What Great Pricing!!!
" I have been eagles and rare coins for many years now from different brokers in kansas city. Recently, I tried to go online to see if I can find better pricing. Boy was I right, Augusta has the best pricing and best service in town. I decided to switch to Augusta immediately because of the pleasant experience I had with them. They locked in my metals, offered me a 7 day price protection program. I feel like they truly care. They're pushy, and I know I get a great deal."
Greg G.
Review Posted 3/9/2014
" We completed 3 orders with Augusta Precious Metals and it went easy and smooth every single time. My account rep. Isaac was very knowledgable, professional and prompt with his call backs. The process went exactly has he promised and how he explained it from the beginning. My wife and I received our coins the day the post office said it would arrive, and Isaac emailed me the details. I will buy again. Call Isaac Nariani 855.242.4121 ext.1001"
Clark M.
Review Posted 3/9/2014
Easy Silver and Gold Purchase
" The person who handled my account was Isaac Nuriani. He was a pleasant to work with and he was very professional and helpful. We spoke many times on the phone and as a first time buyer I had many questions. Isaac was wonderful to work with. Never any Problems. Buy from Augusta, I highly recommend them. Shipping was fast and free. Prices were the lowest in the industry."
Sara S.
Review Posted 3/9/2014
Isaac Nuriani 855.242.4121 ext. 1001 Outstanding Service/Better Pricing
" Outstanding, quick call backs and super fast shipping. This place is the best. Isaac was friendly and seemed like a seasoned professional who is dedicated to going beyond what I expected. Augusta pricing are hands down the least expensive. The service helped me become a first time buyer in metals. Thank you again."
james f.
Review Posted 3/8/2014
Mint Condition Coins and Superior Service
" Those who are considering buying metals with Augusta Metals, please read on. I found my salesperson Isaac Nuriani to be honest, patient, and very knowledgable. My husband and I spoke to Isaac on several occasions and he genuinely wanted to help us with our purchase. He never pressured us, and give us his recommendations only after he asked us a series of questions. He understands bullion, premium coins, and ira transfer very well and he could help anyone interested in investing in any of the 3. I you are considering investing, turn to Augusta because you will not be disappointed. Thank you for all your help, we will be buying more soon."
Stacy M.
Review Posted 3/8/2014
Excellent Intro to buying metals
" I purchased gold and silver coins from Augusta Precious Metals a couple of weeks ago. All my metals, which i locked in over the phone for best pricing was a simple and painless process. My coins arrived in great condition and the packaging completely discreet. I received my metals in the time frame that was discussed, even though i wasn't home when my metals first arrived, so I had to pick them up from my post office. Content Customer I am."
Mary S.
Review Posted 3/8/2014
Great Experience making my first purchase
" I just love the way I was introduced to metals by Augusta. They explained clearly the process and they were very helpful and informative. It took me some time to get into the metals, after speaking with them I made the educated decision to make a purchase. I am specially pleased my the shipping time because my metals arrived in 5 days."
Cynthia B.
Review Posted 3/7/2014
Fast Shipping and Better Pricing
" My account representative was Dean Livni. I purchased the silver commemorative and my interaction was without any issues. From the beginning, the prices and process was upfront and low costing. My rep was well informed and he made my transaction very easy. You guys are awesome."
James F.
Review Posted 3/7/2014
Best Pricing for Silver Eagles
" Silver Eagles are my favorite coins. I am a seasoned investor and have been purchasing metals since 1983. Augusta has the best pricing by far. I like that they aren't any hidden and extra fees. The price you see online is in fact the price you pay. I will be buying more. Thanks Augusta."
Susan H.
Review Posted 3/6/2014
Simply the Best IRA transfer Company Isaac Nuriani 855.242.4121 ext.1001
" Thank you so much Augusta for helping me rollover my current IRA into metals. I have been watching the value of my stocks go down in value this year. I always wanted to buy metals but I had no idea it would be this easy. Augusta made a lot of sense for me as they have many positive reviews and most importantly, they salesperson did not pressure me at all. Isaac was knowledgable, friendly, and either him or his assistant Dean kept me posted with the process. The process from start to finish took about 2 weeks. I would recommend everyone to Augusta. Ask for Isaac Nuriani, he seems to know his stuff."
Mary C.
Review Posted 3/6/2014
Trust and Service Guaranteed
" I bought a significant amount of silver commemoratives from Augusta. I did my research and discovered that I was paying $10 less per coin. I am glad I found them. Sometimes they have great deals, so if you are an investor, be on the look out."
George B.
Review Posted 3/5/2014
Augusta Metals a Fantastic IRA Firm
" Augusta Metals is a great company to buy metals from because of Isaac Nuriani, my IRA expert. Isaac organized my rollover of funds from my 401k to my new custodian Entrust with speed and ease. He was very adept in the process and answered all of my questions in a professional manner. He took his time and made sure I understood the process of how the funds will be moving from my managing back to entrust and how the my metals will be purchased. Dean Livni worked closed with Isaac Nuriani and kept me abreast with the whole process step by step. Thank you both. I will always look forward to my quarterly updates."
Mike S.
Review Posted 3/5/2014
Excellent IRA Service
" Dean Livni, my ira specialist, was incredibly nice, professional and made my transfer simple and effortless. I am not the most trustworthy person on earth, but Dean answered all of my questions and made my IRA transfer as smooth as can be. He recommendations were exactly what I needed and wanted. At no time did i feel pressured and Dean made sure I understood the pricing. I highly recommend Dean and Augusta."
Colin M.
Review Posted 3/5/2014
Completely Satisfied. Gold/Silver IRA
" I just rolled an old 401k and and IRA using Augusta. My account rep was Dean Livni and the process was much easier than I expected. Both Dean and Isaac helped me with the paperwork and expedited the transfer of funds from my bank to the depository. Their prices were hands down the lowest. Dean even showed me online. I would highly recommend Augusta, Dean, and Isaac to anyone who is considering moving all or a part of their retirement to metals."
Scott B.
Review Posted 3/4/2014
Augusta Metals / IRA Great Service / saac Nuriani
" I had a very pleasant experience for my first go around in metals. I invested in a gold and silver IRA. Isaac was very open to answering all of my questions and he was extremely helpful. He was able to assist me step by step with the progress. His attitude was professional from the very start and he made me feel at ease from the get to. The account was set up efficiently and I would not hesitate in recommending Augusta Metals. Thank you Dean Livni for all your help as well, both him and Isaac were great. You guys will here from me when I buy again."
Sean D.
Review Posted 3/4/2014
Dependable Company
" This company took care of me. They promised to get me my coins in 6 days and they did. The promised to get me the best pricing and they did. I use them again. Great Job Augusta"
Josh H.
Review Posted 3/3/2014
" I am very happy i picked Augusta Metals and the professional service I received from Isaac Nuriani. I had many questions and he was very understanding. After researching many other companies online and reading their BCA report and reviews online, I realized that Augusta Metals would be the most trustworthy company to help me buy gold and silver. I am looking forward to buying more metals from them."
David C.
Review Posted 3/2/2014
IRA Transfer Made Very Easy
" I justed rollover over my IRA and saved quite a bit of money. I was very concerned finding the right company to help me with my IRA. Because the economy is in quite a shaky state, I knew I had to take action. When I found I could invest in American Gold and Silver coins I knew I had to get started and protect myself. Somehow I found Augusta Gold IRA on the web, I researched them greatly and once I found out they are in fact the low cost leader, I took action. I entered my information on their site, and very shorty got contacted by Isaac Nuriani. He was great. He didn't try to sell me anything, he wanted to know my goals, and shared with me what I was going to expect with the process. He would ask a question then sit back and listen. He was a great listener. Isaac showed me the whole process and at the end of the day, I am very happy with my purchase and I know I did the correct move. Augusta is here to help. Thank you Isaac for you assistance."
Anthony H.
Review Posted 3/2/2014
" I researched a lot of companies to transfer my IRA into metals. After such research, I decided to go with Augusta. I recently transferred my IRA and 401k from Wells Fargo to Augusta. My salesperson Isaac made the transition into metals easy as pie, even though we had to deal with the government. Isaac was prompt with his call backs and at all times kept me posted with the process. He spent time on the phone with me to help me fill out the paperwork and even helped me out with the purchase. He is a very patient and knowledgable man. Very Satisfied."
Sara S.
Review Posted 3/1/2014
Great Pricing and service
" Thank you Augusta. I just made a purchase of Eagles. I received both silver and gold on time and in great condition. I recommend. Dr. Stout."
Sam S.
Review Posted 2/28/2014
Buying silver very professional
" I completed my order of silver coins from Augusta. I account representative was very knowledgable and helpful. He answered all of my questions. I was very thankful to the speed in which my purchase was handled and received. My order was sipped a couple of days after i locked in my metals, which need to be done on the phone. I am looking forward to working with Augusta and investing with them in the future."
Carl L.
Review Posted 2/25/2014
Outstanding Service
" Isaac Nuriani was my account manager. This was my first time investing in silver and Isaac was informative and helpful. He always kept me posted and informed on what was happening with my order. I saved money with their price guarantee. I will use again."
Peter g.
Review Posted 2/25/2014
Isaac Nuriani and Augusta went the EXTRA MILE!!
" Thank you Isaac. Even though I am not a big time investor, Isaac made mean and my wife feel comfortable. We transferred out 37,000 IRA into metals and we are very happy. We made two more purchased since then just to prepare for the worst. Isaac was very knowledgeable and his information and assistance was right on, we appreciated that he took the time to explain the "in's and out's" of precious metals. It is a pleasure doing business with Ron and we look forward to doing business with him in the future."
John M.
Review Posted 2/24/2014
Very pleased new customer
" Augusta is a very easy to work with company. I had bought similar items from one of their competitors, who charged me way more. This was before I learned about Augusta. I spoke with Isaac Nuriani at 855.242.4121 ext. 1001. He gave me a much better price and provided me with a guarantee to lower my price in 7 days. Never heard of something like that before, but Isaac called me when silver went down and lowered my price. Wonderful experience. The only downside to Augusta is that they don't have a shop. I like to do business in person. Normally I don't do business with people i don't meet, but Isaac made me comfortable. I received my metals in 5 days. Thank you Augusta."
Jessica B.
Review Posted 2/24/2014
Great first time experience
" I order some silver commemoratives for Augusta on February 12th, 2014 and I received my coins in 5 days. I never received coins so fast before. I was kept well informed as to when I would get my order. When the coins arrived, they were in great condition. The pictures that were sent to me and the coins that I received was the same. I spoke with my representative at Augusta and he explained to me all the pros and cons of ordering specific coins. If you are new to the precious metals world, contact Augusta because they are great educators and do exactly what they say. They have done exactly what they promised. I have used other metal shops in the past, and none of them have treated like a million dollar client. Now I am considering starting an ira with britannias."
Kenneth M.
Review Posted 2/22/2014
Honesty and great pricing
" Augusta Precious Metals has amazing customer service. I never found a precious metals company that has such great professional and integrity. They don't try to charge you with extra shipping cost and fees. The price you see is the price you get. I highly recommend looking at Augusta Precious Metals if you are interested in buying gold and silver. Ask for Isaac Nuriani, he will treat you with the upmost customer service and he is very experienced in the metals."
Matthew L.
Review Posted 2/21/2014
Great Service. Really Happy I used Augusta!!!
" I must say, that I was a little nervous finding the right company to switch my old 401k to silver. I did a lot of research and due diligence. I learned that most companies don't pay for your fees and charge a high price. Augusta paid all of my fees for switching my retirement into silver and Mr. Nariani gave me a free proof silver liberty. I am very please to have used them and I would highly recommend them to anyone wanted to buy metals, inside or outside their retirement. Thank you Augusta."
Jason M.
Review Posted 2/20/2014
Amazing Service of APM
" APM helped me through the process and explained the metals marekets to me and assited me in moving my funds to a Metal IRA. They took adequate time to inform me of all of my options and assisted with the ira paperwork. The service is top notch. This was a great experience converting to metals and a great experience."
Heather M.
Review Posted 2/20/2014
Easy and Efficient
" I want to just thank Augusta Precious Metals for having such a great staff on hand. Isaac Nuriani walked me trough the process of transferring my stocks from one custodian to the next. I now have silver and gold in my IRA and everything is activated. All of my fear of what will happen with the US dollar has been removed. I enjoyed my conversations with Isaac and happy I found him. I will undergo the whole process again."
Donna H.
Review Posted 2/20/2014
Isaac Nuriani @ 855.242.4121 ext. 1001
" Isaac Nuriani @ 855.242.4121 ext. 1001 was very impressive. He handled my IRA transfer very professionally. From when I first spoke to him, he was informational and provided me information and insights about the coins and the markets. His advice was excellent. I was impress with the easy confirmation process and Isaac's follow up calls as we were in the process of the transfer. I pleased with working with Augusta Precious Metals and in particular Isaac Nuriani. I highly recommend his services."
Henry R.
Review Posted 2/19/2014
Great company to Deal With.
" Augusta is a Great company to deal with. No hidden fees or hidden agendas. They are always honest about their shipping time."
dennis J.
Review Posted 2/18/2014
Gold and Silver coin purchase
" Augusta and Isaac Nuriani provided me with exceptional customer service. The information they provided me was informative and explained many products. The printed material was sent to me very fast and was clear and was interesting. The conversations I had with Isaac Nuriani was also informative. He seems to know his stuff. My products was received in perfect condition. I received my coins in 5 days and I know they shipped it from the West Coast. I am located in Florida. Isaac was knowledgable and returned my calls right away."
Holly P.
Review Posted 2/17/2014
Our five star opinion of Augusta
" My brother and I recently purchased silver from Augusta with superb help. When we received our silver in the mail we were very satisfied. The coins were in great shape and the price was super competitive. If and when we purchase more silver, we will certainly do so from Augusta. We rate them 5 stars."
Catherine B.
Review Posted 2/16/2014
Overall Great Company to do business with
" Overall Augusta was a great help and advisor during my IRA transfer to metals. I felt that Isaac really did his best to guide me through the process. I called several times with questions, and Isaac always had a answer. He seems like he was been doing this for a long time. I received a free coin for doing my IRA, and all of my first year fees were paid. I couldn't I found a better company to help me with my IRA transfer. That being said, I am considering buying silver outside my IRA. If I ever do that, Augusta will be the compnay I choose."
Richard W.
Review Posted 2/15/2014
Augusta Precious Metals excellent service!!!!
" My wife and I were new to precious metals and research the internet. On this site, we learned about Augusta Precious Metals. We called and our sales rep returned our calls promptly and went over all the ins and outs of buying silver and gold. Our sales rep sent us brochures and after explaining the process to me and my wife on 3 way, we placed an order for a significant amount. we received the order 4 days later as promised. This was a very smooth transactions."
Michael F.
Review Posted 2/10/2014
Outstanding service!
" I wish to thank Mr. Nuriani and Augusta PRecious Metals for making my IRA rollover easy and simple. The whole process was worry free and Mr. Nuriani was quite knowledgeable. He advised me of my best options based on my current objectives. He paid for all of my first year fees and even gave me a free silver eagle. He communicated with me throughout the process and because of his hard work and best possible pricing I will rollover another 25,000 to silver. I will not hesitate for a second use of Mr. Nuriani for my future metals purchases."
Jeff B.
Review Posted 2/9/2014
Many time buyer, excellent service
" I have made many purchases with Isaac Nuriani and Augusta Precious Metals in these last few months, most recently this past week. I always received top notch and superb service and follow though. My price was locked in, confirmed and shipped to me the very next day. My overall experience is that shipping occurs within 1 to 3 days as promised on their website. For each order, I had Isaac follow up my calls, keep me posted with shipping and sent me a tracking email. Augusta is my best choice for silver and gold. I highly recommend them."
Sara S.
Review Posted 2/8/2014
SUBERB JOB IRA gold and silver
" Thank you augusta for helping me with my ira transfer. GREAT JOB. You were professional and your prices were the best by far. I especially enjoyed the fact that my ira guy Isaac was super prompt in returning my phone call and made the process very easy. He is very knowledgable and took the time to explain everything to me in detail."
Erick K.
Review Posted 2/7/2014
IRA very happy with result
" I just transferred over approximately $85,000 to entrust for a gold and silver ira. Augusta helped me with my forms, walked me through the process and answered my questions in a professional manner. I got some silver and gold coins that perform very well in the long run. will tell friends about augusta."
Carl J.
Review Posted 2/5/2014
A+ Augusta company
" I just finalized another transaction with Augusta Precious Metals and was very pleased with the knowledge and customer service. Isaac listened to me attentively and answered all of my questions and only then offered his advice. His advice was logical and sound. He showed me some data regarding silver coins and then offered his opinion as a professional business person. Just like before, he kept me abreast of my order that I placed and my order arrived as scheduled. It only took 4 days to arrive. It as a great pleasure working with Augusta. I will do more in the future."
Henry H.
Review Posted 2/5/2014
Recent Purchase from Augusta
" I have been doing business with Augusta several tiimes now. And I have to say that overall I am very pleased.There coins are always wrapped well and my rep even sent me an extra tube for my silver eagles. Their premium is one the lowest I have ever seen. All the coins that I ordered have gone up in value. They also have something that secures your price for 7 days. meaning if the price goes down, your salesguy will call you and lower the price. I thought that was a hoaxed, but boy was I wrong. My salesguy called me back and lowered my price. expect more from these guys."
Michael I.
Review Posted 2/3/2014
ira well done. great pricing
" Augusta came highly recommended. They were honest, fair, and most importantly upfront. If you want to work with a company that returns your phone calls, even on the weekends, has really great prices and basically just does exactly what they say they would do, call Augusta. I purchased $24,000 worth of sivler and gold and I am very happy with the whole process."
Phillip S.
Review Posted 2/3/2014
" I just finished my ira transfer with Isaac Nuriani and Augusta. I saved $8,000 from using them as opposed to another company. Mr. Nuriani recommend proof silver eagles. They seem to performed the best these past few year. WONDERFUL Experience. Augusta is a great place to buy metals. Cheers!"
Catherine B.
Review Posted 2/2/2014
Augusta is the BEST
" I have used Augusta for 2 transactions now and I am beyond satisfied. I just want to express my gratitude to Augusta for their professionalism and customer service. I want to commend my representative Isaac Nuriani. He kept his word with my shipping status and my product selection. His word is gold. Thank you for you help."
Heather S.
Review Posted 1/31/2014
Always a pleasure to work with. Very Happy EXCELLENT.
" I have purchased metals before from another gold company, but Augusta precious metals made me feel as family. I can trust them and there hasn’t been one single issue. I will keep coming back to Augusta Precious Metals."
Jazzy S.
Review Posted 1/29/2014
" Overall impression of this company is excellent. The free informational kit. Mr. Nuriani was patient, answered all of my questions and concerns. We had a few rescheduling problems because I was busy with my family from out of state. But Mr. Nuriani kept me informed and and stayed on top of things. He made the buying process not complicated. I ended up purchasing gold Liberties and Indians, and much better choice from bars. And Proof Silver Eagles for my large IRA."
Karen H.
Review Posted 1/28/2014
Exceptional rolled over MY IRA. Very pleased with Augusta
" After working with Augusta to rollover my 401k, I could not be more impressed. All my questions and concerns were answered by my knowlegeable rep who kept in touch with me until I decided what to do. After careful research I proceeded with the transaction and Augusta made it easy and a very positive experiance. I look forward to working with Augusta in the future."
Marcus M.
Review Posted 1/27/2014
IRA Rollover, Thanks Augusta! Isaac Nuriani 855.242.4221 ext. 1001
" Rolling over my IRA into precious metals with Augusta was easy and the smartest decision I have made. My rep was helpful and extremely knowledgeable. The process was smooth and I will recommend Augusta to everyone of my friends and family."
Amanda H.
Review Posted 1/27/2014
GREAT IRA Purchase
" Great experience with Augusta. I was assisted throughout the entire process and every single one of my questions was answered with accuracy and in detail. My account executive Isaac Nuriani at 855.242.4121 ext. 1001 helped me fill out the paperwork over the phone and even gave me a free proof silver eagle after the done process. I am very pleased with Augusta and would recommend to all."
Hank P.
Review Posted 1/23/2014
IRA Rollover with Augusta was a success Isaac Nuriani 855.242.4121 ext. 1001
" After careful research, I discovered Augusta Precious Metals. They assisted me in rolling over my IRA into precious metals, they were thorough and detailed throughout the transaction. My rep constantly updated me on the process and I will continue to use them in the future."
Erick K.
Review Posted 1/21/2014
Wonderful Silver IRA Experience
" I was recommend to Augusta by a dear friend and I am greatly pleased by the customer service they provided me. My SILVER BACKED IRA was done professionally and in a timely manner. They handled all of my paperwork for me and explained the process to me. I shopped their pricing very aggressively and I have to say they are the least expensive. They also paid all of my IRA fees. I will definitely continue to do business with Augusta in the future."
James M.
Review Posted 1/20/2014
Great IRA Purchase
" Dealing with Augusta Precious Metals is always an amazing experience. After previous successful transactions with Augusta, and the detailed support they provided me with, I would not use any other precious metals company to rollover my IRA with. The process was easy and my rep has answered every question that I have had, and is always available with further questions or concerns. I would recommend using Augusta if your interested in rolling over your IRA into precious metals."
Sophia L.
Review Posted 1/17/2014
#1 Gold IRA Company!
" I recently finalized my transfer to a gold and silver IRA with Augusta. They were absolutely amazing. Their customer service and follow up was very professional. My account executive always kept me posted. And their prices are super competitive. I am very satisfied."
Bob W.
Review Posted 1/11/2014
Great Company
" My first experience with Augusta Precious Metals, Isaac Nuriani, was both pleasant and very professional. Their services were both insightful and extremely beneficial. They are the ones to guide you in this market place. I highly recommend them… FIVE STARS*****"
Thomas S.
Review Posted 1/6/2014
Augusta Precious Metals
" I just purchased my first gold and silver coins from Augusta and my rep walked me through the process in a quick and concise manner. I was treated so well, and my questions were answered in detail and with patience. Most importantly, my rep kept me up to date on the status of my transaction, shipping, and upon delivery of my metals, he verified the metals were up to my standards. The quality of my metals were excellent, and the customer service was excellent! Augusta exceeded my expectations."
joe r.
Review Posted 12/18/2013
" Thank you Augusta Gold for your distinguished service. I learned a lot talking to my account executive about the different types of metals. Thanks for discussing silver with me. My wife and I feel really good about our half dollar purchase. Augusta’s reposnse was always prompt and to the point. Augusta was very professional and Isaac was very easy to reach either by telephone or by email. I should emphasize that I am not easy client. I asked a 1,000 questions and got a straight answer for every single question that I asked"
nadav b.
Review Posted 12/9/2013
Amazing Service Highly Recommended
" This place was amazing. APM helped me transfer my IRA. Isaac was patient and answered all of my questions. He was pleasant the whole time. I will never go anywhere else again. Thank you Augusta."
Susan M.
Review Posted 12/5/2013
Competitive pricing
" Extremely pleased with my sales associate Isaac. Very knowledgeable and all of my objectives were met. The prices were the best from the various companies I spoke with. I received my metals in a timely manner. Overall very pleased."
Marlon M.
Review Posted 12/4/2013
Easiest purchase I ever made!!
" Augusta was very informative and handled my account in a consultative manner that was greatly appreciated. I received my silver franklins in a timely fashion. I strongly recommend Augusta to my friends. They are the way to go."
Daniel S.
Review Posted 12/3/2013
Attentive and Personal
" I was hesitant in choosing a precious metals company to work with but after doing research i decided to take a chance with Augusta. They take the time to work with you instead of rushing you off the phone to try to make a sale. It was refreshing to speak with an account executive that actually knew the precious metals business in depth and was able to answer my questions. The team at Augusta was very professional throughout and I felt very confident working with them because they seem trustworthy and always available. More importantly I can get in touch with my representative whenever I have a concern or question and my calls are always answered or returned on a timely basis. Excellent customer service!"
Kobe C.
Review Posted 12/3/2013
Lucky to Have found them.
" A good friend of mine recommended Augusta to me and after lots of research I decided to give them a call. The rep I spoke with provided me with great service and great prices. There 7 day protection program made me feel comfortable to make the purchase as well. I also received a free Silver American Eagle along with my friend who referred me. I received all of my gold and silver on time and as promised. Will do business with Augusta from now on."
Gina G.
Review Posted 12/2/2013
Augusta-Excellent Customer Service and Specials
" Augusta's 7 day protection program made it so comforting to purchase gold. If the price of the gold I purchased should go down within the first 7 days of my purchase, Augusta will revise my price accordingly. This deal is amazing!!"
mike l.
Review Posted 12/2/2013
Augusta - One of the BEST PLACES for GOLD
" Augusta is one of those few companies who give you customer service like family. From my understanding, this is a family owned company, and they sure take pride in their business. My advisor made sure that I understood the dymamics of locking in my price and assured me that I had 7 days to get the best price within those 7 days. He even called me to revise my gold and silver coins after they went down by a little bit. I am recommending my family to them. "
Jennifer A.
Review Posted 12/2/2013
Great service ! Thats the way You should do business !
" This company is filled with professionalism, knowledge, and courtesy. My rep Isaac Nuriani explained to me the whole IRA process in detail and the process went smooth. His approach gave me confidence. Augusta is an example of what a good company should be."
David V.
Review Posted 11/25/2013
Extremely Satisfied
" I worked with Augusta because I need to protect my stocks and hedge against inflation. My representative Isaac was very impressive and I was impressed on how much personal contact he gave me along the way. It was a great experience. I was well informed and he even promised to pay all of my 1st year IRA fees if I ever wanted to proceed rolling over my 401K. This a a great company and the way I was treated will definitely make me want to work with them again."
Carol S.
Review Posted 11/22/2013
Better than a Pawn Shop
" Augusta Precious Metals offers the best price on any Gold, Silver bullion products. They are better than a pawn shop and deliver right to your house."
Jennifer N.
Review Posted 11/21/2013
Very Experienced Rep’s!
" I have worked with Augusta and the staff is very experienced and committed to providing the best customer service. They went beyond my expectations and made the task of switching my IRA into a Gold IRA very easy and comfortable. Unlike some of the precious metal competitors, Augusta gave me personalized service based on my portfolio and my specific needs. I did not feel like I was just another customer because they took lots of time to work with me and create a personal connection. Would recommend Augusta."
ronit c.
Review Posted 11/20/2013
Exceeded my expectations
" Augusta Precious Metals handled me with the utmost integrity and respect. Their prices are highly competitive and I even received a free Ben Franklin. The process was seamless. They are very worthy to go to for anyone who is interested in hedging against inflation or just buying some gold or silver coins. I would recommend this company to anyone."
Raquel P.
Review Posted 11/19/2013
Great Company
" Augusta did exactly what they said they would do. I received my maple leafs and libertys on time. The 7 advantages are worth buying from them."
Review Posted 11/19/2013
A+ for Augusta precious metals
" I spoke with various representatives from different businesses and decided to go with Augusta based on the fact that their reps were patient with me and listened carefully, they answered all of my questions and were extremely professional. I settled on purchasing Silver Eagles, my shipment came in by the following week and my metals were excellent, just as advertised. Augusta was easy, fast, and efficient and the price was unbeatable. I will definitely do business with AUgusta again."
brandon b.
Review Posted 11/18/2013
Great Service and excellent pricing. Isaac Nuriani
" I really enjoyed working with Isaac. I was really skeptical because the prices were too good to be true after checking Augusta pricing’s online. I ended getting exactly what I wanted and I would definitely recommend Augusta to anyone. I am also considering doing my IRA soon, when I do I will use Isaac and Augusta."
Sonny R.
Review Posted 11/15/2013
Best business
" I decided to make the smartest decision of converting my 401k into a silver IRA. My representative helped me all the way through. Excellent and knowledgeable service. More importantly I have constant access to my account and my rep always returns my calls with any question I have for him. Would recommend to all."
Sonny C.
Review Posted 11/13/2013
Great Service. Thank You.
" I found this company online. They were experienced, professional and my advisor Isaac always returned my phone calls immediately. Upon contacting Isaac, he and his team promptly provided me with the gold kit and we discussed my options. I am very pleased with my transaction. Thank you all very much."
Debbie T.
Review Posted 11/13/2013
Silver Purchase I am very happy
" After deciding to invest in precious metals, I decided to work with Augusta. After receiving my shipment of silver in great condition I am very content. Their products look just as they do on their website. The silver eagles I purchased are in great condition and every piece was counted for. Great service, fast shipping, satisfied customer."
Joe L.
Review Posted 11/13/2013
great results
" I have been getting great results with Augusta. They have knowledgeable representatives and a great management team. They provide excellent customer service and are always professional. I look forward to working with Augusta again in the near future."
yossi v.
Review Posted 11/12/2013
Honest Company
" A very honest and ethical company to do business with. Very refreshing to work with a company that prioritizes their customers over their profit. Augusta provided me with great customer service and did not stick me with any hidden fees or try to sell me more expensive products. I am very pleased with my delivery and the products they sell. HONEST through and through!"
David S.
Review Posted 11/10/2013
First Time Gold Buyer - VERY PLEASED with AUGUSTA
" My experience was easy and my rep was very knowledgeable. He was honest and did not push or try to sell me. Instead my rep focused on educating me on the gold and silver market and the benefits of adding gold and silver to my portfolio. I let him know that I would take some time and research some more before I go ahead with my purchase. Everything my rep told me was true and I went ahead and placed my order. My gold and silver arrived on time and free, Augusta even provided the insurance. Would recommend to all."
James S.
Review Posted 11/9/2013
" Ordered my metals and they were delivered on time and the quality was excellent!"
avi f.
Review Posted 11/8/2013
Augusta is Great - Isaac Nuriani
" Augusta was recommended to me by a family friend and I am pleased to say the least. Not only did I receive a free Silver Eagle for being referred but I also had the pleasure of working with friendly and reliable people. After checking out their website which was extremely easy to navigate, I placed an order and was called immediately by a representative. He answered every question I had and was extremely patient with me, considering I have been known to not be the easiest customer around. What I loved most is that Augusta matched or beat any other offer that I found for my order. Once my order was confirmed and shipped, I received a call from a representative at Augusta verifiying all my standards were met. I will do buisness with Augusta again, and am recommending to everyone I know."
Natalie B.
Review Posted 11/7/2013
Augusta Precious Metals has Saved me over and over!!! I will be a life-time client!!
" After months of research and confusions, I finally landed this gem of a company. The Sales rep made me feel so comfortable and was not pushy or over aggressive like other firms. He took his time and explained exactly what I was getting into. Explained all of the risks and helped me choose the right type of investment. He followed up to make sure my order has been received and offered to follow up in a month. I have been nothing but satisfied with them. I will be a life-time customer!!!"
Shawn D.
Review Posted 11/6/2013
Ordered Silver Eagles - GREAT PRICES
" After careful consideration I ordered silver Eagles. All of my questions were answered and the service was phenomenal. My price was locked in and confirmed. No surprises. Looking forward to working with Augusta again."
Rick W.
Review Posted 11/4/2013
Great Service
" I purchased precious metals from Augusta for the first time and I was not disappointed. Great service and informative reps. I would highly recommend Augusta."
Lina K.
Review Posted 10/31/2013
Satisfaction Guaranteed
" Would like to thank Augusta for making my gold transaction easy and comfortable. As a first time precious metals buyer I was not quite sure which precious metals company to choose. After much comparison and research as well as phone calls, I decided to go with Augusta because of their great customer service and follow through. The rep I spoke with at Augusta was not only informative and knowledgeable, he was very patient and focused on answering all of my questions and concerns. After speaking with various other companies who tried to sell me or get me off the phone quickly, it was refreshing to discover the great customer service at Augusta. I placed an order and locked in my gold prices. The shipping and insurance was free, and I received my metals well packaged and on time!"
david l.
Review Posted 10/30/2013
" It was a real pleasure working with Augusta."
Frank A.
Review Posted 10/15/2013
Always a great pleasure working with Augusta
" I recently purchased precious metals from Augusta. As always I was pleased with my transaction. I have purchased gold from other companies and am always disappointed when I can not get a hold of my sales reps with any questions or concerns about my shipment and purchase that I had. My rep at Augusta always answers, or returns all my calls and my metals are always delivered in great condition. Would definitely recommend Augusta."
Donna L.
Review Posted 10/14/2013
Very happy: 5 stars
" The Augusta Precious Metals representatives were extremely helpful explaining all of the information about Augusta Precious Metals. Devlyn Steele and Daryl Gates were my representatives and their explanations about gold and silver purchases are what convinced me to transfer my IRA from Merrill Lynch to Augusta."
Alan S.
Posted on 11/10/2017
Great Service!
" I would give my experience with Augusta Precious Metals 5 stars. Bruce Kaufman and Jasmine Soria have been very helpful with their guidance, patience and advice. I chose APM because of its many years in the business, the BBB rating and company reviews. Also Raquel has done a great job of tracking down the progress of my orders and keeping me informed.I would have liked more email updates from the shipping department on their progress with putting together my shipments so I would know what to expect on the timing. When I did talk to them they explained everything very well and in detail."
Brian D.
Posted on 10/4/2018
Top Notch in Precious Metals IRAs
" I recently used Augusta Precious Metals to open a precious metals IRA. This type of IRA was new territory for me, so it was comforting to see Augusta's process was well established, quick and easy. The financial advisor was very knowledgeable of the business, and extremely helpful in answering all of my questions and concerns. In a matter of days, my new account was established, and my precious metals were transferred to a facility that I can drive to at any time to view at my discretion. This was the perfect way to diversify my IRA portfolio, and using Augusta Precious Metals made it easy and pain free. I highly recommend this company for precious metals IRAs."
Dr. Frank F.
Posted on 3/5/2018
Augusta Precious Metals did an outstanding job converting my Conventional IRA to a Precious Metals IRA
" I would recommend Augusta Precious Metals to any and every investor that is concerned about the current course of future stock market fluctuations. The people at Augusta Precious Metals are extremely knowledgeable about their business, and about helping customers get through the process of converting a Conventional IRA account to an Precious Metals IRA account. Communication is paramount, the experienced staff always answered my emails and phone calls promptly to ensure that no discrepancies occurred during the account transition process. "
Eric B.
Posted on 6/2/2018
professional and efficient
" Augusta seemlessly worked through all of my paperwork. They are very professional and efficient in setting up my Precious Metals IRA."
Gary S.
Posted on 12/28/2018
Augusta Precious Metals Reviewed
" I had heard a radio commercial for the Gold IRA product by one of their competitors and decided to give them a call. As soon as I told them (GoldCo) how much money I had in my IRA account they were not too interested in me. I had asked them to send me the Gold IRA pamphlet with information by email and the sales person never even sent it. So then I did some research and found Augusta Precious Metals. Decided to give them a call and from the beginning they were more willing to help answer my questions. I went ahead and purchased my gold coins for my IRA and and a few days later the person who was helping me called me and asked if I had any questions. Overall my experience with Augusta Precious Metals was positive. Based on my experience, I would do business with them again."
Jake Z.
Posted on 12/6/2016
Augusta Precious Metals
" Everybody has treated me with respect and very helpful."
James B.
Posted on 8/24/2017
Pleased with Augusta Precious Metals customer service and quality of products.
" Over the past 20 months we have converted our IRA into a gold IRA with Augusta Precious Metals. For two people who have limited understanding of precious metals, we were given quality service and our agent was very patient with us as we tried to grasp the financial advise he was giving us. The metals we purchased are of highest quality. Though we intended to retain the metals here at home, we had to place them into a safety deposit box--that being the only downer. We learned that because of the quality of metals we purchased, they could not remain in our home. We do follow the market with limited understanding but anyone who is looking to work with knowledgeable staff, should consider Augusta Precious Metals. They are there to help and offer advice to make your investment a positive experience. This year we have called a few times for answers to concerns and the staff are always very helpful. We have not purchased additional metals this year but always appreciate the informative calls and emails that notify us of possible future investment opportunities."
Janice S.
Posted on 12/9/2016
Working with Augusta Precious Metals
" Augusta is a great company to work with, and I'm glad to know them. I am impressed with the way they go above and beyond to make sure their customers are informed about gold IRAs and know what they're getting into."
John H.
Posted on 3/24/2017
Quick, Effortless turn around of Appeal to Give me Free Promotional Siver, even though I technically missed amount required.
" All it took was one IM to make my initial inquiry, which was responded to by a five minute phone call returned the next day, to make my appeal to get the free Silver, even though I technically missed the threshold transfer amount. The next day the Silver was in the mail! I just assumed for months I blew it and why bother? However, I decide to try and explain my confusion in selecting the transfer amount I did."
John S.
Posted on 3/29/2018
Great costumer service and prices
" All the people who we dealt with were very respectful and helpful with the process and customer service."
Johnnie B.
Posted on 7/20/2017
Ethical Company that Cares About Customers
" I don't think there's another precious metals company out there that works as hard to be ethical, and that's why I like working with Augusta. They get great reviews. You can see them at the Better Business Bureau,, Yelp--places like that with comments from real customers."
Kindra F.
Posted on 3/24/2017
Great business
" Augusta Precious Metals-very professional and friendly. Bruce, Brian and Jasmine were great thru the whole experience. Will definitely use again. Lori H"
Lori H.
Posted on 7/19/2018
Good people to do business with.
" Augusta assisted me every step of the way to put my IRA into precious metals without pressure and with the greatest of patience. Jeff and Walter were particularly helpful."
Paul D.
Posted on 1/10/2017
Review for Augusta
" I am 100 percent satisfied with my experience with Augusta Precious Metals. The transition from Fidelity to Augusta was seamless with the assistance of Joe Green at Augusta. He explained everything in detail and was available to answer all my questions. I greatly appreciate all his help and guidance through the process."
susan s.
Posted on 11/7/2017
" My experience was excellent Ron was very helpful with any information I needed. He was very friendly and informative when he spoke of the options that I had open to me. I found the entire process of setting up an account and making a purchase to be very easy. The only thing I think wold help is having a current price for the items that are available. It would make selecting the product easier and you could weigh your options and also ease the time it takes when making a trade. Brian M."
Brian M
" To whom it may concern, Ron Tippet, is an excellent person to promote your product. He was always available to answer questions, helping me understand Precious metals. Plan on doing more business with him. Would like to say Devon, is an outstanding person in helping me understand, the metals. When it came time to finalize, the transaction he knew his business and helped me through my first purchase. It went very smooth. My Thanks to both of them, they both get a 5 they are people August metals, can be proud to employ. Sincerely ***** *****"
Cathy B.
" APM delivered as promised. The guidance and transaction of rollover money went seamlessly and effortlessly. I would definitely recommend APM to others."
David A.
" This was my first experience buying silver. The person who helped me was very professional. I would recommend Augusta Precious Metals and especially the person that was so helpful to me."
Gail C.
" I recently made my first Metal purchase and after much research I made it with Augusta Metals. Since I had never bought metal, I had a lot of questions. They were both informative and patient. Their attention to detail and step by step guidance was awesome. They were just the kind of company I needed. They also offered a metal bonus. I couldn't be more happy with my purchase and you will be too."
Gary G.
" My husband and I decided to convert my 401K plan I had to an "Augusta Gold IRA" program. The entire process took about a month to complete. However, during that time, our representative (******* ***** from Augusta Precious Metals was there to assist us at every turn and with every question we had!! Our experience was a very pleasant one; while communicating with ******* or someone from his team, they were always courteous, polite, and professional. ******* returned our calls in a timely manner. He explained in details issues or questions we had; AND WE HAD MANY!!! We would recommend Augusta Precious Metals to anyone who is seeking to transfer their regular 401K plan to an Augusta Gold IRA plan (you'll be glad you did)!!!"
Hattie D.
" I used Augusta Precious Metals to transfer some money from my 401K to purchase silver. Everyone that I had contact with has been very polite,knowledgeable,and helpful. They really made the process very easy. Jasmine * and Roy * were both really exceptional at helping me with the whole transaction. I would highly recommend this company to anyone interested in purchasing precious metals."
Herbert C.
" I am retired and live on a limited income, but I felt I needed to get some protection in case everything goes south financially. I began searching for a place to buy some silver. I quickly found it was like shopping for a used car. Everyone i spoke with quickly lost me in the numbers. I only had a thousand dollars and some companies sniffed their noses at me like i was too much trouble for them. Somehow I finally found Jacob Z***** with Augusta Precious metals. I have to admit I gave him a pretty hard time at the first. I had become quite jaded with precious metal merchants. Jacob was new in the business and I quickly found that he was not double talking or pressuring me to buy what he wanted to sell but what i wanted to buy. He took the time to listen to me and carefully explained all the advantages and disadvantages of a prticular metal. It took a long time for him to find what i wanted and for the price I wanted to pay. He stuck with me until he finally found it. I can't speak for the whole company since I didn't work with anyone else except Jacob, but he was terrific! I hope the business never corrupts him. I highly recommend him. **** ****"
" Bruce Kaufman and the entire team at Augusta Precious Metals were fantastic through the entire process. I would highly recommend them if you are purchase precious metals. Great work Augusta!!!!"
Jerry G.
" Heard an ad on the radio and decided to give them a call. I purchased Gold for my IRA account and the process with them was easy. The person I spoke to was knowledgeable in gold and silver coins and did not try to pressure me into buying anything. After I purchased the coins I had a few more questions and their customer service was great too. Overall I had a positive experience with Augusta Precious Metals and would use them again in the future."
John A.
" ******* is a great company to work with, and I'm glad to know them. I am impressed with the way they go above and beyond to make sure their customers are informed about gold IRAs and know what they're getting into."
John H.
" Great costumer service and prices"
Johnnie B.
" I recently called several gold dealers after hearing an ad on the radio. It wasn't until I called Augusta precious metals that I found answers to my questions about getting a gold IRA. Other companies I spoke to (I will not mention any names) only tried selling me. One company even hung up on me when I told him how much I had in my government IRA. Probably because his profit was going to be minimal. The person I spoke with at Augusta was very courteous and did not pressure me into buying gold over the phone. I felt much more comfortable with Augusta precious metals. I told the representative over the phone that I wanted to wait and he asked if he can followup with me in 30 days. I said yes and he called and I gave him my business because he was respectful. That is why I am writing this review. He was respectful of my decision and did not pressure me into buying any gold until I was comfortable and after I did my research. Yes I plan on buying precious metals from them again!"
Johnnie B.
" I started a relationship with ******* ***** at APM in May 2017 to pursue the transfer of a standard IRA from ******* ***** to a Gold Star IRA which was accomplished on 5/12/17 with the establishment of a Gold Star Account .The ML IRA funds were transferred to the Gold Star IRA on 5/25/2017.The APM invoice for the precious metals was issued on 5/26/2017 following discussions with ******* on the precious metal investment options. The precious metals were transferred to the Gold Star account on 6/12/2017."
julian c.
" Augusta Precious Metals truly professional experience. Bruce,Brian and Jasmine helped both friendly and professional thru the whole process. Will definitely use in the future"
Lori H.
" In a world that is full of overstated promises about products and services, it's very rare to find a company that will deliver on both and Augusta Precious Metals is that rare gem that once you find it, you'll never leave. If anyone has had a bad experience with the hundreds of other precious metals out there, then your search is over. I rarely take the time to praise any company for what I expect to be their job and duty but when it came to dealing with Augusta through Mr ***** ******* and his team, I was so impressed by their products and services that I don't mind doing this review because I would want other people to know that they stand behind every product they sell. Kudos for a job well done and thanks again for your prompt service and response. M.A.Z. Sun City West, Arizona"
" Through five careers, I have dealt with a wide variety of businesses and people. I can say categorically that none have been better than Augusta. Ron, Devlyn and Cierra were extremely knowledgeable (about the economy generally and the precious metals market in particular). They were efficient and the most pleasant people to work with. Every promise was kept on exactly the timetable promised. I would gladly do business with them again."
Marc S
" A good company with knowledgeable associates. I called with questions, got honest answers (I check with my brother-in-law who is a collector), and purchased at a very good price. I have compared sites and prices ever since but cannot find a match anywhere. This is my 'go-to' company!!!"
Nancy S.
" I had an IRA Rollover and Augusta took care of the whole procedure and made it easy. Augusta also has experts that helped and advise on my selection of precious to go into my account"
Paul M
" I would like to say that I am very pleased working with Augusta Metals. They helped me every step of the way and were always prompt in returning my calls. I felt very good about working with them and would recommend them to anyone."
Robbie L.
" I paced an order for gold and silver products, including bagged 90% silver coins. The order was sent in 2 shipments within 4 business days, The hundreds of silver dimes and quarters were accurately counted to exactly fulfill the face value amount ordered, and the actual weight of the coins was within 1 troy ounce of the theoretical weight for the face value total, which is excellent, considering that the coins are old and worn. The shipment was very securely packaged in nearly "bulletproof" double packing via FedEx ground. I had only one minor issue with communications due to an AOL problem which was quickly handled by the excellent customer service reps. In short, I got what I paid for and am entirely satisfied."
" All communication was pleasant. Return calls were timely, The sales person had a great deal of patience with this customers learning curve."
robert c
" Outstanding Service. Jacob ****** did a great job with the mechanics of the purchase. Devlyn Steele was very patient explaining the economics of precious metals, and the differences in bullion, common and premium. He was also the actual buyer for my purchase. Both individuals followed up after the purchase to make sure all was well. I will be doing additional purchases over time, and Augusta Precious Metals will be my buyer of choice."
Robert L.
" A Very honest and positive experience."
Robin E.
" Extremely knowledgeable and professional staff. I transferred a traditional IRA to a precious metals IRA and the transition went flawlessly. I would highly recommend Augusta Precious Metals to anyone wishing to get out of the volatile stock market."
Ron H
" I have recently completed my first purchase of precious metals from Augusta Precious Metals. The process was quick and the price was very competitive if not the best available. I appreciate the personal contact from the sales agent (**** Reed) who took time to explain many aspects of the purchase and make recommendations without pressuring me into anything. Once ordered, the shipment was made in a timely manner and the fact that it was free was an unexpected bonus."
Roy A.
" My wife and I wanted to thank Augusta Precious Metals and particularly our account executive Mr. *** ****** who helped us begin our investment experience with precious metals. Those involved did a wonderful job of explaining each step and walked us through to the exact purchase we wanted, to enhance our retirement. We cant say enough about our confidence in Augusta and its products."
Steve and Karen D.
" Professional, courteous, friendly and honest."
Steve D.
" I've been thinking of investing in precious metals and Augusta seemed to be a very trustworthy and reputable company. I decided to rollover from my 401k from a previous employer to a Gold/Silver IRA. Despite problems due to my work schedule and living in a very different time zone the staff was very patient and accommodating in their communications with me. I also liked how when I asked them questions the representatives answered them and never pushed their services onto me. The representatives were very helpful in walking me through the process in setting up my account. Overall it was a great experience and I highly recommmend Augusta."
Terry M.
" Very pleasant staff, and they have always been prompt in contacting me."
Wanda I.
Augusta cannot guarantee, and makes no representation, that any metals purchased by a customer will appreciate at all or appreciate sufficiently to make a profit, and there is no certainty that any metals can be sold for a profit. The future value of the coins you purchase cannot be predicted. You could lose money. Don't purchase Augusta products with money you can't afford to lose. Prices may rise and fall over time or rapidly. Past performance of any coin does not guarantee future results. Premium coins are sold for more than the spot price of the precious metal they contain. Augusta's sale prices and buy-back prices are determined and controlled by Augusta. The value assigned to the coins you purchase at any given time may vary from retailer to retailer and Augusta cannot guarantee another retailer will value the coins at the same rate as Augusta would in any given circumstance. Augusta cannot guarantee buy-back of any item it sells and cannot guarantee another retailer will purchase coins purchased through Augusta. Augusta cannot guarantee another retailer will value a premium coin at the same rate as Augusta would in any given circumstance. This purchase is speculative and unregulated.

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