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Why Open an Augusta® Gold IRA?

Augusta® Gold IRA from Augusta Precious Metals

It is worth looking at recent volatility in both the stock market and U.S. dollar to understand your risks.

Consider what happened at the start of the Great Recession. Between year-end 2007 and 2008, the S&P index fell by more than 33% – the largest single-year drop in the index since 1974. The Dow Jones Industrial Average, beginning in late September 2008, terrified many investors as it tumbled nearly 2,400 points, including a frightening 18% drop in a single week.

Declines of this magnitude change personal fortunes of so many – too many - investors. Americans today have a vast majority of their retirement money invested in equities. While that’s certainly understandable, considering the historical performance of the stock market, it’s obvious that heavy exposure to stocks, mutual funds, and exchange-traded funds (ETFs) is accompanied by significant portfolio risk. That’s why it’s more important than ever for Americans to follow the old saying, “Don’t put all your eggs in one basket,” and effectively diversify their portfolios.

One excellent way to do this is with an Augusta Gold IRA from Augusta Precious Metals. The Augusta Gold IRA provides investors with all of the inherent benefits of owning physical precious metals, including giving greater stability to equities portfolios, and simultaneously provides of the benefits of an Individual Retirement Account, as well, including the unbeatable investment advantage of tax-deferred growth.

U.S. Dollars May Lose Value

It is always wise to “hope for the best and prepare for the worst.” Americans purchase home insurance, health insurance and car insurance. But you should seek to insure your investments, as well, with assets that have a historically low correlation with the stock market, like gold and silver.

Besides the volatility of the stock market, another important reason for investing your IRA in physical gold and silver has to do with how their value benefits when the dollar weakens.

The U.S. dollar remains the world’s leading reserve currency. That said, during periods when its value falls against the currencies of other nations, investors run to gold, causing the price of the metal to soar. When the buying power of the dollar fell off sharply between 2002 and 2008, the price of gold rose 150 percent; when the dollar’s value fell off again between early 2009 and summer 2011, gold increased nearly 60 percent.
With U.S. politicians and central bankers devoted to using currency manipulation to manage the economy, significant periods of a weakened dollar lie in America’s future. This is just one more reason to protect your savings with an Augusta Gold IRA.

Some experts recommend putting 5-10% of your assets into precious metals. This means that even a relatively modest $100,000 retirement portfolio may be suited for an allocation of as much as $10,000 into physical gold and/or silver. As you consider the best way to implement a physical precious metals strategy into your retirement plan, we recommend speaking with the gold and silver retirement specialists at Augusta to find out if an Augusta Gold IRA is right for you.

Stock market volatility and a weakened dollar are just two of the reasons gold and silver are recommended components of a properly-diversified portfolio.Bottom line: Investing in gold and silver can help secure the long-term buying power of your retirement savings, and the Augusta Gold IRA is an outstanding way to go about doing it.


6 Reasons You SHOULD Consider Investing in Silver and Gold with an Augusta Gold IRA

  1. As true stores of value, gold and silver provide financial stability
  2. Investment demand for gold and silver is accelerating in many parts of the world
  3. The U.S. national debt is likely to increase
  4. Experts recommend precious metals in most portfolios
  5. Gold and silver are very liquid
  6. Gold, silver and other precious metals can't be devalued by the government

Gold IRA

Gold and Silver Provide Security

You may want a reliable investing strategy for a satisfying, worry-free retirement. Or you may URGENTLY NEED to diversify your investments with purchases of gold, silver and other precious metals today. We can help.

At Augusta Precious Metals, we believe the future economy is going to DEMAND the superior investment potential of gold, silver and other precious metals to preserve the value of retirement savings. However, unlike the more limited ways you can access gold through your bank or discount brokerage, the Augusta Gold IRA represents a genuine investment in physical precious metals through a tax-deferred retirement account.

If you try to diversify your portfolio with gold and silver through your broker, you’ll be stuck investing in mining stocks, precious metals mutual funds, and gold and silver ETFs. With these instruments, you don’t enjoy anything near real diversification, because, as securities, they’re still subject to the prevailing winds of the equities markets.

The way to invest in gold so that you realize true diversification is directly in the physical asset itself. Gold has a historically low correlation with the stock market, but to ensure you receive that important benefit, you must buy the physical metal. An Augusta Gold IRA, therefore, represents the purest, and therefore the best, way to invest your IRA in gold and silver.

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