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Joe Montana endorsement for Gold IRA from Augusta Precious Metals

Hall of Fame quarterback Joe Montana attended this web conference.

It convinced him to become an Augusta Precious Metals customer. He is Augusta's corporate ambassador.

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Are You Ready to Diversify Your Retirement?
Retirees across the country are raving about this webinar in consumer review web sites.
It’s changing the way they think about saving for and diversifying their own retirement.
In fact, it’s changing what they think about America’s economy & service to its citizens!
Gregory W.
"I just got schooled by APM and that’s exactly what I was looking for! I’ve heard and been told so many different things over the years I’d confused myself. Kevin and Clint gave me a clear understanding of precious metals purchased through an IRA, 401k and with cash. You couldn’t ask for a more straightforward presentation and Q&A in a short amount of time. They represent the kind of company I look forward to doing business with long term. Thanks!"
John W.
"I contacted Augusta Precious Metals for info about a precious metal IRA. I first talked to Kevin, he explained a lot and then set me up with a teleconference with Director Devlyn. We were talking for about 1 hour. Devlyn answered all of my Questions and covered things I didn't even thing of. I am Very pleased with them and plan on doing business with them. Great Job Guys."
J. Straw.
"I spent a little over an hour in a Zoom conference talking with various Agusta Precious Metals "department" representatives about converting a portion of my investment (IRAs) portfolio to precious metal. The provided both excellent information on the history, present and potential future of the economy and how precious metals can provide a hedge against inflation. They explained their process of converting an existing stock market based IRA to precious metals IRA to include all associated setup and maintenance costs. All representative were very professional and knowledgeable, answering all of my questions in real time during the conference."
Kathy V.
"Everyone I have spoken to has been extremely kind, and there has been no pressure to make a investing commitment, which is a big plus for me. The training and review session on the economy was easy to follow and understand, they were able to address my concerns and answer my questions. All the information on the website is a great supplement to the presentation. They have been respectful of my request for time to work through my decision. Awesome Customer Service! I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them to family and friends."
Armen A.
"As a 1st time precious metals investor, I really knew nothing. A clear, informative & pressure -free presentation explained the options to me & at the end, I felt well informed & quite comfortable with the process & Augusta Precious Metals as a company."
Thomas S.
"My 1st contact with Augusta was just a chance call. I told them I was not in a position to do business with them at that time but to keep in contact after 6 months. I got a call and they took the time to teach me the ins and outs of how to move my 401K to precious metals. Best thing to happen to me during these crazy times. When you work with them you are treated like family. I am forever greatful for their patience and time to set me up..."

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Did You Know?
  • Most IRAs and 401(k)s are at the mercy of the markets. American retirement savings are affected by the Federal Reserve’s actions and ongoing potential devaluation of the U.S. dollar.
  • The Fed is pumping trillions of dollars into the economy. They were doing this even before the unprecedented COVID-19 stimulus.
  • Wealthy Americans have used this asset for decades to diversify their retirement savings – and it’s often recommended by economic experts.
Take control of your future – get this important information today!

(No cost or obligation. Only for those who have saved $100,000 or more, please!)

In this personal webinar, you’ll receive critically important details that could profoundly affect your own retirement.

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He’ll explain how you can diversify your retirement with physical gold and silver, as so many Americans have by taking advantage of the new gold bull market.

By the time the webinar ends, you’ll have the information and tools you need to avoid many potential American economic risks.