Democrat Plans May Affect Your Retirement Savings

Get these Facts, Then Do This.

(February 8, 2023)

The government is supposed to look out for American retirees.

But the policies and plans of Democrats currently in power could cause retirees some problems.

Here are 3 ways our government is responding to the pandemic and inflation...

  • Spending excessively (bloating the national debt)[1]
  • Printing money (propping up the economy, perpetuating inflation)[2]
  • Planning digital dollars (potentially invading our privacy)[3]

These plans could drive inflation even higher.

And affect the purchasing power of the retirement money you saved over your entire lifetime.

Some grocery prices are already up 10.5%, televisions almost 13%, used cars 24.4% and gasoline 42.1%! If inflation averages 15% over five years — it would cut the purchasing power of retirement accounts in half![4]

Don’t just sit and wait for government policies to affect your savings.

Take steps to learn about gold and silver diversification.

It’s easy to diversify your retirement savings with Augusta on your side.

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Learn how one simple, legal and tax-free law is diversifying retirement savings to fight economic and financial uncertainty.


Devlyn Steele
Director of Education
On-Staff Harvard-Trained Economic Analyst
Augusta Precious Metals

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